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Truth Prevails

ICARUS continues to win the war!

ICARUS College regrets having to place this sign on this website in response to various signs placed on the Medentry website since 2004.

Initially a special thank you to all our students this year and amazingly the many other students from Medentry supporting our effort to expose practices we do not feel happy about ie lifting questions and using them to sell to students for commercial gain.

We believe that copying questions from third party sources and selling them to students without letting them know that they are copied is deceptive. We further believe that if students knew this they would not purchase eight hundred questions from this UMAT training provider in the first place. Always ask for a guarantee that all questions are created originally and not "ripped off" elsewhere. Some UMAT suppliers even note that - "Our UMAT materials are thoroughly researched and of the highest quality." We are not quite sure what "thoroughly researched" means in this context.

The Judge stated: "The evidence established that Ann Boyapati created about half the questions and answers in the works in suit from scratch. Whilst the evidence established that she derived the balance of the questions and answers from third party sources, she used these sources in different ways, selecting, adapting and modifying them to varying degrees to suit her purpose of compiling sets of practice exams that simulated the UMAT. Even where she made minimal modification to a pre-existing question, she exercised skill and judgment in selecting the question and including it in either section 1 or 2, depending on whether it concerned logical reasoning or interaction skills. There was also a degree of skill and judgment involved in organising the sequence and, to a lesser extent, the number of questions in section 1 or 2 so as to simulate the UMAT."

The Boyapatis/Medentry have copyright in their compilation ie using copied and or minimally modified questions. Believe it or not!

Here is an attached example of lifted questions sent to us by a disgruntled Medentry student who felt ripped off. We have gathered hundreds over the last four years.

Through a quirk in the law it is legal to flagrantly place references to an individuals bankruptcies on a website without further ado and yet such actions are not deemed defamatory. Are such actions those of a reasonable person? What might a reasonable person reading such things infer? In like manner through another quirk in the law it is legal to lift questions here and there from other authors and form a new product or test via compilation. This was as amazing to us as it is incredible. As to whether or not Medentry/the Boyapatis breached copyright of the original owners of these questions was not the contention of this matter before the court but solely as to whether or not Medentry/the Boyapatis had copyright in the compilation of eight hundred questions and at law they do as pointed out by the Judge. In both points here what is the spirit of the law? Has this spirit been honoured?

Please download this free attached sample of some highly researched Medentry questions <<> and you as a reasonable person be the judge. You may evidence first hand how some questions and answers were selected, adapted and modified to varying degrees to suit the purpose of compiling sets of practice exams that simulated the UMAT. Thanks to many disgruntled students who have submitted many questions to us this year and our own research over the last four years we are now submitting all verbatim questions used by Medentry over the last four years to several United States publishers to confirm whether or not Medentry has permissions or licences to use such questions which were lifted and compiled in order to sell them commercially for financial gain. Such permissions or licences were not tendered to the court and given the fact that the applicants are three honest doctors and an honest academic we are curious as to why no evidence to this effect was presented.

Questions for Parents and Students?

1. Would you have enrolled with Medentry if you knew these facts prior to enrollment?
2. Is this ethical behaviour considering the Medentry team consists of three doctors and one academic?
3. Do you consider UMAT materials selected, adapted and modified in this manner are thoroughly researched and of the highest quality?
4. How do you feel about paying money to Medentry for these questions? Would parents pay money if they knew this?
5. What might a reasonable person having knowledge of such things infer?

Let us know your sincere considerations here in terms of a reasonable person.
# Definition of a reasonable person.
A hypothetical person who exercises "those qualities of attention, knowledge, intelligence and judgment which society requires of its members for the protection of their own interest and the interests of others."

We refuse to sell ripped off questions to students for substantial commercial gain! We don't feel good about it! What about you?

Medical-Entrance Mission Statement

ICARUS College offers exceptional Australian education in preparation for entry into the Health Sciences. We pride ourselves on having Australias only Government accredited Course in Preparation for Studies in Health Sciences.

You, our students become part of our dynamic family and see the richness of yourselves through confident eyes. You grow to understand that “success comes before work” only in a dictionary. We encourage you to soar higher and higher beyond preconceived limits. We encourage you to define yourselves and not to let any other person or persons define you or your expectations. At this level we do not destroy qualities of leadership and independence in you by hand holding methods experienced during early years of immaturity in lower levels of education. We lift you, our students ardently to higher levels of striving while imparting life skills commensurate with your chosen careers.

The climb may be steep but the view from the summit is unsurpassable in beauteous knowledge of self revelation.

One of our many parents put it aptly and eloquently:

Hi Dallas and all the ICARUS College team,

My oldest son got into medicine in February this year with your help, and he has told my next son to make sure that he enrols too. I believe that it was his UMAT and interview skill scores that helped him significantly to get the scholarship that he won � which more than paid for doing your course! My next son is now in Yr11 and is hoping to start his UMAT training in the next holidays. He would like to do the same course as my older son, which included access to the 2 day clinic.

If for some reason my oldest son had not made it into medicine I still believe that the interview advice is appropriate for many other job or course interview situations.

Dr Audrey Clarke MBBS FRACGP
Australind, Western Australia

Hence our chosen motto. - “Soar to Success”
Our work continues!

Best wishes


Dallas Gibson
Director, ICARUS College (Govt RTO 21457)
PGrad Dip TTL, PGrad Dip PHC.