It is “premature” for South Africa to agree to emission-cutting targets that could put a brake on the country’s growth, a cabinet spokesman said Thursday. Read more


US Veterans call for climate action

US Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars urge the US Senate to agree on climate legislation to protect the nation’s safety and security. (Photo: Scanpix/Reuters) Read more


Behind the scenes

Easy peasy visas

01.09.09 Denmark evens out the bumps on the way to COP15 visas. Read blog

Climate Thinkers

Emmissions Trading Directive 2009

09.09.09 Avril Doyle, European Parliament Rapporteur, is the latest contributor to the Climate Thinkers Blog. Read blog

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Climate Thoughts

Climate Thoughts is a unique visual representation of climate opinions from visitors to as well as well-known climate thinkers. Share your thought

Climate Quiz

The Climate Quiz allows visitors to to test their climate knowledge. Visitors can also compare climate knowledge with friends. Take the quiz



What consequences can we expect?

Predicting the consequences of global warming is one of the really difficult tasks for the world’s climate researchers. (Photo: Scanpix/Reuters) Read more


A working laboratory for energy technologies

Energy efficiency in Denmark has been created by a range of new technologies, and today, this can serve as an example of how one can create high levels of growth. Read more


Climate diplomacy

By hosting the UN climate conference COP15 in 2009, the current Danish government has brought energy into focus again as a decisive political area. (Photo: Bent Petersen/Scanpix) Read more

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It's all about energy

How does the world’s energy map look right now, and how will it look in the future? See what science has to say about the pros and cons and maybes of 12 renewable and non-renewable energy technologies. (Photo: Keenpress/Sisse Brimberg & Cotton Coulson) Read more


The essentials in Copenhagen

Rather than getting every small detail of a new global climate treaty done in Copenhagen, UN climate chief Yvo de Boer hopes the conference will reach agreements on four political essentials. Read more