Splash AquacultureA new millennium option to depleted fisheries, environmental damage and increasing market demand.

Aquaculture (the Industry of Marine and Freshwater Species Farming) is taking a more prominent role in satisfying the World market for fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

Industry authorities estimate that more than 25% of international markets are now supplied through Aquaculture ventures. World fish culture leaders such as China, produce a mammoth 70% of all aquatic species through Aquaculture.

Splash Aquaculture AustraliaAs populations continue to grow and advance technologically, we witness an expanding and more affluent Global market, that is placing increasing harvest demands on declining fish populations, where reportedly only 2 out of 15 major fisheries continue to be fished at a sustainable level.

Aquaculture was recognized as a potential answer to the looming fisheries crisis, and many fish and crustacean species were found to be very farmable. Modern aquaculture however underwent a number of teething pains, gathering a poor reputation around the world as a result of irresponsible or misguided ventures, that had resulted in environmental damage, substandard yields, animal cruelty, species decimation and financial mismanagement.

Splash Aquaculture AustraliaAs the Fish Farming Industry has matured, extensive research and development has produced environmentally compatible, efficient and cost effective production techniques that yield a consistent and high quality source of supply.

Most aquaculturists come from a place of genuine environmental concern, and today several global collaborations exist to improve the sustainability and quality of aquaculture and fisheries in general.

Key benefits of Splash Aquaculture and Fish Farming ventures include:

  • Production of healthy harvests in pollution free environments
  • Quantity and quality control of species and distribution
  • Defined species management - no wastage or bycatch
  • Potential to meet increasing market demands
  • Strong financial benefits from rising prices and diminishing supplies
  • Alternative source of supply for over fished, high value species
  • Minimal impact on the environment
  • On land or sea cage options
  • Accessible Global expertise and research resources.

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