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Written by Robert Kuntz   
Saturday, 12 April 2008 20:24

Warlock's Walk (Gencon #40, Maure Castle Adventure)
by Rob Kuntz
©2007 Robert J. Kuntz

Click HERE for map [195 KB]
Click HERE for a D20 version of this adventure

Warlock's Walk Overview.

A level to test the Maure Family's Skills in Changing Environments. Crafted by "Uncle" from many of the strange magics he'd deciphered.

Ceiling Height: 30'
Internal Structural: Crafted stone.

Note on finishing the adventure. Read Key #32 (x2 exit points).

1. Entry and Teleporter-Return Slab. When completing A-D and stepping on an EXIT slab in each, the party is always transported to this key, appearing on the central return slab. The levels they competed cannot be accessed again (see A-E, below). Each area must be completed in a cycle, A, then B, then, C (see below).
There is no way to defeat the magic which hedges this room (wish or anything) so the only way in/out is through use of the teleporter slabs.

Each slab is 1' high 8' in radius and made of granite.

A. Transports to area A at slab marked ENTER, cannot be accessed again if A is completed.
B. Transports to area B at slab marked ENTER, cannot be accessed again if B is completed.
C. Transports to area C at slab marked ENTER, cannot be accessed again if C is completed.
D. Transports to area D at slab marked ENTER, cannot be accessed again if D is completed.
E. Transports to area E at slab marked ENTER, cannot be accessed again if E is completed.

Area A (Keys 2-6) "Mass Probability"
Note that Blue doors are one-way.

2. Entry Slab.

3. 4 Cloud Giants (actually are probabillty Basilisks, 50% of the time), roll each round for probability shift, which means that they appear to change shape, but have actually replaced the giants in the probability curve. The giants are immune to the basiliks' stoney gaze because of their affinity to them in the shift, as well as ignore their presence as if they were not there. The basilisks retain the giants' hp when shifting and vice versa.

4. Room Of Illusionary Collapse. This room looks to be destroyed and pulverized, but radiates magic. It is an illusion to begin with, but the probability that it shifts to real is 50% per round spent in it. If it shifts to real, then a collapse occurs, and continues occuring (50% chance per round) for 4-24 points of crushing damage. If the prob, shifts back to illusion, then the remains that fell disappear and no collapsing occurs, etc.

5. Ogre Guards (10). These are probability stone ogres 50% of the time (x2 lv/hp, immune to sleep, see stone golem for other natural defenses). Those regular ogres which are magically disabled (i e, slept, charmed, etc) CANNOT be probability shifted into stone ogres until the effect wears off. Stone Ogres appear to be ogres but with forms minutely detailed/crafted from stone.

6. Raging Fire. Probability Greater Fire elemental 50% of the time (16HD).
The raging fire starts 20 N of the southern entry door to this room and fills it, extending to 10 feet south of the EXIT Slab. It reaches to the ceiling and does 4-16 points of fire damage per 10 feet traveled through it. When a Prb. Shift occurs, the fire contracts into the elemental form, allowing PCs to progress north without fire damage (except from the elemental!). If the elemental is killed, the raging fire cannot occur thereafter. Check probability shift chances every round that the party remains in the room.

EXIT SLAB, return to Key #1.

Area B (Keys 7-10), "The Living Cavern"

DM Note on Play: PC SPEED is essential here! Dallying will bring ruin!

7. Entry Slab: Read DM note, below.
DM NOTE: The PCS note that the walls here appear to be living flesh!
For every minute spent here, PCs sustain 1-3 hp acid damage from the fluids exuded from the walls. The place seems alive, moving and vibrating like some macabre stomach! The walls exude twice the acid damage if attacked and auto-regenerate all damage dealt in the next round!

7A. "GUT ACHE" The Flesh Golem. As the PCs enter this area a mass of flesh rises from the floor, forms itself into a naked bipedal creature and detaches itself from a lone strand of flesh. This is GUT ACHE, the flesh golem (see MM for stats;12 HD/66hp, hit causes an additional 1-8 hp wretching damage (save vs poison -1 for half)). GUT ACHE is also immune to acid attacks and water and/or cold based attacks do half damage. If killed, his putrid form releases a billowy acidic gas in a 20' radius area which causes 1-4 points per turn for the 4-6 turns it remains.

8. Beholder Stalks. The 10 ft (roughly) sq pillar here manifests 2-5 random beholder stalks (see MM and roll randomly, but no anti-magic central eye can occur) which attack the PCs and can extend up to 60 feet from the pillar. The pillar must be destroyed to stop this manifestation. It can sustain 80 hp and is AC10; it sustains x1.5 damage from fire attacks.

9. Pudding Puddles. Roll a d6 for each PC covering 10 feet in here. On a 1-3 a black pudding puddle (2' round/2' deep) appears on the floor beneath their feet and the PC sinks into it for 2-8 hp damage. Extricating oneself causes 1-4 hp additional damage. If four or more puddles occur, then one black pudding is formed (see MM) which pursues and attacks the party. Up to 4 black puddings can appear in this manner; and in that case stops further chances of pudding puddles forming as all such available matter is used up in that instance. Pudding puddles are immobile, can be killed with fire (take 8 hp each) but are immune to physical attacks. Cold damage will suspend their attacks for rounds equal to the difference between the damage each can sustain subtracted from the real cold damage (i.e., if 12 points cold dmg. is dealt, then a pp would remain inactive for 4 rounds, etc.); and lightning and acid attacks fully regenerate them.

10. EXIT SLAB, return to Key #1.

Area C (Keys 11-15), "Many-Headed Monstrosities"

11. Entry Slab

12. 12 hd, Pyro-hydra, above average hp.

13. 2 headed Cyclops (14 HD, 77 hp, AC 0, when eyes look at the same target (equals 50% chance per combat round) then a save vs. confusion -2 must be made).

14. 2 2hd Giant Trolls (FF page 90). 10 HD, AC4 1-6/1-6/1-10 (one wears a healing phylactery made of from a bone and stuck in its nose; heals 50 hp damage per week by touch).

14a. 2' x 3' x 2' Chest of Four Dragon Heads--Red, Green, White and Black, each animates to attack with minute breath weapons, no saves allowed: Red: flame for 8-10 hp, 20' range, single man-szd target; Green: Vile poison gas for 7-9 hp, 10' radius area, 20' range; White: frost blast for 8-10 hp, 20' range; Black: acid gush, 3-12 hp damage, 20' range. The chest can "jump" (dim door 6") to be closer to targets as a free move. It sustains 67 hp and is AC6. Destroying it dispels the magical dragon heads and reveals a small cache of gold, 12 pieces. These have indentations in them and if studied closely for peculiarities will radiate magic and appear stackable. If stacked one on top of each other, the stack magically transforms into a small, golden wand: Golden Wand of the Ancients: This stores three spells (random magical 1st-6th) and enhances a mage's spell ability as would a ring of wizardry, this doubling 4th-6th level spells which still remain in memory.

15. EXIT SLAB, return to Key #1.

Area D (Keys 16-23), "Clouds"

DM Note: The area consists of 5' wide floating, wooden, catwalks which are inundated with a dense, swirling, cloud matter. Sighting in this area is limited to 10 feet for humans in any direction; Exceptions: those PCs with full elvish blood can see twice that distance (20'), but other demi-humans and humanoids see only 5'. Mixed races use the worse sighting distance (half elves-half humans see 10'). Falling from a catwalk propels a PC hundreds of feet below and out of sight, to eventually impact a solid mass of stone at 600'. Note that walking speeds are cut by 75% while in this area; and that running will most likely result in a fall from the catwalk for the one doing so 50% of the time.

Strategy for Navigating this Area: Use attached ropes, proceed slowly, get the elves (if any) out front. Fly and levitation spells come in handy here, but note the air elementals at Key #21.

16. Entry Slab

17. 20+1 ldr smoke mephits hiding almost totally obscured by the cloud matter (only elves or those with elvish blood can spot 20% of the time if the mephits remain hidden; they always attack from surprise unless spotted); due too this obscurement the mephits gain a +2 AC bonus at all times. Their leader, BLUW-SMUKE, is +6 hp and moves x2 speed with a black pellet of speed (ingested, if it is killed the pellet falls to the catwalk; cf as horseshoes of speed if ingested, but is discharged through normal biological function 13-24 hours later, whereupon it can be engorged again at the PC's option...). When and if killed, Bluw-Smuke's spirit inhabits and animates the pillar of smoke at Key #18 (q.v.).

18. Mephit Totem: A column of blue smoke rises from the floor here to a height of 15'. If inhabited by Bluw-Smuke's spirit (see #17 for details), the column immediately begins discharging plasm consisting of heat-charged smoke and bits of flying magma amidst a horrendous wave of heat, all of which heats the room to hellish temperatures. The plasm can move up to 60' (20'/turn) from the column, thus forcing the party to retreat, or can be used to pursue the PCs in any case until they are driven from visual contact with the totem. The plasm causes 5-10 hp of damage per round anyone remains within it. The totem can only be destroyed through water or cold attacks--it sustains 50 hp of damage. If destroyed Bluw-Smuke's dying, blueish spirit wails and departs for mephit-hell (or thereabouts), leaving behind a red pellet, which if ingested as the first one, gives a permanent protection from fire (reduces damage from fire attacks by 2 hp per die of damage done, allows to move through normal fires w/no damage); the pellet is discharged as the first (q.v.) 13-24 hours later, but may be reconsumed. If Bluw-Smuke survived the attack at #17, the column of smoke permanently disperses upon entry here and nothing is lost or gained.

19. Strangling Wisp. This room contains a yellowish cloud matter which is the spirit of a mad wizard who fell to strangling his victims before he himself was hanged for his crimes. The spirit manifested as an ethereal-like smoke which was trapped in a runic bottle (like an eversmoking bottle); the bottle is uncorked and in the center of the room, and the room itself is hedged by invisible runes of warding to keep the trapped spirit contained here. No summoning/dismissal magic will work in this room. The spirit gets one attack per turn upon anyone within the room. A successful save vs. death magic must be made of the victim is killed from strangulation. If the bottle is found (20% chance rolled for each PC, once per PC only) it can be destroyed by merely crushing it. This frees the spirit to wander Area D, randomly attacking victims therein (but is ineffectual vs. all but flesh bearing creatures); due to its captivity it will 50% of the time proceed to flee the room as opposed to continuing its strangling attacks. The spirit cannot be killed, though it can be turned as a special undead once outside of the containment room. It floats at 3" per turn.

20. 2 evil air elementals (10 HD above average hp)

21. 4 evil air elementals (10HD average hp); the PCs find a scroll here written on very thin paper with coiling mist for letters:
Yan-C-Bin's Hedge: If read, the reader receives MR 45% for 6-24 turns. There is a 50% chance that the symbols remain on the scroll for a second use--but cannot be read more than twice--after which the mist symbols dissipate.

22. Air Symbols. Each strange, coiling, squiggling and floating symbol (DMs draw some for your players) must be touched, and in the correct order, to open the special secret door here. The order is: 2,3,4,1. Any other combination summons a hostile air elemental (12 HD, above average hp). Upon touching the correct order the special secret door to this room opens. It cannot otherwise be magically, or physically, opened, though a flying party could navigate around the structure to gain access to the EXIT SLAB (q.v.). Note: You may change the symbol order if so desired every time the party enters or exits the room.

23. EXIT SLAB, return to Key #1.

Area E (Keys 24-32), "The Final Walk"

24. Entry Slab

Four granite slabs have inanimate beings upon them that animate and attack anyone entering the room. They all cooperate as allies and cannot harm each other, even if forced through controlling magic to do so (roll to ignore the control, 50%, or just stand around and do nothing, 50%).

a. Probability Cloud Giant/Basilisk (See Area A)
b. Black Pudding (See Area B)
c. Giant 2 hd Troll (See Area C)
d. Evil Air Elemental (See Area D)

Upon their death these pieces of material appear on each respective slab.

a) Empty potion bottle with the writing: "Reverse the Order"
b) gelatinous substance
c) Blood
d) a faint mist (dissolves in 24 turns)

Reverse The Order refers to reversing the order in which each of the creatures were originally found at there respective AREAS (A-D), and as symbolically realized through the following formulaic instructions:

The materials must be added to the bottle in this order: mist, blood, gelatinous goo. An explosion takes place which does no damage to the PCs (nor does it deafen them), and afterwards they are all seen to glow a phosphercent blue (see CIC below for what is gained). Any other mis-mixing results in failure and nothing is gained.

Celestian's Impervious Containment (used by the god to travel at great speeds throughout the universe and without deteriorating his body and energies): In this instance this equals x2 speed, immunity to fire and 10 hp increase/PC for the party's averaged CON scores in turns. Celestian's skills with this power are many and varied, going beyond what is noted here.

25. Gouts of Flame. These massive flames can be traveled through with CIC in place, or avoided through use of the secret doors at 25A (q,v.). If traveled through without protection they cause 20 hp fire damage per 10 feet negotiated.

25a. Secret Door Room. Empty, except for writing scrawled in large letters on the eastern wall: "Speed, my Kin. Speed."

26. Transporter Tunnel. Stepping on the floor symbol at the beginning of the tunnel automatically transports the party to the end symbol 40 feet south, and vice-versa.

27. Magical Pressure Plates/Trigger for #28. The floor recedes inches (check INT -2 to note) as the weight forces the plates downward. This activates the Fire Elemental Guardians at #28. If effectively bypassed the guardians do not activate.

28. Fire Elemental Guardians (2). 10 HD, 50 hp each, AC3, 1-20 hp flame attack.

29. Space/Matter Distortion: Upon reaching the space just ten feet past #28 the party encounters what appears to be an invisible barrier. However, this is not magical or physical as time and space here has been warped. Detecting Illusion, magic, or secret doors will reveal a tiny speck of distorted matter on the west wall (see map) which if successfully checked by an elf with a 1in10 chance, or has a knock spell cast upon it, or a dispel magic used against it, will open, revealing a dark space beyond. Time is actually, and unknowingly, sped up if the party enters the darkness, though to their own mortal senses they seem to wander endlessly and with a great loss of time. They "Finally" appear at the terminus of this distortion just north of the entryway to Key #30/31, and but 1-6 seconds later!
Note: Using the scroll, Yan-C-Bin's Hedge, has a 45% chance per turn of also opening the spot if the person so hedged is the one checking the speck on the west wall. The strange invisible wall cannot be bypassed through any available means.

30. Fountain of Futility. This is an ornately crafted fountain with tepid water. It is chased with silver symbols representing hopelessness and imprisonment. There are three silver cups atop it. The witches (see below) must drink from the fountain in order to sustain their lives. But in so doing they give up hope of ever breaking their chains which confine them and escaping this prison that Uncle has consigned them to. Drinking from the fountain has the following effects upon a human/demi-human imbiber for 24 hours:

  1. -2 saves

  2. -4 saves vs. illusions (non-accumulative with #1)

  3. -2 to hit

  4. -2 damage

  5. -3" movement base

  6. Fear spells always work (no save).

  7. Sleep required x2 in excess of norm

  8. Sleep sells affect at x2 level (8th)

  9. +30 hp

  10. +2 AC

  11. -4 strength/+2 dexterity

  12. +4 to wisdom and intelligence, but accompanied by morbid and psychotic thoughts of dying while imprisoned.

31. The Three Witches (Abra, Ka and Dabra). These are evil sisters and devil-brood of the same father--Disapter. Uncle keeps them imprisoned here in order to acquire services from that Lord.

Chain of Despair: The witches all appear haggardly and wretched, with tattered clothes, frail and leprous bodies, graying hair, mostly shocks and stringy, long in places, shorter in others. A single black iron chain is coiled about their necks in loops, looping about one, proceeding to the next, looping about her, and ending with a loop about the third. They are thus intertwined by the chain, and attack in this tri-mode, with no more than 45 feet of space separating them at anytime.

The chain can be broken in one place by someone dealing 22 hp damage to it who him(her)self has giant strength. This will separate one of the witches who will (90% chance) flee this realm, having regained her ethereal powers.

The witches are all Nighthags with the following additonal powers and limitations:

*Until chain is cloven, cannot move ethereally

*Abra: Screech of Dis: Sonic blast negotiable twice daily. Deafens all within 40' and does 2-20 points sonic damage. Shatters are unprotected glass and ceramics.

Ka: Mothers Mouth: Confusion zone, 20' radius, once daily, lasting 2-8 rounds. Note the area and check vs. confusion for those entering it.

Dabra: Boiilng Curse: Range = Sight. All water-based substances on the body explode. Estimate the ounces carried, applying 1 hp per ounce carried of fiery explosive damage. Useable once daily.

*+30 hp each (on top of regular hp).

Upon defeating the witches, Key's #32 (E and W walls) illuminate revealing triagonal pods which were not discoverable beforehand..

32. EXIT SLAB, return to Key #1.

End of Adventure! Back up the stairs with you! Onward into Maure Castle!

R.J. Kuntz: Design/Cartography
Allan Grohe: Invaluable Assistant
Stuart Parr: Conversionist and DM for Warlock's Walk D20, GENCON, UK.

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