The South West of England is a fascinating region for any observer of "race" relations in the UK.  Quiet on the surface, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the region has potential for serious ethnic tensions.  The concern is that internal migrants from the UK's Midlands; South East  and elsewhere are moving to the rural South West to escape, what they deem as, Britain's "multicultural experiment".  As one person told me when I asked why he had left Leicester (a beautiful Midlands city) to move 'down West', "I wanted to get away from the f*ucking Pakis" ("Paki" is a derogatory  and racist way of referring to a person of Pakistani heritage).  The apparently good "race" relations enjoyed by much of the South West might simply reflect the general lack of visible ethnic minority individuals.  In some parts of the South West upwards of 99% of respondents self-classified as "whites" in the last National Census.  What will happen should the ethnic minority numbers increase is anyone's guess, but recent events in Yeovil do not bode well.

Yeovil is one of the largest towns in the South West.  In 2004 the BBC made a programme entitled, "A Mosque in the Mendips" that investigated local outrage at the suggestion that the tiny Yeovil Bangladeshi Muslim community might wish to build a meeting house.  My report on this programme can be downloaded by clicking here.  It is in RTF format  and should be viewable in any wordprocessor.

Working on the assumption that racists are also usually antisemites I did a trawl of websites in the South West.  I chose this approach because there is a crucial difference between antisemitism and racism.  Both are regarded as non-PC by 'nice people', but antisemitism often finds a socially acceptable expression in "anti-Zionism".  As one person I met at a meeting of a "Palestinian Peace Group" in the South West commented, "Are these people here because they love the Arabs or because they hate the Jews?".  Much that passes for "anti-Zionism" is no more than repackaged antisemitism of a type that would be familiar to the German Nazis.

As a result of my search I found   It is the most antisemitic website I have yet seen hosted in the UK.  It is far worse than the website run by the "British National Party" (a racist political party obsessed with "race"  and immigration  and reviled for its racism).  Presumably, the BNP cannot afford to be too public with its prejudice considering that it needs to appeal to the general public for political support.  "Truthseeker" has no such restraints.  The following is just a small taster of the content of this website.  Antisemitism by the bucket full. 

"A New Religion" by Arthur Butz:
Holocaust denial.

"Satan and Holocaust" by Max Weremchuk
More antisemitic babble.  What the author was on when he wrote this I dread to imagine, but he thinks the Holocaust was carried out to protect the "lie of Judaism" from criticism by invoking sympathy for the Jews.

"The Story of Zundel"
Poor 'ol Ernst Zundel.  A sympathetic defence of the most influential Holocaust denier ever.

"Canada's Number One 'Thought Criminal'", by Mark Weber – Institute of Historical Review.
Another sympathetic defence of poor 'ol Ernst Zundel.  This time by the Director of the so-called "Institute of Historical Review".  The IHR is the foremost Holocaust denial "think tank" in the world.

"Auschwitz: Myths and Facts" by Mark Weber –
More Holocaust denial.  More antisemitism.

"The Open Society And Its Enemies - The Story Of Auschwitz" by Gilad Atzmon.
Gilad Atzmon is the antisemite's court Jew.  Mr. Atzmon shows that you don't have to be a non-Jew to be an antisemite.  Here is what Oliver Kamm has to say about him.

"The Palestine Solidarity Campaign - clearly the parent body, though its Scottish campaign is nominally independent - has “form” in lionising personalities who really are ferociously antisemitic. Last September, its Leicester branch played host to the jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, a bigoted crank who believes the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion accurately describe the state of American society. Those who admire Atzmon and his message (Socialist Worker described Atzmon’s crude Jew-baiting as “fearless tirades against Zionism”) will be receptive to conspiracy theories about Jews."  More .../

This website also features a Swedish antisemite (See: "Israeli writer is Swedish anti-Semite") who also passes himself off as a "Jew" (all the better to make propaganda).  Known widely as the "toxic dwarf" (extreme antisemite plus low intellect), Israel Shamir (also known as Joran Jermas) is such an awful antisemite that even some pro-Palestinian Arab/anti-Zionist activists have rejected him.  Read "Sue has seen the light" for more details.  According to the now infamous Marxist anti-Zionist Dr. Sue Blackwell, Shamir is a Nazi (despite the fact that at one time, before she saw the light, she was willing to link her Birmingham University website directly to his).  Check out her opinion of him now by emailing her on:

The above is the same Shamir/Jermas that Lord Ahmed (the first Muslim Labour peer) hosted a book launch for in the House of Lords (see "Lord Ahmed's unwelcome guest" by Stephen Pollard).  You can read Shamir/Jermas' entire speech here on the "Truth Seeker" website.  Having read it I am surprised that Shamir/Jermas was allowed in the UK let alone given the priviledge of speaking in the House of Lords.  What was Lord Ahmed thinking of?  As might be expected, 'Rixon Stewart' rushed to the defence of Shamir/Jermas with, "Fiction as Journalism".

The New Antisemitism
"Gradually, a consensus is developing on the definition of "new" anti-Semitism, i.e., the variety of Jew-hatred targeting the state of Israel.  Once this mutation's key characteristics have been classified, an analysis of any speech, writing or action can be made to determine its anti-Semitic elements.  It is no longer relevant who the author is and whether he is Muslim, Christian, atheist, communist, Maoist, Trotskyite, Socialist, Liberal, neo-Nazi, Israeli or Diaspora Jew".  More .../  My highlighting.

"Holocaust or Hoax? The Arguments" by Jürgen Graf - The Function of the Holocaust in the World Since 1945.  A "white nationalist crank" who believes that the Holocaust is a plot against the "white man" or whatever (sigh).

"The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel Part I" by Jack Bernstein (another non-Jew like Israel Shamir posing as a Jew for his own antisemitic ends).

"The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel Part II" by Jack Bernstein (another non-Jew like Israel Shamir posing as a Jew for his own antisemitic ends).

Both of the foregoing are classic antisemitic tracts dressed up as biography.  The author (Hitler's ghost on leave from Hell?) even repeats the usual stupidity about Jews not being able to be antisemites thus, "But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics".  It's not the person saying the stuff stupid, it's the content that matters.  Some people.

The foregoing is just the tip of a very large antisemite iceberg  and it has come ashore in Wiltshire. is registered to:
Twiga Ltd, 27 Lime Avenue, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6UY, GB
To view the WHOIS query results for "" click here.
On the Twiga website, is described thus:

"The Truth Seeker is an online periodical developed for the editor of a conspiracy theory journal. The editor is able to create any number of categories and articles, upload images, control the content of the homepage, set up adverts and more. Every page on the site is generated on-the-fly from an Access database using Active Server Pages (ASP)" (See here).

The editor referred to above is Stewart Rixon ( (or is it Rixon Stewart?).  This is unlikely to be the editor's real name.  It also totally misrepresents the nature of the website.  Bigoted  and antisemitic would be a better description.

The "author" line in the HTML code of the website's pages is given as "" i.e.
<meta name="author" content="">.  This presumably makes Twiga Ltd. responsible for the website.  Especially so when one notes that the webmaster's address for the site is: (my highlighting).

"The Truth Seeker's" mailing address is, "Leading Edge Publications", PO Box 458, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1WA, England.

Twiga Ltd is a private limited company (Company No. 03363123).
Its registered office is at, 
27 Lime Ave., 
SN12 6UY.

Twiga Ltd's domain name ( is registered to:
Twiga Ltd, Attn Gavin Owen, 27 Lime Avenue, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6UY, United Kingdom.
To view the WHOIS query results for "" click here.

Mr. Owen is a trained Bible presenter for the South West.

He also runs a Christian mission (  "His Way Up" is a registered UK charity (Number 1108099).  The website has a direct link to an extract regarding "His Way Up" from the Charity Commission's Central Register (click here to view).  Mr. Owen's address details are given there as: Mr. Gavin Michael Owen, 27 Lime Avenue, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6UY.  Tel: 01225 350300.  To view the WHOIS query results for "" click here.

Finally, he has his very own website (
To view the WHOIS query results for "" click here.

All the above information regarding Mr. Owen is already in the public domain (much of it put there voluntarily by Mr. Owen himself).  I thus reject any notion that by including it on this web page I am in anyway violating his privacy.

Let's review the evidence.  Twiga Ltd is responsible for according to the HTML page code (i.e. Twiga Ltd is named as "author").  The same company boasts that this awful website is included in its portfolio.  For technical help regarding you must email: (my highlighting).  With his company (Twiga Ltd) so heavily involved in how could Mr. Owen not know the true nature of the content of this horrendous website?  He is probably the webmaster.  Apart from the legal issues this website throws up, is Mr. Owen a fit person to be a "Bible presenter" or indeed run a Christian mission? 
A crucial question is whether is just a one off nasty or does it instead accurately reflect the real state of "race" relations in the South West of England?
If you find as racially offensive as I do you can complain about it to the relevant authority.  Here is a guide to the law in England and Wales as of February 2002: "Racially Inflammatory Material on the Internet".  This document is already getting on for 5 years old so it is likely to be out of date regarding the current state of the law.  Make you complaint here (but only after you have read the above guide): "The Internet Watch Foundation".  Some people are less than enamoured with the Internet Watch Foundation because it is an industry watchdog with its own commercial vested interests.  You could thus contact the Commission for Racial Equality; the Home Office or the UK's Racial  and Violent Crime Task Force.