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Honorary degrees

2009 Ceremonies

Details of any ceremonies which will be held in 2009 to confer honorary degrees will be posted in the table below after Council approves the recommendations from the Honorary Degrees Committee.

Forthcoming Honorary Degree ceremonies
Name Degree Date
Professor Harald zur Hausen DSc (honoris causa


Please contact the Office of Ceremonies and Protocol if you would like to attend any of these ceremonies.

Honorary graduates of La Trobe University
Name Degree Date conferred
Dr David Milton Myers DUniv 25.11.1976
Sir Archibald Glenn OBE DUniv 27.01.1981
The Honourable Sir Reginald Smithers DUniv 27.01.1981
Dr Roy McCavan Simpson AO DUniv 10.01.1983
Professor Ross Henry Day DUniv 18.03.1988
Rev Dr John Fraser Scott AO DUniv 1990
Dr Joseph Brown AO, OBE DUniv 1990
Mr Jose Camillo Cela DLitt (honoris causa) 1991
Emeritus Professor Dale Trendall DLitt (honoris causa) 16.12.1991
Dr Dietrich Hans Borchardt AM DUniv 1992
The Honourable Gough Whitlam AC QC DLitt (honoris causa) 1992
Dr Francis (Frank) Sutherland Hambly DLitt (honoris causa) 1992
Professor J J C Smart AC DSc (honoris causa) 1992
Rev Dr John Davis McCaughey AC DUniv 1992
Mr J Howard Browne AM MSc (honoris causa) 3.4.1992
Mr Christon Archer DLitt (honoris causa)
Ms Agnes Heller DLitt (honoris causa)
Ms Gwen Harwood DLitt (honoris causa)
Dr Ursula Hoff DLitt (honoris causa)
Dr Helen Hughes DLitt (honoris causa)
Dr Warren Horton DLitt (honoris causa)
Dr David Denholm Neilson DUniv
Professor Liang Liquan DLitt (honoris causa)
Dr Barbara Ehrenreich DLitt (honoris causa)
Dr John Barker DSc (honoris causa)
Emeritus Professor Howard K Worner DSc (honoris causa)
Dr Conor Cruise O'Brien DLitt (honoris causa) 08.06.1994
The Hon Richard Elgin McGarvie AC DUniv 07.04.1995
Emeritus Professor Bruce Stone DSc (honoris causa) 12.05.1995
Dr Phillip Garth Law DSc (honoris causa) 12.05.1995
Professor Wang Xueren DSc (honoris causa) 12.05.1995
Mrs Patricia Clarke LLM (honoris causa) 19.05.1995
Mr Hugh Streeton DLitt (honoris causa) 19.05.1995
Professor Bernard Bailyn DLitt (honoris causa) 09.08.1995
Professor Paul Francis Bourke DLitt (honoris causa)
Professor Gregory Moore Dening DLitt (honoris causa)
Professor James Tyler Patterson DLitt (honoris causa)
Professor Sir Gustav Nossal DSc (honoris causa) 02.05.1997
Ms Hannie Rayson DLitt (honoris causa) 16.05.1997
Mr William Whelan DSc (honoris causa) Nov-97
Mr David Mann LLD (honoris causa) 27.03.1998
Ms Rhonda Galbally AO DSc (honoris causa) 03.04.1998
Dr Ruby Langford Ginibi DLitt (honoris causa) 01.05.1998
Emeritus Professor Ross Henry Day DSc (honoris causa) 17.05.1998
Dr Ronald J H Wells DUniv 22.05.1998
Mr Norman Yoffee DLitt (honoris causa) 29.04.1998
Mr Ernerst Wolfgang Barr DUniv 22.05.1998
Mr Rino Grollo DLitt (honoris causa) 1998
Mr Zissis Dardalis DLitt (honoris causa) 16.02.1998
Dato Abdul Ghani bin Othman LLD (honoris causa) 02.09.1998
Professor Evangelos Venizelos LLD (honoris causa) 10.11.1998
Dr Sydney Brenner DSc (honoris causa) 10.03.1999
Dr Manuel Fraga Iribane LLD (honoris causa) 14.04.1999
Dr Lionel Leopold Wilson DSc (honoris causa) 23.04.1999
Mr Michael Leunig DLitt (honoris causa) 14.05.1999
Mr Robert Hunt, AM DUniv 10.11.1999
Professor Qian Weichang DSc (honoris causa) 14.04.2000
Mr Frank Sherwood Rowland DSc (honoris causa) 11.05.2000
Dr Donald John Blackmore DSc (honoris causa) 11.05.2000
Ms Susie Lum DN (honoris causa) 06.09.2000
Mrs Betty Tung Chiu Hung-ping, JP DPH (honoris causa) 06.09.2000
Professor Han Wei DLitt (honoris causa) 15.11.2000
Professor Georgios Babiniotis DLitt (honoris causa) 14.02.2001
Professor Martinus J. G. Veltman DSc (honoris causa) 24.04.2001
Professor Gordon S. Wood DLitt (honoris causa) 31.07.2001
Professor David Kennedy DLitt (honoris causa) 02.10.2001
Mr Christos Pahtas DLitt (honoris causa) 09.11.2001
Professor Wang De Bing DSc (honoris causa) 18.06.2002
Mr Alfredo Conde DLitt (honoris causa) 04.08.2002
Mr Mario Vargas Llosa DLitt (honoris causa) 03.10.2002
Professor John Alexander Salmond DLitt (honoris causa) 07.10.2002
Professor Jin Lianhong DSc (honoris causa) 12.03.2003
Professor Marianne Mithun DLitt (honoris causa) 13.08.2003
Professor Ira Berlin DLitt (honoris causa) 06.10.2003
Mr Robert Dunster DUniv 10.10.2003
Emeritus Professor Ian Thornton (posthumously) DSc (honoris causa) 10.10.2003
Mr Robert Mathews DSc (honoris causa) 10.10.2003
Professor Rolf Zinkernagel DSc (honoris causa) 01.12.2003
Professor George Ritzer DLitt (honoris causa) 23.03.2004
Professor Yang Baofeng DSc (honoris causa) 02.04.2004
Ms Sally Garratt DN (honoris causa) 21.05.2004
Professor John Coetzee DLitt (honoris causa) 03.08.2004
Professor Bernard Comrie DLitt (honoris causa) 15.09.2004
Professor Dan Carter DLitt (honoris causa) 05.10.2004
Mr Klaus Richter LLD (honoris causa) 29.04.2005
Professor George Gratzer DSc (honoris causa) 10.06.2005
Professor Alain Schnapp DLitt (honoris causa) 11.07.2005
Dr Henry Fong DLitt (honoris causa) 07.09.2005
Professor Nguyen Xuan Vang DEd (honoris causa) 07.10.2005
Mr Mike Moore LLD (honoris causa) 07.10.2005
Sir David King, FRS DSc (honoris causa) 11.10.2005
Professor Peter Fearon DLitt (honoris causa) 07.11.2005
Professor Peter Trudgill DLitt (honoris causa) 09.11.2005
Ms Janet Secatore DN (honoris causa) 23.11.2005
Professor Craig Calhoun DLitt (honoris causa) 05.12.2005
Emeritus Professor Nancy Millis AC, MBE DSc (honoris causa) 05.05.2006
Mr Les Murray AO DLitt (honoris causa) 23.07.2006
Professor Brian Joseph DLitt (honoris causa) 09.08.2006
Professor Orlando Patterson DLitt (honoris causa) 04.09.2006
Professor Michael J Osborne DLitt (honoris causa) 29.11.2006
Professor Xu Zhihong DSc (honoris causa) 30.03.2007
Sir Paul Nurse, FRS DSc (honoris causa) 03.07.2007
Mr James Riady DLitt (honoris causa) 12.09.2007
Professor Jeffrey Alexander DLitt (honoris causa) 17.12.2007
Dr Robert S. Anderssen DSc (honoris causa) 09.05.2008
Professor Alan Frost DLitt (honoris causa) 20.11.2008