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Dear BBC 6Music,

We the undersigned wish to make it known that we feel the appointment of George Lamb to the daytime schedule of 6Music is against what we believed 6Music stood for -- i.e. quality broadcasting, cutting edge music, insightful interviews and knowledge of music.

Lamb's tenure has seen the channel slip to lowest common denominator 'celeb-chat' -- fine for Radio One, but not what we expect from 6Music. His treatment of guests has been disgraceful -- the interview with Super Furry Animals being a case in point. It is embarrassing to listen to him try and interview a band with no knowledge. Is a little research too much to ask?

We do not wish to listen to radio that asks 'which of my friends would be in your top 5' to its guests.

We urge you to reconsider the suitability of George Lamb for the post and hope that this isn't an indication of where 6Music is headed in the future.

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