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The DEFCON 17 Receipt of Admission is now posted! Be sure to share your photos from the con to, and keep your eyes peeled for contest results, presentations, press, and other post-con material coming soon!
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You can go to the DEFCON Qik Feed or our Qik group and check out what we and group members filmed live during DEFCON 17!

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DEFCON 17 took place July 30 - August 2nd, 2009 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas! DEFCON 18 will happen July 29th - August 1, 2010!

DJ Event Videos from DEFCON 17!

For your visual and auditory pleasure, check out the following videos of the fantastic sets recorded from some of the DJ Events at DEFCON 17! Special thanks to Liquid8or for recording and providing these videos! Download and enjoy!

Corrupt Data
DJ Njntrubl - End of BW Ball
DJ Felix 1 - Pool Party
DJ Felix 2 - Pool Party
DJ Felix Mix
DJ Great Scott 1 - BW Ball
DJ Great Scott 2 - BW Ball
DJ Great Scott 3 - BW Ball
DJ Great Scott 4 - BW Ball
DJ Great Scott and Sailor Gloom - BW Ball
DJ Jackalope - BW Ball
DJ Jackalope - End of BW Ball
DJ Kricz Klink - BW Ball
DJ Pepse - Pool Party
DJ Pepse and Felix - Pool Party
DJ Reeves - NSB
DJ Sailorgloom and Kricz Klink - BW Ball
DJ Simo Sleevin - NSB
DJ Simo Sleevin and Scritch - NSB
DJ Undecided 1 - BW Ball
DJ Undecided 2 - BW Ball
DJ Undecided 1 - NSB
DJ Undecided 2 - NSB
DJ Undecided and Jackalope - BW Ball
Video from NSB 1
Kricz Klink and Njntrubl - BW Ball
DJ Jackalope Mix Clip

Early Release Videos from DEFCON 17!

Check out some of the hot presentations from DEFCON 17! We'll be releasing all of the videos for free a few months out, but for now we've chosen a few we think you might enjoy! If you'd like to purchase the entire DVD collection of the DEFCON 17 presentations, you can do so at The Source of Knowledge website.

Adam Savage at DEFCON 17

Adam Savage
Video | Audio

Smart Parking Presentation at DEFCON 17

"Smart" Parking Meter Implementations, Globalism, and You
Joe Grand, Jake Appelbaum, and Chris Tarnovsky
Video and Slides | Slides | Audio

Moxie Marlinspike at DEFCON 17

More Tricks for Defeating SSL
Moxie Marlinspike
Video and Slides | Slides | Audio

Day of Updates presentation at DEFCON 17

The Day of the Updates
Itzik Kotler and Tomer Bitton
Slides | Audio

Video attacks presentation at DEFCON 17

Advancing Video Application Attacks with Video Interception, Recording, and Replay
Jason Ostrom and Arjun Sambamoorthy
Slides | Audio

DEFCON 17 CTF Packet Captures & Binaries Available!

Fresh from DDTek: The DEFCON 17 CTF packet captures and binaries are now available via bittorrent.

More DC17 specific goodness posted, including game binaries and a mars crafted exploit for one particularly nasty service. See the dc17 page of You can also download the packet Captures and binaries in a .rar archive from the DEFCON Media Server. Enjoy!

DEFCON 17 Press Page Updated!

Head on over to the DEFCON Press Page and check out the news from this year's show! You can also find the press listed on the DEFCON 17 Archives Page! If you've come across a good article on DEFCON 17 that you think should be up there, don't hesitate to send it to neil {at} defcon }dot{ org for posting!

DEFCON 17 Archives Page is Live!

You can now peruse the DEFCON 17 Archives Page, which contains links to all of the presentation materials and code available, including all updated materials we have recieved! We'll have the printed program and press links up soon, and down the road you will be able to download all of the audio and video of the the talks for free! We're working on getting a few early release videos up next week to tide you over!

Upload all of your DEFCON 17 Photos to

Help to preserve and share those DEFCON 17 memories on! If you have a DEFCON Forums account, you already have a pics account, just use the same login information. While you're at it, submit your galleries to as well!

Follow the Post-Con discussion on the DEFCON Forums

Get over to the DEFCON Forums to join in on the post-con buzz from DEFCON 17! You can find out what people thought, content links, and it's never to early weigh in on next year's show. Remember, DEFCON is your con, and the best way to get involved is to get in on the discussions posted at Have an idea for a new contest or event? It's the best place to start!

DEFCON 16 Badge Web Server!

Check out this cool hack on the DEFCON 17 badge!

Autographed, White "I Hack Charities" Shirts Listed on Ebay

Up for Auction: THREE "I hack charities" White Signed T-ShirtS. All of the proceeds from these auctions except the ebay auction cost will be donated to "Hackers for charities"

These Shirts were Signed by Most of the Big names at Defcon 17. Anyone that Attended may have seen these shirts displayed at the "Hackers for Charities" booth on sunday. Everyone online and at defcon has seen the Black "I hack charities" T-shirts. But not many have seen the white ones. Well that is because there were only 4 white shirts printed!! Johnny Long has 1 and the other 3 were all signed by the people below for these auctions. Each shirt is unique with the location of the signatures and the quotes written by the signers.

These shirts were signed by:
• Johnny Long
• Dan Kaminsky
• Jeff "The Dark Tangent" Moss
• Kevin Mitnick
• Joe "$Kingpin$" Grand
• Bruce Potter
• Nikita
• Priest
• The Entire 2009 CTF winning team
• and many others.

Listing URLs:

Let the Updates Begin!

Keep your eyes on the site over the next week or two as we begin to post presentations, press, a few early release videos, and other archive material from the show! The DEFCON 17 Contest Results page is now live, so go check out who won!

DEFCON 17 Receipt Posted, Aaaand We're Spent...

We'll we've made it back to our respective homes, with another awesome DEFCON on the books! We are now in recovery mode, and normal updating will resume next week! The DEFCON 17 Receipt of Admission is now posted! Thanks to all for making this a fantastic DEFCON!