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  1. Let's go UW.
  2. @EditorUtahCEO Ive got their album on my iTunes
  3. @EditorUtahCEO Were you at the event today?
  4. Congrats to Carine Clark of Symantec for winning the Leadership Excellence Award.
  5. @jenrodihoglin Where is it? Will it be good? Ought I attend?
  6. Any web designers looking for jobs?
  7. @jenrodihoglin UMMA event?
  8. RT @CMO_com: on Is Twitter turning into a popularity contest, with no room on the playground for newcomers?
  9. @MitchWagner I'm not sure what it is with the latest FF version, but I can't access some sites like LinkedIn and others.
  10. My neighbor found a beagle (Utah). We're trying to find the owner.
  11. RT @Gadling: Cool photos. RT @explicitmemor @pingpants 10 Great Brazilian Architectural Monuments
  12. Q&A; with Michael Proper about his newest venture -- ClearCenter --
  13. RT @smartmobile: i-mate Closes up Shop: i-mate, a long-time Windows Mobile phone dealer...
  14. Wall Street Journal to Charge for Mobile Access (via PC Mag) Me: I've loved having free content.
  15. Is anyone else having issues with in Firefox?
  16. RT @gstoner: Utah man makes million-dollar hole-in-one
  17. Must. Stop. Working.
  18. RT @shawkeith: Video of Harry Potter theme park (artist's conception):
  19. @BrockBlake DM your email
  20. @BrockBlake for your OR event you should pitch Jonathan Brinkman with the Oregonian. He's the small biz reporter.