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  1. The actual Prius at Bonneville. Won't use any advantage from the hybrid system. Anyway, good ad.
  2. NHRA museum. Note the Toyota Prius from 3:28!
  3. Awesome hot rod drawing gallery! Thumbs up for this man!
  4. Ferrari 308s rallying in Group B as it was intended:
  5. Absolutely fell in love with the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari. Hope Aston Martin will soup up the Cygnet a bit.
  6. Rallying - king of motorsports. Period. I wonder if there will be hybrids from everything, will rallycars electrify the Finnish forests?
  7. New Brabus EV12 - living proof that lunacy can compromise with common sense. Supercar AND saloon. How about that? Always loved Brabus.
  8. Future of supercars? Definitely electric drive. Max. torque from the very first moment also runs out of juice quickly. Hey, it's a supercar!
  9. Planning to revive from the coma and return to SRC International with 'green' performance cars. Interested in future automotive affairs.
  10. Are you looking for a columnist to work for you? I'm ready to be YOUR writer! ;)
  11. A nagy izomautó megőrzés:
  12. Economical NASCAR and returning to stock roots? Interested? Read here:
  13. Meg a zenéset is!
  14. Nézzétek meg a NASCAR-os cikkemet is angolul!
  15. Listen to some tracks while driving:
  16. NASCAR and eco-driving combined. Return to stock roots. Read here:
  17. Sorry, I've just realized that I've mistyped Eric Bana's movie title in an earlier post. It's "Love the Beast".
  18. I think I'm gonna write an article about that, the only question is should it be in English or Hungarian? :)
  19. Like there is no way to drive carefully on gas thus buying a hybrid instead...
  20. But most people drive their cars alone and never think about driving an ordinary car in an economic way.