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  1. @ianvisits They made a bit of a mistake there in leaving the squares ready to be filled... from a distance it looks part of the ad! Camden?
  2. @andrewspong That's a terrifying hashtag ;) Not one for the phone users.
  3. Noel Edmonds Cosmic Ordering iPhone app for £1.19 - reading about this charming daftness in today's Metro :) #woo
  4. Love the Bladerunner idea! RT @hugoverweij What if electric cars become too quiet? Need to design cool sounds for them!
  5. @jackofkent I shall make note of it, but expect it will be regularly retweeted by everyone else I'm following :) p.s. welcome to absw-fb
  6. @harpistkat That's a revolting thought. Thanks for that ;)
  7. I think this website is a little unhinged... RT @Dr_Raman #Diabetes LACTIC ACID #Homeopathy
  8. @edyong209 where are you?
  9. @IanMulvany I know a couple of people who do that. Looks fun though a wee bit terrifying. Nice weather today too.
  10. @oorwean test received
  11. @elinoroberts You also have skills in aerial photography, yes? Would surely stand you in good stead wrt 'looking after things in the air' :)
  12. I note there are now TWO shops selling ear candles in Blackheath. It's worse than I thought ;-)
  13. @zeno001 It's more 'random blethers' about all sorts of things than a focused beam of something or other ;)
  14. Fun with iridology - I am vaguely investigating this as it's on sale locally, and this fact has annoyed me :)
  15. Pay attention, this is important :D RT @briankelly: "What! No Event Hashtag?" Why we need timely event hashtags
  16. :) RT @andrewspong: Screencast: my unsuccessful hunt for the official EASD hashtag #EASD09
  17. Me too :) RT @andrewspong [ @amarantoblook @MiriamETucker @thecortex @LizShanahan... ] will be following the #EASD09 tweetstream #diabetes
  18. @DRstarT Nice work :)
  19. RT @EvidenceMatters NHS-ConMed how unutterably sad for those who believe some of the material on this site
  20. Well, it's hone$t RT @HeathieWeathie Fighting heart disease, diabetes, obesity? Join the cure & earn income @ same time