hello world: the 2010 web and the enterprise


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    hello world: the 2010 web and the enterprise - Presentation Transcript

    1. hello world: the 2010 web and 2.0 council the enterprise denise howell 09.17.09 bagandbaggage.com
    2. 2010 web: not your parents’ communication tool
    3. business educational commercial noncommercial personal sociologically and socioeconomically: efforts to distinguish between arenas and contexts fail
    4. eschew social media if - you’re engaged in criminal acts and prone to be up-front about it... you’re abrasive - people leave you caustic voicemails? death or other unpleasant threats?... you’re likely to disclose confidential information... you’re incapable of expressing yourself in 140 characters or less... you’re incapable of simplicity and directness...
    5. “Be careful what you post on Facebook...” decide how you’re going to present your various selves online Obama uses social media, blends personal and professional, and remains credible
    6. hot spots and implications • security, access issues • “identity hacking” • your own worst enemy: IP protection/licensing, IP infringement, defamation, fraud, regulatory issues, confidentiality • 3rd party complications: defamation/harassment (don’t feed the trolls), infringement, your liability for their contributions • global jurisdiction; disparate local legal standards (strategic response decisions; e.g., Turkey, China, Brazil v. India)
    7. How much “cyberspace exceptionalism” (Prof. Goldman) will courts tolerate?
    8. If you’re not, someone is.
    9. leaks happen. they tend not to be this funny. crisis response decision tree: get lawyered up, or have fun with it?
    10. the accidental hacker (there’s the other kind, too) facebook.com/yournamehere - no ICANN for social media
    11. you can do plenty of damage without social media confidentiality, ethics, legal obligations are cross-platform have simple policies+training - and quick, direct crisis response
    12. “hello world: the 2010 web and the enterprise” q&a - discussion denise howell bagandbaggage.com slides at http://www.slideshare.net/denisehowell
    13. licensing and credits this work is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial 3.0 license. to view a copy of the license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0; or, send a letter to creative commons, 543 howard street, 5th floor, san francisco, ca 94105 USA images thanks to the following flickr users and hugh macleod: •chris anderson of TED by robert scoble •sndrv 2.0 by sndrv •sen. barack obama by SEIU International •230 by leo reynolds •i'm blogging this by foxtongue •just another to amuse you by brittanyC:::HaloPhotography •comics: lawyer dream, dinosaur meteor, and where the money is by hugh macleod, gapingvoid.com

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