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  1. @joeboughner - here's his site. Genuine nice guy.
  2. @joeboughner National Bank Financial I believe...
  3. @joeboughner Mike McPhee is an investment advisor - based in Halifax.
  4. @Alpha_Computer I did not know, until just now, you're based in Truro. Me 2.
  5. Personally, I think Microsoft should have used Vince's Slap Chop ad producers, rather than Magic Bullet Blender party ad people - jus' sain'
  6. @bbgeeks link for Bold 5.0 doens't work...
  7. Hey @peekinc do your systems work in Canada yet? Oh, and happy 1st anniversary.
  8. TOTALLY forgot to say thanks to @crackberry and @tetherberry - I won a copy of Tetherberry...looking fwd to sparking that up soon.
  9. @IsaiahCopeland Cool - you know where to find me when you're ready!
  10. @IsaiahCopeland I take it you weren't interested? Or maybe still thinking?
  11. @dev0kan I have a Bold (had a curve 8300, an 8700 and a 72xx) haven't held a Tour yet. Love the Bold over Curve for the larger keyboard.
  12. OK, my day is complete @ 9:54AM - Just saw that @peeweeherman is tweeting. I look forward to lots of tomfoolery.
  13. [Blog post] A great video PSA by the folks at Funny or Die - 'Protect US Health Insurance Companies'.
  14. Blackberry BIS outage may be over. Just got emails from last 3.5 hrs. Rogers in NS, Canada
  15. @jgombita @40deuce Could be just vanilla (ie only 1). Hey @tweetdeck how come isn't a URL shortening option?
  16. @hollywoodbound yeah, not much fun when this happens eh - maybe it's huge upgrade?
  17. @rogershelps - can you confirm a Blackberry BIS outage. No email access in over 2 hrs. & can't access BIS admin web page
  18. @myogis must be something like that, my BIS admin access page isn't letting me login.
  19. @myogis searched Twitter...seems there's outages across N.America...remember something about a BIS update...maybe that's happening.
  20. @dev0kan apparently Rogers change doesn't mean anything to existing customers...just new.