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Haiku-related Sources & Links

Note: These links are the result of web-surfing
and may not convey an objective representation.

Links confirmed June 16, 2004

Links to Links

Haiku Links - extensive - Mark Alan Osterhaus
Haiku Poetry Links, References, Resources, and Publications - among the best - Michael P. Garofalo
Japanese Poetry Resources - Links
Haikuworld: Resources and Community
Balkan Links
Haiku Magazines
Links to Poetry Books, Journals, Magazines
Links to Photo' Haiku
Links - Haiku Hut

World Haiku related

Links to International Haiku Organizations
International P.E.N. Charter
Ethnologue, Web Version
Matsuyama Declaration
World Haiku Association
World Haiku Club
Essays - World Haiku Review
Essays - Haiku as a world phenomenon
Essays - World haiku issues - Jim Kacian

General Haiku Links (mostly alphabetical)

Acorn Journal
AHA - LYNX Journal
AOZORA - Haiku Assoc of SE Europe
Asahi English Haiku - David McMurray
On Balkan Haiku - Jim Kacian
Bios of Haiku Writers - St. Jacques
Bios of Haiku Writers - WHA
British Haiku Society
Brooks - Haiku Web Site
Contemporary Haiku - Missias
The Definition of Haiku - by Alexey Andreyev
(Toward a) Definition of the English Haiku - George Swede
Frogpond Journal
George Swede - Literary Homepage
George Swede - Global Haiku: A Course Outline
GINYU Haiku Prize
Haiku Circus - Pop Haiku Comic Strip
Haiku Database Project - Charlie Trumbull
Haiku for People
Haiku Habitat
Haiku Hut
Haiku International Association
Haiku Links - essays & papers
Haiku Masters - Japanese, Traditional
Haiku Reality - from Serbia and Montenegro (in English)
Haiku Style - Fragment & Phrase Theory - Jane Reichhold
HQ Poetry Magazine - The Haiku Quarterly
HSA Haiku Society of America
Hasee publications
Japanese Text Initiative-OnlineTexts
Japanese Text Initiative
Kobayashi Issa
Kuniharu Shimizu - Haiku Site
marlene mountain - Exhibits (hardtofind site currently offline)
Modern Haiku Association
Mushimegane - Haiku, Tanka, And Contemporary Art
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu
Poetry in the Light
Red Moon Press
Shiki Internet Haiku Salon - Archives only
Traces of Dreams Landscape, Cultural Memory, and the Poetry of Basho
World Haiku Review

Translation Studies

Translation Studies Resources
The British Council: Literary Translation - New Site Soon
Manoa, Volume 11 - Hiroaki Sato on Haiku translation
Manoa, Volume 12 - Translation - Contents
Modern Poetry in Translation Home Page
Arare vs. Hyou (pmjs archive)
Monumenta Nipponica Translations

Haiku Related - Peripheries, Tangents, Repetitions, Unordered


The Relevance of Rexroth
Rexroth: Archive
Rexroth - Selected Translations from the Japanese
Rexroth - Modern American Poetry
Rexroth - Essays Online

A Few American Poets, Haiku related - useful ref. site: Modern American Poetry

A. R. Ammons
John Ashbery
Paul Blackburn
Paul Blackburn - poem - Statement - 1954
Emily Dickinson
Robert Frost
Letters from the Bungalow: Robert Frost to Frank S. Flint
Frost Free Library
Frost's Life and Career - Pritchard and Burnshaw
Allen Ginsberg
Amy Lowell
Ezra Pound
Pound and Fenollosa
Charles Reznikoff
Gary Snyder
Wallace Stevens
Richard Wright
Walt Whitman
William Carlos Williams

Unordered, continued

Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment
Ecocriticism Links
10 Haiku Poets - brief bios with selected haiku - Ryu Yotsuya
Paris in the 1902s - Poetry
A Journal Devoted Exclusively to the Criticism of Poetry
Free verse
Modern American Poetry
Columbia Press - Asian Classics
Modern Visual Poetry
Poetry History 2
On Proem To Brooklyn Bridge
Blyth, Reginald Horace (1898 - 1964) Chronology, Bibliography, Links, Quotes
Zen Poetry: Links, Bibliographies, Selected Quotations, Indexes, Studies - Michael Garofalo
Haiku Source
Essays, related with haiku form
A Haiku Way of Life - Clausen
Octavio Paz - Links
Octavio Paz - More Links
Octavio Paz - Haiku Contributions
Literary Kicks On Western Haiku - Cor van den Heuval
Marjorie Perloff Home Page
Global Haiku Society 2000 - Speaker Biographies
A Common Reader - Following the Brush - John Elder
Columbia U. East Asia Resource Center
East Asian Studies, Resource locator
Japanese Influence on Western Lit. and Art - Syllabus, etc., by Bruce Darling
Japanese Influence on Western Literature and Art - Bibliography
Knitting Circle - Harold Monro
The Japanese Haiku Masters - Links, References, Resources
The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California presented by Holy Mountain
Concrete Poetry 1
Concrete Poetry 2
UVa Library Etext Center Japanese Text Initiative
Haiku North America 2003
Millikin University Haiku
Millikan U. Haiku Essays
Randy Brooks - Millikin University Home Page
A Season In Hell - Rimbaud in Translation
Meister z learning Center INDEX
Spoon Collective - Lists

Japanese Classical Masters

The Japanese Haiku Masters - Links, References, Resources
Shiki Team and Shiki's Haiku

Hyakunin Isshu

One Hundred Poems
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu

Book Sources

Museum of Haiku Literature
E-library of Literature
Asian Libraries on the Web - University Oriented
Sophia University Library Homepage

Yosano, Aikiko

ARES Press - Yosano Akiko
Yosano, Akiko
Yosano, Akiko (distinguished women site)
CARRIE An Electronic LIbrary
Electronic Text Collections

Auerbach - Mimesis

Erich Auerbach 1
Erich Auerbach's Mimesis - 'Tis Fifty Years Since A Reassessment

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