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Chapter 1: Introduction

Welcome to Microsoft® Money Plus — the fast and simple way to handle all your finances. Easy to set up and easy to use, Money Plus is the convenient way to understand your finances and keep them in shape.

There are four versions of Microsoft Money. Each offers an increasingly wide array of helpful assistance:

  • Microsoft Money Essentials
  • Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe
  • Microsoft Money Plus Premium
  • Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business

This User's Guide will focus on Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe, Microsoft Money Plus Premium and Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business. If you need assistance with Money Essentials please visit the Money Essentials user's guide located here.

Not all of the capabilities described here are included in every version. It will be helpful for you to know which one you're using. If you're not sure, under Help, click About Microsoft Money. The first line on the left is the version you are currently using.

With Money Plus, you can:

See your most important information without even opening Money. Insights are alerts that you customize to keep yourself in the know about the information you need most — even when Money isn't open!

See all your accounts at a glance. Money Plus brings all your account information together into one place. This single snapshot of your overall finances lets you handle your checking, savings, credit card accounts, loans, and investments in one place. And, Money Plus can automatically update your account information every day and sort your transactions into categories.

Get budgets that really work for you. Money Plus's Savings and Spending Budget is a unique approach to budgeting. Developed by the editors at MSNĀ® Money, it creates a complete picture of your finances by helping you budget for retirement, debt reduction, and irregular expenses as well as your basic monthly expenses.

Understand your bills. Know which bills have been paid and which are still due. View cash flow forecasts. Schedule payments in advance — even pay bills from different accounts all at once! Save time and postage by paying all of your bills online in just a few clicks!

You can also use Money Plus to keep your taxes in order, plan for retirement or the purchase of a new home, and reduce your debt. Use this guide to learn more about how Money Plus makes it easier to take charge of your money.

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