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The Music: "American Pie"
(The Day the Music Died)
Played by Deb Ackley


In 1999, Deb's Original MIDI Haven was destroyed by
one man who claims he wants his MIDI files removed from the internet.
This caused such an uproar on the internet, that this group was born.
We, at the Music Relief Association, would like to help him.

This site is Dedicated to Deb and all that have preceded and followed her.


There is a cancer on the Internet, and innocent people are being affected. They are people like you and me; a housewife/part time bookkeeper, a gentle man on a low fixed income, a food worker, a teenager etc. People who derive no income from their website, just make them as a hobby. These people only want to share their love of music.

The cancer is called "Copyright Infringement" and comes from outdated copyright laws that seem to be controlled, not by the United States Congress but by the music industry. And keep in mind, the copyright laws of other countries are generally the same as they are in the United States.

Webmasters are being told to remove certain songs or they will be sued for $150,000.00 (US) for each song that is under copyright protection. The long arm of the Harry Fox Agency reaches to any and all countries, as shown by the removal of the "International Lyrics Server." People are being sued for using commercially made MIDI files at $100,000.00 (US) for each file.

In some cases, the webmaster receives a warning, but in others, there is just a knock on the door from the sheriff with a summons to appear in court.

Sites are being removed from the web, in fear they will be the next. This will eventually remove the music, you love, from the web.

Most songs written after 1923 are involved.
Every MIDI file belongs to someone,
If you did not create it, that person is not you.

Do you realize that
"God Bless America"
is still under copyright protection?

If you have music on your site or
just enjoy having music on the Internet:
Please read the following pages


click here

click here



Support changing the Copyright Law to include the
Personal Web Page in the "fair use section" of the law.

You may send questions or suggestions to:
David M. McLean
MRA Director

Music Relief Association

Feel free to place this banner and link on your site.

Right click, save the banner to your harddrive.
Copy this code and place on your page:

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Free The Midis

This is a living site that will change and grow constantly.
Be sure to save and come back often.


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section of the Copyright Law.
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