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46th Australian National Science Fiction Convention

Rydges Melbourne Hotel, Australia.  8-11th June 2007




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Australian National Science Fiction Conventions

Sometimes called the ‘Natcon’

1st Australian S.F. Convention, March 22nd 1952, G.U.O.O.F. Hall Sydney, No GoH, Chair: Bill Veney

2nd Australian S.F. Convention, May 1953, G.U.O.O.F. Hall Sydney, No GoH, Chair: Arthur Haddon,

3rd Australian S.F. Convention, April 1954, Federation Hall Sydney, No GoH, Chair: Walter Judd

Sydcon March 1955, Dunbar's House Watson's Bay N.S.W., GoH: A. Bertram Chandler, Chair: Arthur Haddon

Olympicon, December 1956, Richmond Town Hall Victoria, GoH: Frank Brynning, Chair: Bob McCubbin

6th Australian S.F. Convention, April 1958, Richmond Town Hall Victoria, No GoH, Chair: Bob McCubbin

7th Australian S.F. Convention, Melbourne, Easter 1966, No GoH, Chair: John Foyster

8th Australian S.F. Convention, MSFC Melbourne, April 1969, GsoH: Lee Harding, John Foyster, HonSec: Bill Wright

9th Australian S.F. Convention, Capri Theatre Murrumbeena Melbourne, March 1970, No GoH, Chairs: Merv Binns, John Bangsund, John Foyster Lee Harding

10th Australian S.F. Convention, January 1971, University of Melbourne, GoH: Robin Johnson, Chairs: John Foyster Lee Harding & Leigh Edmonds

Syncon '72, August 1972, Squire Motor Inn Bondi N.S.W., GoH Lesleigh Luttrell, Chair: Shayne McCormack, Bob Smith

Advention 2, August 1973, Lincoln College Adelaide, GoH: John Foyster, Chair: Paul Stokes Alan Sandercock

Ozcon, August 1974, Victoria Hotel Melbourne, GoH: Merv Binns Fan GoH:John Bangsund, Chair: Ken Ford

Syncon '75, January 1975, Macquarie University Sydney, No GoH, Chairs: Ron & Sue Clarke

Bofcon August 1976, Noah's Palmlake Motor Inn Melbourne, No GoH, Boss of BofCon: Carey Handfield

A-Con 7 July 1977, St Vincent Hotel Glenelg S.A., GoH: Bill Rotsler, Chair: Allan Bray

Unicon IV,March 1978, Melbourne Townhouse, GsoH Brian Aldiss & Roger Zelazny, Chairs: Roger Weddall & Alan Wilson (Also the annual Australian Tertiary Science Fiction Association Convention.)

Syncon '79 August 1979, New Crest Hotel Kings Cross Sydney, GsoH: Gordon R. Dickson , Ken Fletcher & Linda Lounsbury, Kouichi Yamamoto, Chairs: Peter Toluzzi & Robin Johnson

Swancon 5, August 1980, Park Towers Hotel Perth, GsoH: Anne McCaffrey, Shayne McCormack, Grant Stone, Chairthing: Julia Curtis

Advention '81, June 1981, Oberoi Hotel Adelaide, GsoH: Frank Herbert, John Ossian,* K.U.F. Widdershins*, co-Chair Allan Bray & Jeff Harris (Note:* Both are John Foyster)

Tschaicon April 1982, Melbourne Town House, GsoH: Jack Vance, Leanne Frahm, Eric Lindsay, Chair Justin Ackroyd

Syncon '83 June 1983, Shore Inn Sydney, GsoH: Harlan Ellison, Dr Van Ikin, Convenor Jack R. Herman

Eurekacon April 1984, Victoria Hotel Melbourne, GoH George Turner, Co- chairpersons Christine & Derrick Ashby

Spawncon 1985 Seattle, USA

Bogus 1985 NatCon - Advention '85, The Townhouse Adelaide, GoH Lee Harding, Convenor Jeff Harris

Swancon XI, March 1986, Miss Maud Hotel Perth, GsoH: C.J. Cherryh & Jack Herman, Chair: Erik Harding

Capcon, April 1987, Canberra Parkroyal Hotel, GsoH: Robert & Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, John Newman, Chair: Mark Denbow

Conviction, June 1988, Shore Motor Inn Artarmon N.S.W., GsoH: Spider & Jeanne Robinson Carey Handfield, Chair: Jack R. Herman

Swancon 14, March 1989, The King's Ambassador Hotel Perth, GsoH: John Varley, Bob Shaw & Paul J. Stevens, Chairthingy: Cindy Evans

Danse Macabre, April 1990, The Diplomat Motor Inn Melbourne, GoHs George R.R. Martin & Eric Lindsay Chair: Roger Weddall,

Suncon, March 1991, Brisbane Gateway Hotel, GsoH Patrick Tilley [Harlan Ellison & Leigh Edmonds] Chair: Patricia Anderson

Syncon '92, April 1992, The Shore Motor Inn Artarmon N.S.W., GsoH: Michael Whelan, Nick Stathopoulos, Sean McMullen Chair: Rod Kearins

Swancon 18, April 1993, The Ascot Inn Perth, GsoH: Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan & Craig Hilton, Chair: Dave Luckett

Constantinople, April 1994, Southern Cross Melbourne, GsoH: William Gibson, Bruce Gillespie, Medge & Bean, & Narelle Harris, Chair: Donna Heenan (This was also the 1994 Media Natcon)

Thylacon, June 1995, Hadley's Hotel Hobart GsoH: Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Nichols, Grant Stone Chairs Robin Johnson & Cary Lenehan

Festival of the Imagination, April 1996, King's Perth Hotel GsoH: Storm Constantine, Neil Gaiman & Robin Pen Chairs: Richard Scriven & Sue Ann Barber (This was also the 1996 Media Natcon

Basicon 2, Melbourne September 1997 (This was also the 1997 Media Natcon) YWCA Conference Centre Chairs Ian Gunn & Karen Pender-Gunn

Thylacon 2, Hobart June 1998 Hadley's Hotel, Hobart GoHs: George RR Martin, Leanne Frahm Honoured Guests: Neil Gaiman, Sara Douglass [Virtual Guest (O.C.P): J Michael Straczynski] Chairs: Robin Johnson & Cary Lenehan

Spawncon Two, Melbourne September 1999 Melbourne Convention Centre, held as part of Aussiecon Three. No GoH. Convention Muggins: Marc Ortlieb

Swancon 25, Perth April, 2000. Ascot Inn, Belmont, WA. GsoH Connie Willis and Ian Nichols. Gratuitous interstate guest "Mitch" Other guests include Stephen Dedman, Sue Isle, Jack Dann, Janeen Webb, Sean Williams and Tess Williams

Swancon 2001, Perth April 2001. GsoH Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber, Rosaleen Love, Marilyn Pride, Lewis Morley, Kate Orman and Sue Ackerman The Rydges Hotel Perth

41st Natcon - Convergence Melbourne June 2002 GsoH Joe Haldeman, Sean Williams, Lucy Sussex, Gay Haldeman and Race Mathews Toastmaster Jack Dann Cato Conference Centre Melbourne. Chair Rose Mitchell

Swancon 2003, Perth April 2003. GsoH: Lynn Flewelling, Tony Shillitoe, Fiona McIntosh, FGOH Justin Ackroyd. Chair: Jason Watson

43rd Natcon - Conflux, Canberra, April 2004. GsoH: Greg Benford, Sean McMullen, FGoH: Karen Herkes. Chair: Donna Hanson

44th Natcon - Thylacon IV, Hobart, June 2005. GsoH: Anne Bishop, Marianne de Pierres, FGoH: Merv Binns. Chair: Tansy Rayner Roberts.

Information courtesy of Rose Mitchell, Marc Ortleib, Dave Cake & Emma Hawkes


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