F6 Mind-Blowing

AUIII TE50 and TS50AUIII TE50 and TS50AUIII TE50 and TS50

2001 AUIII TE50 and TS50

The engineering of the premium T-Series line was so comprehensive that the reserves in handling and brakes led to buyers demanding more power. The decision was made to dismantle the imported Windsor V8 and totally re-engineer it for the local T-Series application boosting capacity along the way. The resulting 5.6-litre powerhouse gave the T-Series the ultimate and final street Windsor engine handbuilt to blueprint standards and signed-off by the engine builder in the time-honoured Aston-Martin way. Not one detail was overlooked with unique internals, inlet and exhaust systems, crankshaft, heads, fuel system, valve gear and other items all replaced.

The engine delivered a massive 250 kW and 500 Nm of torque which was fed to the rear wheels via a four speed auto or the latest Tremec TR3650 5 speed manual. By 2001, the T-Series V8 was the only V8 engine built in Australia and its hand assembly won enthusiastic support from owners wanting more than a crate engine in their exclusive performance vehicle.

The total Tickford engineering approach dictated an awesome Brembo brake option, a special heavy duty Valeo clutch, a Dana M78 limited slip diff, a new Koni suspension option and lower ride height. The TS50 gained an increase in rear track with special offset rear wheels.

The big boosts in performance came with a price reduction which was offset by the XR8 dash in the TE50 while the TS50 retained the premium Fairmont item. The AUIII T-Series was a huge success outselling the combined sales of all previous T-Series within months. The same drivetrain was used in the limited edition XR8 Pursuit 250 ute. Not unexpectedly, this potent T-Series led to passionate calls from owners and the press for the return of the GT name as this model not only revived core GT values but took them to another level. This exclusive T-Series line with a projected production run of 334 confirmed that there was an ongoing market for a premium Ford performance range.


AUIII TE50/TS50: Re-engineered Windsor V8, 5.6-litre/347 cu in, Tickford crankshaft, roller rockers, double valve springs, worked cast-iron heads, 9.6:1 compression ratio, blueprinted block, 82 mm throttle body, multi-point injection, tuned 8 trumpet inlet manifold, shotpeened billet conrods, floating gudgeon lightweight pistons, performance camshaft, block girdle, extractors. 250kW@5250rpm, 500Nm@4250rpm (net)

Tremec TR3650, 5-speed manual, all synchro. Ratios: 1st 3.37:1- 2nd 2.00:1 - 3rd 1.32:1 - 4th 1.00:1 - 5th 0.62:1 Reverse 3.77:1
BTR M97LE, electronic 4 speed auto, Adaptive Shift Strategy, T-Bar shift
Ratios 1st 2.39:1 - 2nd 1.45:1 - 3rd 1.00:1 - 4th - 0.68:1
Reverse 2.09:1. ESS steering wheel sequential shift buttons (TS50 only).
Rear axle: 3.45:1 LSD

Front: Independent, upper and lower wishbones, coil spring/strut-type gas dampers, 24 mm anti-roll bar. Heavy duty variable rate coil springs, Koni 82 gas dampers, 23.5 mm anti-roll bar, camber-castor kit and unique front end settings. (TS50, opt TE50).
Rear: IRS, upper and lower wishbones, transverse toe-control arm, XR8 coil springs and gas dampers, 20 mm anti-roll bar (TE50). Heavy duty TS50 variable-rate coil springs, Koni 82 gas dampers. (TS50, opt TE50)

Front: ventilated and grooved 329mm discs, twin piston Cobra calipers
Rear: grooved solid 287 mm discs, braided hoses. ABS. Front 355 mm cross-drilled ventilated discs, rear 330 mm cross-drilled ventilated discs, four piston calipers front and rear. (Ultimate option)

18"x8" Azzurro alloy (TE50) 18"x8" 5-spoke alloy (TS50)
Tyres: 245/40ZR18 Dunlop SP9000 Sport

0-100 km/h - 5.86 seconds; Standing 400m - 14.18 seconds. (TE50 man)