Irvine, CA -- As the 2000 election season heats up, the mixing of religion and politics is posing an ever-growing threat to freedom in America, said a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute.

"The presidential candidates believe in mixing politics and religion," observed Andrew Bernstein. "The threat to individual rights this poses is illustrated by candidates such as Gary Bauer, who advocates government censorship of the Internet, and George W. Bush, who has proposed that tax dollars fund church charitable activities. Religious conservatives have also been attacking individual rights by advocating the banning of abortion and physician-assisted suicide, by passing laws for public prayer in schools, and by mandating the teaching of 'creationism' in public schools."

The Ayn Rand Institute has created a new Religion vs. Morality micro-Web site ( to expose how the religious right is threatening the individual rights and freedoms of Americans. The site contains essays by Institute writers, including Bernstein, charting the political and moral meaning and impact of these threats. The site also includes essays offering an alternative to religious morality, Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, which advocates reason, rational self-interest, and individual rights. One significant feature of the site is quotes from the Founding Fathers proving that they were not advocates of the United States being founded as a Christian country.
ARI senior writer Andrew Bernstein is available for interviews.