California Department of Transportation

Project Description

Project Location

The project would traverse the Metropolitan Bakersfield area and is located between existing State Route 58 – East in the vicinity of Union Avenue (State Route 204) (about 2.0 miles east of State Route 99), and Interstate 5 in Kern County, California. The project would be located in both the City of Bakersfield and unincorporated portions of Kern County.

Project Description

The project would establish an alignment for a new limited access facility that would connect State Route 58 to Interstate 5. In addition, construction level analysis would be provided for the portion of the project east of Heath Road. The portion of the project from Heath Road to Interstate 5 would remain at the route location level of detail.

For purposes of this EIR/EIS, the project has been divided into three segments:

  1. Eastern Connection, which would connect the Westside Parkway to the existing Route 58 Freeway;
  2. Westside Parkway, which extends from Heath Road to Mohawk Street (for further information, click here); and,
  3. Western Segment, which extends from I-5 to Heath Road.

The Western Segment and the Westside Parkway portions of the project have been addressed in previous environmental documents prepared pursuant to CEQA and NEPA. This EIR/ EIS will incorporate by reference these previous two documents:

  • Final Route 58 Route Adoption Project, A Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (Tier 1 EIS/EIR) (2002), which addresses the Western Segment of the project, and
  • Westside Parkway Environmental Assessment/Final Environmental Impact Report (EA/FEIR) (2006), which addresses the Westside Parkway segment of the project.

For these two segments of the project, the analysis in the Centennial Corridor EIR/EIS will serve as a revalidation of the previous documents. New information will be provided to the extent necessary to ensure the environmental record is reflective of the current conditions.

Construction of the facility would be phased. The timeframe for construction of the Western Segment is unknown and is not anticipated in the near future. Therefore, the level of analysis for this segment will remain at the route location level of detail, not construction level. The focus of the analysis for the Westside Parkway segment will be on improvements necessary to upgrade the facility to state highway standards for adoption into the State Highway System. Consistent with the Westside Parkway EA/FEIR, the updated analysis for the Westside Parkway segment will be at a construction level of detail. Construction of the Westside Parkway is anticipated to start in 2009 utilizing the previous EA/FEIR.

The Eastern Connection has not been subject to previous environmental studies. Various alternatives to connect State Route 58 to the Westside Parkway are under consideration, including options west of State Route 99, east of State Route 99, and parallel to State Route 99 as well as a “No Build” alternative, a transit alternative, and a transportation systems management alternative. The Department will continue to screen the alternatives identified through the scoping process and only carry forward those alternatives that are considered viable for evaluation in the EIR/EIS.

Click here for more informtion on alternatives currently under consideration.