FINAL 2007 Australian Ranking of ICT Conferences

During 2005/2006/2007, a ranking exercise was undertaken of ICT Conferences attended by Australian academics (as reported centrally) over a five year period.

An update process has been devised.

The rankings are given:

December 2007 Update

Many change templates and emails were received from the draft rankings of June 2007.


Australian Attendance at Ranked Conferences

For the information of Australian Computing Departments, available DEEWR data indicate reported Australian papers at conferences ranked in the attached list are approximately:


                    A+      6%
                    A      27%
                    B      31%
                    U      29%
                    L         6%

Again, it should be stressed that many Australian conferences (automatically) ranked B or L are important in terms of networking, developing the local community, and for PhDs and Early Career Researchers.

Researchers in countries other than Australia are welcome to use this site but please note the data is based on reported Australian papers at conferences over a particular five year period.  Hence many highly reputable international conferences may not appear in these lists.

A number of Australian universities claim publications in LNCS or LNAI as conferences (or journals).  While LNCS and LNAI publish the proceedings of a number of conferences, their quality is varied so it was felt inappropriate to rank them.

Last Update: January 2008
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