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Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Address:Parco di Monza
I-20052 Monza
Telephone:(+39) 39 24 821
Fax:(+39) 39 32 0324
Country:Italy Italy

1922 - Construction of the Monza Autodrome was decided in January, 1922, by the Milan Automobile Club to mark the 25th anniversary of the club`s founding in March, 1897, in an embryonic form. The building of a permanent, independent installation to be used for motor sports and testing was suggested by the technical and commercial requirements of the various Italian car constructors who, even then, looked toward foreign markets as a step in the development of production. Another stimulus was provided by the good technical and sporting results of the first Italian Grand Prix for automobiles which had been run in 1921 on the fast but poorly equipped semipermanent circuit of Montichiari near Brescia. The French driver Goux in a Ballot had established the respectable average of almost 145 kilometres per hour (90 mph) over a distance of 519 kilometres (323 miles) on this track. Work began on May 15th with completion date set for August 15th: 3,500 workers, 200 waggons, 30 lorries, and a narrowgauge railway 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) long with 2 locomotives and 80 cars were employed. The autodrome was completed in the record time of 110 days and the track was entirely covered for the first time on July 28th by Petro Bordino and Felice Nazzaro in a Fiat 570.The circuit conceived by Alfredo Rosselli included a high-speed loop with a total lenght of 4.5 kilometres (2.79 mi) featuring two banked curves on an embankment rising 2.6 metres (8.5 ft) above surrounding terrain. These curves had a radius of 320 metres (1,050 ft) and made possible a theoretical top speed of 180-190 kilometres per hour (112-118 mph). They were linked by two straights, each 1,070 metres (3,424 ft) long. The road track was 5.5 kilometres (3.41 mi) long and included a curve with radii varying from 600 metres (1,920 ft) to 90 metres (288 ft) and maximum roadbed width of 12 metres (38.4 ft). The two straights were connected on the south by the "little curve" with a radius of 155 metres (496 ft) and slightly banked, The road and speed tracks intersected on two levels with an underpass in the Serraglio zone
1929 - In 1929, cars competed only in the Monza Grand Prix which was run exclusively on the high-speed loop for safety reasons. Varzi in an Alfa Romeo and Alfieri Maserati in Maserati touched 200 kilometres per hour (124 mph) for the first time in their fastest laps. The same loop was used in 1931 for a motorcycle Monza Grand Prix in which overall winner Taruffi recorded nearly 170 kilometres per hour (105,4 mph) lap average on a Norton.
1933 - Campari, Borzacchini and Czaykowski lost their lives on the southern banked curve due to oil on the track. This accident with three deaths led to the adoption of a series of alternative layouts, the worst of which must be considered the one adopted in 1934, when segments including the small southern curve, the southern banked curve, the short "Florio circuit" link and half of the grandstand straight with a U-bend to be taken from a dead stop were used.
1938 - An extensive programme of modifications to the racing facilities was put in effect including resurfacing of the road course, pulling down of the two banked curves on the speed track, construction of a new and more capacious central grandstand of reinforced concrete, new pits and service buildings, and renovation of the score board installations for the public. Work was begun after the Italian Grand Prix in mid-September and was completed the following year. On the road circuit the central straight was shifted westward and linked to the grandstand straight by two 90_ bends with 60-metre (646 ft) radii, which were called the `porphyry bends` due to the stone paving applied. The new track measured 6,300 metres and was used through 1954. The main changes made to the facilities just before World War II were: the new grandstand, with 2,000 seats; a restaurant on the ground floor and a turret for timers; 30 refuelling pits built of masonry; a monumental track entrance; a number of additional garages; various service buildings added or rebuilt.
1940 - The war interrupted all sports activity and while it lasted the autodrome was used for various purposes including that of refuge for the Public Automobile Registry archives, some of the Milan Automobile Club`s offices, and even the animals removed from the Milan zoo.
1945 - The grandstand straight was host to a parade of Allied armoured vehicles, which broke up the track. A little later, large areas were used for storage of military vehicles and war surplus, mainly in the southern part of the circuit. Besides the track, the pits, buildings and stands also suffered from this situation and little remained that was useable.
1948 - At the beginning of 1948 the Milan Automobile Club decided on complete restoration of the autodrome. Once again, in a very short lapse of time of less than two months, the facilities were restored to their original functionality. Structures were put back in order and the modifications planned in 1938 and never put in effect were finally applied. The major Italian events for cars and motorcycles in 1948, which had already been planned, were held on the Valentino circuit in Turin for cars, and at Faenza for bikes. But that same year the reborn Monza Autodrome held the autodrome Grand Prix on October 17th, a Formula 1 race which was won by the Frenchman Wimille with an Alfa Romeo 158.
1955 - It was decided to undertake works which would transform the entire installation, making it more functional. A circuit with total lenght of 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) was put back, including, like the original 1922 plan, a road section and a high-speed section meeting the new competition requirements and suitable for record attempts. A loop with two banked curves was built following the 1922 plan except that the track was set back on the south side to allow for an underpass and there was an intersection with the road circuit similar to the original one.
1961 - The tragic 1961 Italian Grand Prix run on the full 10-kilometre circuit and saddened by the fatal accident that cost the life, at the entrance to the `parabolic` curve, of Von Trips in a Ferrari and eleven spectators, marked the end of the use of the high speed track for Grand Prix single-seaters.
1972 - Two chicanes were built in 1972 for the purpose of reducing speed at the entrance to the fastest curves on the track, the `Grande` curve at the end of the grandstand straight and the `Ascari` curve.
1974 - The chicane of the `Vialone` was completely revised, replacing the tight initial curve with a longer one and modifying the subsequent layout; on the continuation of the approaching straight a broad run-off area was created with a sand layer and catch fences.
1976 - To replace the chicane located on the grandstand straight, a variant was created in the section of the same straight after the beginning of the north curve of the speed track, consisting of a succession of two left curves alternating with two right curves with radius and angle such as to reduce speed in that section to about 100 Km/h at the inlet and 120 Km/h at the end. Top speed on the approaching straight of the "Grande" curve was thus reduced from over 300 Km/h to about 180 Km/h. At the same time, another variant was built at approximately 300 metres from the entrance to the first Lesmo curve, consisting of a left curve followed by a right curve and forcing reduction of top speed in the following straight from 280 Km/h to 180 Km/h.
1978 - During the Italian Grand Prix a terrible accident occured a few hundred metres after the starting line: Ronnie Peterson, taken to the hospital, died the next day, while Vittorio Brambilla recovered after several months at the hospital.
1982 - A new podium
1983 - Enlarging of the paddock area by 350 m -1985 Replacement of all the stands overlooking the central straight on both sides of the central grandstand with new, covered structures capable of accommodating 8.943 people
1985 - Reinforcement of the crowd control system along the entire length of the circuit (erection of insurmountable barriers aimed at preventing the crowd from invading the track before the end of the race)
1986 - Widening of the run-off areas at the entrance and exit of the junior track link; construction of a new campsite building to be used as reception centre, offices and shop; repaving of 20.000 sqm of paddock area, 3.500 sqm of which with ecological paving bricks.
1987 - Rebuilding of the Lesmo stand roof, which had collapsed under the weight of an exceptional snowfall.
1988 - Replacement of the stands overlooking the south curve with a new covered stand able to accommodate 2.500 people. First time run of a F3000 race. -1989 Replacement of the catch fences with tyre barriers and trebling of about 3.000 m of guardrail to improve track protection
1989 - Start buildling of the new pits complex.
1994 - - 1995 Interventions were carried out on the Monza racetrack to comply to the security standards requested by FIA. The changes, which have not modified the track structure, started in the summer of 1994 with the redesigning of the second Lesmo Curve with a

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