ZMAXdp Specification

Processor Internal Connectors

Supports AMD Opteron™ CPU with 940 PGA Up to 2-way
Supports AMD Opteron™ 200 series CPU
Built-in 1MB L2 cache Enables simultaneous 32- and 64-bit Computing

Two IDE Connectors for ATA/100 HDDs
Two SATA Connectors for ATA/100 HDDs
Serial port pin header
FDD Connector
AUX In Connector (for CDROM Line-Out)
Chipset Drive Bay
nVIDIA nForce3 Professional MCP
TI IEEE1394 TSB43AB22PDT Host Controller
Marvell 88E1111 PHY
Native nVIDIA Ethernet MAC
One 5.25" internal drive bay for optical driver
Two 3.5" drive bay for IDE HDD (IDE or SATA)
One 3.5" space for Floppy drive or card reader
System memory USB
DDR400/333 SDRAM Support