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Partners in the Community

Macmahon and Main Roads WA are committed to building on the great working relationship that has been established between the Mitchell Freeway Joondalup project team and the City of Joondalup community.

A Construction Reference Group (CRG) has been established consisting of 14 community representatives, many of whom served on the original consultation working group, before the contract was awarded.

The CRG is the primary vehicle for community consultation on the project and members meet regularly with senior personnel from Macmahon and Main Roads to discuss all aspects of the engineering design and other issues.

The Consultation Process

Main Roads began detailed community discussions about the Mitchell Freeway extension in early 2005. These conversations sought to involve all stakeholders in the project and resulted in a number of important changes to the original freeway design.

A Community Consultative Working Group was appointed first, consisting of 24 local representatives, which recommended that:
  • the freeway height be reduced near Connolly Primary School by approximately 4.5 metres;
  • the freeway height also be reduced at Hodges Drive, Huntingdale Crescent and Christchurch Terrace;
  • a proposed pedestrian underpass at Winton Road be replaced by an overpass;
  • a Principal Shared Path be located along the eastern side of the freeway, crossing to the western side at Moore Drive;
  • noise walls be coloured and textured to improve their appearance and retaining wall treatments be used wherever possible to minimise the freeway footprint.
  • a Construction Reference Group be formed to consider detailed design issues during the ongoing design and construction process;
  • natural vegetation be retained where possible.

All recommendations were supported by the State Government in January 2006 and a design and construct contract was officially awarded to Macmahon in September that year.

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