A Final Fantasy XII Interview (page 2)

Q: What has changed the most in Final Fantasy XII?

A: Players will be shocked by the fresh new feeling. The feels of the control will be different.

Q: Will non-human races (like Bangaa and Viera) play a bigger role? How about Caste systems playing a bigger role?

A: Humans will still be the central part of the game, but non-human races will play a notable role in the game.

Q: We know you went to Turkey to study the architecture there. Any other country influences besides Turkey?

A: Other inspirations come from India, the Art Deco areas of New York. I cannot give you more details, but in other parts of the game other countries have a big influence. Unlike FFX where the world had one general style, we have tried to maximize the variation and flavor for settings in the game.

Q: Any strategy game elements in addition to RPG elements, as Mr. Matsuno did Final Fantasy Tactics?

A: We will leave this to your imagination.

Q: Final Fantasy XI was online; Are there any online components for Final Fantasy XII?

A: This game will be offline. Mr. Matsuno said he wanted to put some online component, but decided it was not going to be part of the game.

Q: Final Fantasy X seemed to have a Japanese/Okinawan look, and XII seems Western; was this to target foreign audiences?

Isamu Kamikokuryo: It was not dependent on foreign audiences. We referred to tons of reference material, and tried to get design inspirations from the most unexpected places, like a water faucet when thinking of airship designs, or the view outside the train.

Hideo Minaba: There was no particular audience for the design of the game. Internationally there has been more and more exposure to Arab cultures, for example Techno music in club scenes in Europe. We also wanted to bring out elements of Arab culture in the game.

Akihiko Yoshida: The staff plays and likes many foreign video games, like Baldur's Gate for example. We may have been influenced by such games simply because we liked them. Vagrant Story was made to feel as non-Japanese as possible, with many foreign influences. We did not take that same direction for this game.

Hideo Minaba: Mr. Matsuno said he wanted to make the world more weathered and grimy and less pure and clean in feel.

Q: Why is there a Judge on the logo, and why is it so big compared to the logo?

A: The judges hold the key to the game. And that is in part reflected by the logo design.

Q: In the trailers, there seemed to be only one judge. Is there more than one judge?

A: There is not only one judge, but we can't say more than that.

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