Bajan Demos

The following demos have been created to help showcase what kinds of application can be made using Bajan. In most cases the application project file and media will also be available so that it can be modified using the Bajan Editor. After you download an application you can run it one of three ways:


Just like the old electronic game simon, this application plays notes and makes you repeat them by pressing the buttons on your remote control or keyboard. You can use either the buttons shown on the screen, or the arrow keys to play the correct notes.

Download Simon



Today's Birthdays

This application is a webservice mash-up that displays the birthdays of famous people for the current day. Additionally, images are retrieved and shown from the query results of a Yahoo! image search. Although it is a very simple application, it is a nice demonstration of how Bajan can be used to communicate with unrelated webservices to create a unique experience.

This application requires the use of three plugin packages that will automatically be downloaded when you first stat the application. These plugins will be saved on your computer so that it will only need to be downloaded again if it is out of date and needs to be updated. If you do not allow the Bajan player/server to download these plugins, the application will not start and you will get an error message.

Download Today's Birthdays