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Stars indicate the most critically-acclaimed movies.

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96 35 Shots of Rum
56 Adam
79 Afghan Star
57 After the Storm
60 Afterschool
58 American Casino
72 Amreeka
62 Art & Copy
52 As Seen Through These Eyes
76 Baader Meinhof Complex, The
87 Beaches of Agnes, The
13 Beautiful Life, A
71 Beeswax
35 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
71 Big Fan
xx Black Dynamite
51 Blind Date
xx Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly
72 Bliss
35 Blue Tooth Virgin, The
57 Boys Are Back, The
45 Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
82 Bright Star
45 Burning Plain, The
xx Carriers
55 Casi Divas
56 Chelsea on the Rocks
62 Cloud 9
63 Coco Before Chanel
69 Cold Souls
44 Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha
82 Cove, The
74 Crude
67 Departures
xx Dil Bole Hadippa
70 Disgrace
xx Do Knot Disturb
70 Earth Days
xx Everyone Else
xx Fatal Promises
56 Fifty Dead Men Walking
62 Five Minutes of Heaven
74 Flame & Citron
80 Food, Inc.
50 Fuel
50 Give Me Your Hand
58 Gogol Bordello Non-Stop
89 Goodbye Solo
52 Grace
64 Harmony and Me
81 Headless Woman, The
65 Horse Boy, The
74 Humpday
94 Hurt Locker, The
29 I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
16 If One Thing Matters: A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans
75 In Search of Beethoven
83 In the Loop
61 Intimate Enemies
42 Irene in Time
70 It Might Get Loud
xx Laila's Birthday
41 Little Ashes
66 Liverpool
80 Lorna's Silence
61 More Than a Game
67 Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, The
62 My One and Only
xx Mystery Team
65 No Impact Man
48 Not Forgotten
34 Other Man, The
xx Painter Sam Francis, The
53 Paper Heart
xx Paradise
79 Paranormal Activity
67 Paris
35 Play the Game
xx Pretty Ugly People
66 Providence Effect, The
69 September Issue, The
74 Serious Man, A
40 Shrink
77 Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake, A
xx Skiptracers
xx Splice
xx St. Trinian's
89 Still Walking
50 Stoning of Soraya M., The
64 Tetro
72 Thirst
83 U2 3D
66 Unmade Beds
66 Unmistaken Child
xx Untitled
55 Walt & El Grupo
62 We Live in Public
64 Where is Where?
xx White on Rice
74 Woman in Berlin, A
69 World's Greatest Dad
69 Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg
xx You, the Living

Stars indicate the most critically-acclaimed movies.

RSSMajor Releases This Week

Reviews for Invention of Lying, TheInvention of Lying, The

Ricky Gervais has fun as the world's first liar, but he encounters real opportunity when he makes up God. [Rated PG-13]


Reviews for Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3DToy Story/Toy Story 2 3D

Those lovable toys are back and extra animated in a 3D double feature. [Rated G]


Reviews for Whip ItWhip It

Drew Barrymore's directorial debut kicks off with a young girl (Ellen Page) making the switch from beauty queen to derby queen. [Rated PG-13]


Reviews for ZombielandZombieland

Life becomes an adventureland for a young boy taken under the wing of a zombie-killing expert. [Rated R]


Also In Theaters This Week

After the Storm

The show goes on in a documentary about a production that takes place in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. [Not Rated]



A young student makes a film to help his school deal with a terrible loss and it causes more trauma. [Not Rated]


As Seen Through These Eyes

Artists unite against Hitler in a documentary about the power of art. [Not Rated]


Beautiful Life, A

Love helps a runaway rebound from life's setbacks. [Not Rated]


Chelsea on the Rocks

A documentary looks at the current boutique status of the famed Chelsea Hotel. [Rated R]


Do Knot Disturb

A powerful businessman loses his mistress to the goofy waiter he hires to pose as her husband. [Not Rated]


Everyone Else

A romantic trip turns into a painful exploration of a relationship destined to end. [Not Rated]


Horse Boy, The

A family discovers just how therapeutic horses can be when autistic child begins to come out of his shell. [Not Rated]


Intimate Enemies

Two soldiers clash over the morality of torture tactics in war. [Not Rated]


More Than a Game

LeBron James heads the Fab Five in a documentary that charts their journey to the national high school championship. [Rated PG]


Serious Man, A

Based on their father, the story of a quiet professor who loses his way is the most personal Coen brothers film to date. [Rated R]


Where is Where?

A tragic murder takes center stage in a multilayered exploration of the Algerian War. [Not Rated]


Coming Soon to Theaters

Couples Retreat

Opens Friday 10/09

Couples group therapy in Paradise? Ain't that a shame.

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