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Stephen Beard interview

Thursday 6 November

Meet our newest cast member, Stephen Beard from 'Living on the Edge', as he tells us all about his character Archie

First of all, what's it like to be working on Hollyoaks so far?
It's been massively exciting, I've been trying to get into acting for the last few years and to be given a part at my age in a major soap, is fantastic for me. I was very nervous though, I've watched Hollyoaks for years, but now I'm starting to relax a bit and hopefully I can take my character to different places.

Have the cast helped you to settle in?
Yeah, that's one of the most nerve-wracking things, on your first day when you have to go to the green room and meet everybody. Everyone was really welcoming and we've had a few cast nights out.

I suppose it's different for you as the cast could have seen you in Living in the Edge so that must be a bit weird?
Yeah that's one thing I was really nervous about because obviously 'Living on the Edge' is completely me, as it's reality. So, I just hope that people can see passed that as at the end of the day 'Living on the Edge' is a TV show so I might come across as not completely me at times.

You've previously starred in reality TV show 'Living On The Edge' so you’re used to being in front of the cameras, is this really different for you?
With 'Living on the Edge' the camera is there and it's just sat there for hours whereas with Hollyoaks there's a lot of stopping and starting, and you're obviously acting too. But yeah, being on Living on the Edge has given me experience of being in front of the camera so I wasn't too worried about that.

The new series of 'Living On The Edge' is back, will you still be starring in this? Will we be able to see you get the part on Hollyoaks?
Yeah basically my kind of role on 'Living on the Edge' this year was about my journey to becoming an actor so they filmed me at auditions and some of them are a bit crazy! You do see my audition process through Hollyoaks as well, I think they'll see my actual auditions too.

Are you nervous about that going out?
Oh yeah, I had a dance school audition and I tell you what I've two left feet so that is going to be massively embarrassing!

Tell us a bit about your auditions?
I was obviously very excited about the auditions but the hard part was knowing that I was filming for Living on the Edge too. I was worried about how I was coming across on one camera and how Archie was in the other one!

How did you feel when you found out you had the part?
I was over the moon, I took a gap year from school to focus on acting and when I found out I had the job I was delighted.

You're playing Archie, tell us a bit about him?
Literally, you'll either love him or hate him. He is a bit of a womaniser, he's constantly on the look out for new talent but he gets shot down a lot too, I think he thinks far too highly of himself! He'll go to the point that not many blokes will, he will never give up.

Archie is Zoe's brother, is their relationship going to feature much?
Yeah definitely but not so much at first, Zoe has been doing some 'Late Night' Hollyoaks stuff, but we are starting to film more about it now and you'll see just how different Archie and Zoe are. Zoe is a lovely girl and she's a workaholic and Archie kind of infuriates her I think.

Which of the cast members have you been working most closely with?
As Archie is a student, I've been working closely with Kent (Zak), Garnon (Elliot) and Lena (Leila) as well, there's quite a good vibe within the group. And obviously, because we are all the same age we have a lot banter off screen too.

What do all the others guys from Living on the Edge think of your new part in Hollyoaks?
I think they were all quite shocked and I think of lot of people didn't realise I wanted to be an actor. I'd only been going to auditions for a few months and so to land such a big role is a big deal. But yeah they seem happy and I hope they are proud of me.

Are you nervous about your first episode going out?
Massively nervous yeah! I'm not nervous about the acting side of it, I’m nervous about what I was wearing! I was wearing a green swimming cap and an all in one green outfit for a traffic party. As always Archie goes all out.

Find out more Stephen by checking out his cast profile.

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