The Lescott effect

'Williamson should have behaved more like Smith'

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The Lescott effect

Mike Williamson: 'pathetic and unprofessional'

This sets a dangerous example for the rest of the squad in the next transfer window, as the players now know if a bid comes in while you are under contract, all you have to do is stamp your feet and spit your dummy. I believe this is now known as the 'Lescott Effect'...

Watford FanZone Correspondent, Kev Gay
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In my last blog, I spoke of the professionalism of Tommy Smith during ongoing speculation regarding his future, and stated that I wish him well for the future.

Tommy has now gone down as even more of a legend amongst Watford fans after going to Pompey at the last minute, despite Mr Integrity Rodgers and his cronies being so convinced that they had signed him that they had called a press conference to announce his arrival!

So with Tommy having such a great attitude during all the transfer rumours, and many people stating how good it was to see a player behave in this way, events at Watford at the end of last week came as a bit of a surprise.

On Thursday, the club's official website issued a statement announcing that the club had received an undisclosed bid from an unnamed club for Mike Williamson. This was followed up later that afternoon with a club statement confirming that a written transfer request from Mike Williamson had been turned down.

As far as I was concerned, that was the end of that, Williamson was on a long contract, and should simply knuckle down and get on with it, as any professional or grown adult should.

What followed was quite the opposite.


Williamson, who had played on Tuesday night and trained on Thursday, turned up on Friday and declared himself unfit to train, play or even travel to Swansea.

Malky Mackay was quoted in the Watford Observer saying: "If somebody is declaring themselves unfit to travel on a Friday morning, other than drag them on the bus, what can I do?

"It allows opportunities for other people but it is about respecting your fellow squad members and wanting to play football for the club and I have got a lot of players who want to put on the yellow jersey and those are the players that will play for me."

In the very same article, Malky stated that he thought Williamson should have behaved more like Smith. Malky was being a bit careful with what he was saying, as anything can happen during the transfer madness.

I don't feel the need to be quite so careful.


The actions of Mike Williamson on Friday are no better than that of a spoilt brat not getting their own way. To throw his toys out of the pram in such a way was pathetic and unprofessional.

How do the club deal with it, though? I personally would stick him in the reserves to rot for the rest of the season. But then would he really care that much? He'd still be getting paid.

Whilst I've been writing this, Sky Sports have announced that Williamson has signed for Portsmouth, so the player has got his wish.

This sets a dangerous example for the rest of the squad in the next transfer window, as the players now know if a bid comes in while you are under contract, all you have to do is stamp your feet and spit your dummy. I believe this is now known as the 'Lescott Effect'...

Anyway, enough of the rant, I suppose that is just the way the modern game is, and the way modern players are, apart from the legendary Tommy Smith of course!

From one legend to another, it seems Heidar Helguson could well be making a return to The Vic soon, which is great news, plus the youngsters in the squad do seem to be making that step up, so I'm not going to moan about the season ahead...yet! And we're still ahead of Reading. Happy days!

One final thought: if Eduardo gets punished for 'simulation', what will happen to the career of Andy Johnson?

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Peter F says...

I thought the Lescott effect would be the trickle down of money from Saudi Arabia to Manchester to Everton to Portsmouth to Watford that saw Williamson, Distin and Lescott move up football's food chain. I can't believe refusing to train for one day was as big a factor in his sale than 2 million maybe becoming 3 million pounds, given Watford's apparent financial position. The board were probably begging him to go on strike. Let's hope someone steps up to fill his boots (which were clearly to small for him) and Malky does well enough that he'll be back at Vicarage Road one Saturday next season.

Posted 07:33 3rd September 2009

Scott Stevenson (Watford fan) says...

I could not agree more with the article above, well written and perfectly expresses the views of the clubs entire fan base. Smith will forever be loved and welcomed at the vic due not only to his performances on the pitch, but his attitude off it. Williamson however I'm sure will not. One Irony over it all though is that not only did Rodgers not get smith (I make that 1-0 Watford) but it was also probably Rodgers best signing Williamson (or Rodgers the second as he could now be regarded) that has now made Watford a cool £2.85million profit in the space of 8 months (2-0 Watford). Ps. I do hope they stick one on Andy Johnson.

Posted 21:54 2nd September 2009

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