7 Subway Extension — Hudson Yards Rezoning and Development Program

Construction Update — November 2008


Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Launch Site

Excavation of TBM launching chamber
using drill and blasting (looking west).

Shaft constructed at 26th Street and 11th Avenue
to provide access point for TBM operations.

Construction of temporary power sub-station for future TBM operations.

TBM starter tunnels - north and south tubes (looking north).


34th Street Station Site

Access shaft constructed at 35th Street and 11th Avenue for excavation of the 34th Street Station cavern.

Looking South   Looking North

Excavation of 34th Street Station cavern by drill and blasting.

Rock anchor installation, 34th Street Station cavern.

34th Street Station ventilation and emergency exit shaft at 36th Street and 11th Avenue.


Ground Freeze Area

Drilling holes to install freeze pipes under 11th Avenue (at 27th Street) for future ground freeze activity in support of TBM operations.


Times Square Station Area

Modification of existing unused subway tunnel below Times Square Station area (41st Street and 8th Avenue).


West Side Yards Area

Installation of monitoring instrumentation.