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Adrian Raeside

Born 1957 in Dunedin, New Zealand. At the age of 15 he moved with his parents to England then on to Canada, where he worked at various jobs from loading grain ships in Thunder Bay, to surveying on the West Coast. Editorial cartoonist for the Victoria Times Colonist for 30 years, Raeside’s editorial cartoons appear in over 250 newspapers and magazines worldwide, from the Los Angeles Times, to Newsweek Japan.

In 1988, Raeside produced animated editorial cartoons for the CBC JOURNAL, going on to create, direct and produce dozens of animated shows for Turner Broadcasting and Children’s Television Workshop - adapting Jim Henson Muppet characters for animation. Raeside left the animation production business in 1992 but is still actively involved in projects; adapting the book THE WAY THINGS WORK into an animated series for the UK’s BBC and writing scripts for various animated series, including ATOMIC BETTY, SLIM PIG, THE AMAZING ADRENALINI BROTHERS and KID vs. KAT.

Raeside is the author of twelve books. Among them: THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD; an irreverent history of Canada, THE DEMENTED DECADE and 5 TWISTED YEARS. He also wrote and illustrated the popular DENNIS THE DRAGON series of children’s books.

Raeside’s comic strip; THE OTHER COAST was syndicated by Creators Syndicate in 2000 and now appears in over 350 newspapers worldwide. The second Other Coast collection ‘THIS IS YOUR FIRST ROCK GARDEN, ISN’T IT? was published in 2006.

Raeside is currently working on his next book: RETURN TO ANTARCTICA, an account of his grandfather’s role in the 1910 Scott Expedition to the South Pole. Return to Antarctica will be published by JW Wiley & Sons, fall 2009.

Adrian Raeside lives in Whistler, BC.

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