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STart Public Art Program

Spotlight Project

SeaTac/Airport Station pictogram

Stellar Connections - Christian French

Pictograms for all Link light rail stations

Pictograms unique to each station help riders - especially those who don't read or write English - to easily identify Link light rail stations.  Each image represents a constellation made by connecting points of interest in the community surrounding the station.  The pictograms are used on station signs, maps and rider materials.
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About the STart Public Art Program

Sound Transit allocates 1% of project construction costs to art. Many art projects have been completed and more are on the way. Art within the regional transit system includes free-standing art, functional art and temporary art. STart works with local communities, design professionals and transit partners to select artists and artworks appropriate for each project.

Read the full text of Board Resolution 98-01, establishing STart>>


Residency programs allow STart to collaborate with artists on a higher level. Artists are able to get a broader perspective on what the challenges are in building a regional transit system, while at the same time offering innovative approaches to address those challenges. Through residencies, STart is able to stay connected with local arts communities and reach out to new talent.

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Commission opportunities are currently planned through 2009. Projects will range from major works of art to temporary commissions, including opportunities for emerging artists. Visit our Call for Artists page to find out about commission opportunities and register for email notifications.
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STart Projects

The impact of the STart program can already be seen throughout the Puget Sound region, and more art is on the way. Take a tour of our collection.

Contact STart

To learn about how you can participate in STart, visit our art opportunities page. If you still have questions or would like to send us a comment, feel free to drop us a line.


Barbara Luecke
Program Administrator


Jennifer Babuca
Project Coordinator