A smear salad: Nick Griffin, Green Anarchy, and a concoction of fallacies

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There is an article by Nick Griffin (of Portland Oregon, not the BNP leader of the United Kingdom) entitled "National Anarchism - Trojan Horse for White Nationalism" published by Green Anarchy magazine that deserves a  reply from actual National Anarchists.  Like most failed ideologues, Nick must rely on ad hominem attacks, a heavy dose of obfuscations, and outright fabrications so as to demonize his subject and prevent a rational discussion of National Anarchism developing.  This article is written in response to his charade and to provide factual information to interested people.

In the first paragraph of his smear, Nick presents a story that may or may not be true of a National Anarchist in Portland and quickly primes his readers to his a priory conclusions of this "racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic" anarchism.  Well if it was merely so simple to call someone names, ergo they are that name, political discussion of Nick Griffin could easily be dismissed as little more than school yard antics.  For a movement like anarchism that is stereotypically sick of labels, Nick Griffin offers a plethora of scary sounding words for an amusing change of pace in his article, carefully prepping his uninformed readers about this "racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic" anarchism.

Heres what the National Anarchists plan on doing according to Nick: "They are attempting to use anarchist symbolism and rhetoric to recruit both "White Nationalists" (WN, a catch-all term for the various kinds of white racists) as well as anarchists especially green anarchists to their strange belief system. They advocate a decentralized economic and political system which features ethnically-pure villages which are defined by racial separatism, anti-semitism and homophobia."

So by this bait and switch definition, National Anarchists are a combination of green, ecology-minded anarchists and white nationalists obsessing over racial separatism, dislike of Jews, and a heavy dose of homosexual anxiety. 

Let's respond to each accusation in kind. 

National Anarchists are indeed horrified by the ecological disaster we are witnessing.  Sustainable stewardship of the Earth's natural habitat and resources is something National Anarchists believe all people should share in common.  Those who misuse or destroy the environment deserve a swift and merciless response that such behavior is unacceptable.  Green Anarchists presume that they have the ideological answer on how to do this most effectively.  National Anarchists are genuinely sympathetic with many green anarchist ideas, but it is hard to take a group seriously which can't seem to agree with each other on most fundamental issues, let alone how to make an effective social alternative to capitalism with people who have nothing in common with each other.  But that's getting off subject, National Anarchism is an inclusive movement that is deeply allied with Green Anarchist ideals whither they like that or not, we're not going away, and our goals for ecological responsibility are very similar to each other. 

Next Nick has the gall to make accusations of anti-Semitism, quite disingenuous from a magazine- and the rest of the anarchist movement- that is sympathetic with the Palestinian struggle for justice.  Ultimately, Nick has an ulterior motive in using charges of anti-Semitism to promote his mythical portrait of National Anarchism.  He claims a monopoly on the anarchist movement lest his authority be challenged by individuals not impressed with his dogmas. Therefore he goes on the offensive and scapegoats those individuals with meaningless names for promoting the same thing that he and the rest of the broader anarchist movement take part in, i.e., a continuous criticism of Israel and it's supporters. 

By that definition, all anarchists could be called anti-Semitic by virtue of the fact that they challenge Israel's "right to exist" and identify the specific sources of support for Israel in Western societies.  Sorry if these truths are painful Nick, perhaps one day you'll have the courage to speak the truth yourself.

As for accusations of homophobia, sexual liberty between adults is a principal of National Anarchism that can't be shot down because Nick Griffin says it can.  All truth be told, each individual National Anarchist has their own views of the subject, it isn't the job of National Anarchists to act as moral police yobs. Troy Southgate, whom Nick misquotes at will throughout his article, is on the record for his adamant defense of homosexuals to live the life they choose to live. 

Lastly, politicized accusations of racism are never a black and white case as Nick desperately tries to prove.  National Anarchism places no special emphasis on race but on the identity of who people are, culturally and ethnically.  To deny people the right to identify themselves by their heritage is not just offensive, it's stupid.  In the prevailing thought control practices of liberal ideologues in Western societies to recognize that races exist is proof enough, ipso facto, for racism.  So in this case it must be remembered that this is coming from someone who really believes he can erase all the differences that make cultures different and special since the dawn of humanity.  Following this line of logic to it's natural conclusion: for Nick Griffin, different languages are proof of racism in it's most tangible form, it denies the human race's common humanity with arbitrary words, sounds, and meta-hierarchies based on ethnic, religious, and cultural identities in defiance of his dogma that everyone is exactly the same. 

Cultural identity, especially for Americans or Europeans is entirely racist for Nick Griffin for the same reasons: because he says it's so it must be true.  The same is true for racial groups, which as difficult as it is for him to admit they exist, for he is truly colorblind, but for those of us with access to the full spectrum of light can see it all quite easily.  National Anarchists on the other hand maintain that cultures are different.  National Anarchists maintain that cultures can and should be allowed to follow a destiny other then the one universal globalists like Nick Griffin have planned out for them.  This doesn't make cultural superiority complexes an inherent trait (which is ultimately the liberal rationale of annihilating all cultures through globalization and cultural genocide) but it doesn't mean allowing individuals with a culture of which they are proud and willing to fight for the right to exist will be intimated by name calling.

Finally Nick provides his "true" version of anarchism for the unenlightened, "Anarchists seek the abolition of all hierarchies on the basis of our common humanity not a separatism based on ethnic, religious or sexual identity."  The retreat to dogma that has no basis in human reality cannot be a successful retreat.  Since the most name calling from so-called anti-civilization primitivists can accomplish is create fear, uncertainty, and doubt, there is little they can do but promote their own concocted anachronism promoting instead a universal non reality.  National Anarchists celebrate differences in the same way that Nick Griffin hates them.  His banner with which to unite all mammals that walk upright is "common humanity," a buzzword concocted to have an emotional appeal like common sense.  What it denies is that human beings and National Anarchists share humanity not by annihilating ethnicities, nationalities, religions, or sexual preferences as Nick Griffin suggests, but by allowing each the right  to choose right for themselves, from each according to their own desire.

He continues, "In any event, most NAs seem obsessed with watching and deprecating the more orthodox racist factions, as if they were somehow not just as much a part of the white power circus. But if people appear in your scene sporting the National Anarchist symbol (a purple star with an NA in the middle), or attempt to promote the setting up of separate ethnic villages, know that these people are not talking about a new kind of anarchism, but just a very old and obscure style of fascism. If you encounter these people, don't be fooled by the surface similarities; treat them as if they were Klan members or Nazis. The only difference is that this time, instead of pointy hats and braces, their racist ideas come dressed in a hoodie and patches."

"Intolerance is a sign of impotence," Aleister Crowley once wryly said.  Since ethnic villages are obviously equivalents of Nazism and the KKK in Nick Griffins Disneyland-style imagination, expect the evil National Anarchists to wear racism on their hoodies(!), and by hiding occult fascism by being anti-capitalist and anti-Marxist... much like anarchists.  So in other words, whatever you do, do not allow people the right to think for themselves about what kind of life they want to live and with whom, that's what Nick Griffin is here to do for you.  Shown in his true colors, Nick Griffin's verbal blinders that try to obscure the social consequences of his ideology essentially remains a tacit approval for the social agenda of neo-liberalism and neo-conservative system of mental and political domination.  By aligning his movement with the multiculturalists he ensures that anarchism as a way of life will never be possible unless the kind of tumultuous disaster that enveloped Cambodia in the 1970's sounds appealing.  Although Nick Griffin may not support the murderous agenda of other social Marxists, his rhetoric can only be assumed to justify the genocidal project to consume cultural identities into an all encompassing meaningless abstraction, the all mighty common humanity.  In summary there's nothing radical to see here, please move along.

The source article can be found at www.greenanarchy.org/index.php?action=viewwritingdetail&writingId=150

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Xtian Author Profile Page said:

So, here was my initial reaction,

"I like your bit about the leftist dictator living in an imaginary Disneyland. Personally, I'm going to do my best to ignore the impotent and delusional. I get far too worked up about such arguments.It's clear that he and his following get a lot of material to bolster their self-esteem and self-representation by having yet another evil group to contrast themselves with, much like Iranian
Theocrats use the Western World. He's also clearly trying to run his cult in the fine tradition of an EU nanny state. So politically and socially enlightened are his followers that they must be warned, lest they be deceived, seduced, whatever. The agents of evil are about and might trick them or steal their souls with a digital camera. Reminds me of Evangelicals warning their children away
from atheists and scientists."

Now, having looked at the Griffin diatribe more closely, I can definitely say that it is a mickey-mouse essay written with all the sophistication required to entertain Mousketeers and make them feel good about themselves.

The title and most of the assertions clearly indicate that it's just a conspiracy theory. A conspiracy theory from the Left? Mirabile dictu. It's also yet another rant by a self-styled counter-culturalist to show how his ilk are the great defenders of all that good and holy. For comparison, consider where all those scooter boys would be, if they didn't have the imaginary legions of Nazi skinheads to contrast themselves with. Well, they'd be in a room, listening to Ska and exposed as nothing more than a popular subculture, in which dressing a certain way gets you laid more often.

(And yes, I'm well aware that there was a Nazi skinhead movement in U.S. in the 80's, but I'm even more aware of what it's actual dimensions were. I also recall that the criminal elements therein were brought down not by Vespa Crusaders or Peace Punks but by people of conscience who spent some time within the movement itself and then woke up.)

Now, I am thrilled that Nicky knows who Hegel and Fichte are, oh and Gautama Buddha, but you'll notice how totally inessential the name dropping is. This is what we used to call posing. I am certain that it helps him bed half-baked hippy chicks, but it's really a pathetic attempt to sound like a serious thinker.

Unfortunately, reading Hegel did not teach Nicky how to think critically or clearly. For instance,

"NA guru Troy Southgate claims that NA is a "Third Way" between Capitalism and Communism, and has nothing to do with "fascism." But he can only do this by falsifying history; for it is fascism that has always been called the Third Way."

Umm, there's no point here at all. Big deal. Is the term "Third Way" supposed to be the mark of a conspiracy, like Masonic symbols on a dollar bill? Is the idea that he calls it the "Third Way," because that signifies fascism, and he knows that, but he says it doesn't, so others will adopt the term, and then wake up one morning and realize they are fascists?

Or is it that to Nicky's ultra-dogmatic thinking, political philosophy is just a pastiche of past authorities, and since past authorities use a term to mean one thing, we cannot possibly use it to mean something else?

Anyway, I've already wasted too much time on Nicky. In sum, a self-serving conspiracy theory laid out in a methodologically juvenile essay intended to impress the herd that follows him around.
I see posing, fashion pseudo-philosophy, and abject worship of names, always names. Philosophy is about ideas, Nicky, not names. Free thinking and useful public discourse are based on rational arguments, not arguments by emotion or authority.

Your name, I'm afraid, now goes on my ignore list.

Bay Area National Anarchist said:

Xian: awesome response! You're very right about brainless intellectuals like Nick. Whats sad about though is that this has been tricking ignorant people who don't know better for YEARS. The disinformation and frankly "juvenile essay" is how many people came to interpret National Anarchism with no basis in reality.

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