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July 28, 2009

Yep, We're Too White

Lisa JacksonEPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called for greater diversity in the environmental movement while speaking to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council last week. Jackson said that environmentalism does not come in any one shape, size, or look and that it is also about protecting people in the places where they live, work, and rear families. The Sierra Club not only agrees with her, we're also doing something about it with diversity programs ranging from our Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships program to Building Bridges to the Outdoors for inner-city youth.

"We are proud that Sierra Club has successful diversity programs already established," said the Sierra Club President Allison Chin. "Now, with the leadership of a diversity council and my election as our first Asian-American president, the Sierra Club is committed to becoming an even more welcoming and inclusive organization."

For more information about Sierra Club's diversity programs, go to: 


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Dear Sierra Club Leadership,

Are you going to apologize for your "Too White" pronouncement? Have you apologized somewhere and I missed it?

Yeah, 'diversity' has been just great for the environment of California and other U.S. states infested with overbreeding immigrants, hasn't it?

I'm sure some Sierra Club members have heard of the proto-environmentalist Madison Grant -- he was an avowed conservationist who was a White American; he did very much to protect the environment, set up the National Park System, preserve threatened species, and so on...without him all of California's redwoods might've been logged to near-extinction. He was also an avowed "racist" who believed in preserving the White race as well, and also saw even back in the 1910s-1920s that Whites were an "endangered species" in their own right worldwide which has now been confirmed (Whites are only about 10% of the world's overall population). A recent biography was written on him by J. P. Spiro -- read a review of that book @

The fact is that people of White/European descent care more about protecting the environment along with preserving endangered species more than any other ethnic/racial group. Just look at the way many Asians in Asia treat the environment there, especially in places like China or India. Africa also isn't very great in terms of the environment, with huge slums, open trash dumps, and unregulated hunting of endangered species.

Face the facts: White people care more about preserving our Earth's precious environment far more than other racial/ethnic groups.

Too white? Stormfront? Get yourselves together. The Sierra Clu used to be a respectable organization, not a group of money grubbing bureaucrats and race baiters.

Too white? Then you clearly don't need my dollars. Reaching a diverse population is wonderful. Saying you have too many of one ethnic group is just plain racist. There are plenty of wonderful nonprofits out there to support that don't care what color I am.

Good bye.

While it would be nice to have an environmental movement whose philosophy is shared by the largest number of people, and thus is irrespective of race, two brute facts stand out:

1) The vast majority of the "environmentally-committed" are white. I started noticing this in the 1980s. At first I thought it was due to minorities being poorer, and hence not having the money/time to engage in activism on behalf of something rather abstract like "protecting the planet". In the subsequent quarter century, however, many, many minorities have become wealthy - and yet the movement remains heavily white.

I believe this reflects the innately superior ethics of whites as compared to other groups. As a lifelong Californian, I've had plenty of opportunity to observe all manner of non-whites, and the verdict is in: whites are simply better people (on average). Nicer, kinder, hysterically concerned with being "inclusive", more law abiding (except for Northeast Asians on this point), above all, more generous and altruistic. Their planetary concern grows out of this innate "higher altruism".

2) By far, the single greatest threat to the biosphere is NOT industrialization (how many of you really want to live the short, hard lives of cavemen?), but OVERPOPULATION. Overpopulation is country-specific, of course, but here in the US we have basically achieved zero-population growth - among natives. The problem is that we simultaneously have an insane immigration policy (or series of policies), the upside of which is that we both are becoming ever more dangerously overpopulated here in the US ('dangerous' to our own ecological sustainability), and also are helping to fuel foreign population growth, merely by holding out to the world the prospect, however unlikely in individual cases, of emigration to America (that is, the knowledge of emigration to the US as a possibility encourages ecologically excessive fertility overseas, especially in the Third World).

Any serious attempt to save America's ecology requires ultimate population sustainability - and for a long time negative population growth. That in turn absolutely requires an end to immigration. The problem is that racial minorities, along with certain exploitive corporations and businesses (especially agriculture, hospitality, fast food, and until recently, construction), all want huge numbers of immigrants, either as their own (very extended) family members, or cheap laborers.

In sum, "reaching out" to minorities is unlikely to be successful - but will prove disastrous to the environment to the extent it continues to cause the environmental leadership to refuse to lend its voice to the slowly growing national demand for an immigration moratorium.

I have lived in the middle of the big cypress for years, with the indians and panthers! On the border of the Everglades Nat Park. Living with nature in Fla. ALL day and night! Farming out here also! I think I know more than the fake history and ecology spread by the environmental elite! And now that they even listen to a Racist Hate Group like The "Southern Poverty Legal Center" takes away any credibility they have left! Remember Joe Browder? And Charles Lee? A career in environmentalism! Charlie was real! Joe was a fake! Of course both made fortunes in the environmental game! Watch Al Gore! and his "Carbon Credits" Futures trading market! Lord what a fraud! I love nature-but I don't believe that it should be only for the elite! I have a beautiful book of photography, on the dedication page it says:" Our Enjoyment of Nature is Degraded by the Presence of the Common People" Who do you think published it ???

Immigrants typically come to the US with 3rd world birthrates and 1st world appetites -- the WORST POSSIBLE COMBINATION from an ecological standpoint.

I'm white and I got a vasectomy and had no kids, because long ago I realized the Earth didn't need more humans. This was a good-faith decision on my part.

How do open borders advocates respond when I tell them that? Almost inevitably I am mocked, often times with semi-literate obscenities and mindless machismo bluster. It doesn't make me feel like grovelling for their approval, I'll tell you that.

Thanks for bringing the race issue into the environmental movement. When we need people to work together more than ever, the Sierra Club; like the Al Sharptons and Glen Becks of the world, find new and creative ways to divide us. This organization is a joke.

TOTALLY OFF TOPIC but please don't take those SWINE FLU VACCINES....It's amazing that absolutely NOTHING was done to stop the spread in the first place such as securing the borders and severely restricting travel and all this seemed perfectly timed with the May Day Marches and Cinco de Mayo leaving the participants completely free to go back into the population to infect the entire population of the U.S.....I find that very suspicious.

I've also read that it might be weaponized with the deadly 1918 "Spanish" flu along with Novartis and the labs of Ft. Detrich. Just google and find out for yourselves. It would also be helpful to read Sherri Tenpenny and A. True Ott.

It might also help to read about depopulation from this: GEORGIA GUIDESTONES (Elberton, Georgia, the USA calling for the population to be under x number). Then there's Professor Erik Pianka who thinks most people should die (he got a standing ovation from his audience-who incidentally haven't killed themselves to my knowledge yet for the planet) and Henry Kissinger with his (Useless Eaters). The elites want most of the world's population gone.

Yes, I know it's completely off topic, but this is very important, especially considering how the bought-and-sold falsimedia are constantly sounding the drumbeat for the potentially dangerous SWINE FLU SHOTS.

Also, back in the 1970's, the military had to take those shots (including the Marines at Camp Pendleton) and some civilians took those vaccines as well. Altogether, many people fell seriously ill, some contracted Guillaine-Barr (a form of paralysis) and some people even died.

So, don't take those Swine Flu Shots.

Okay, here's the last thing I have to say. Why does the Sierra Club and other "green" groups ignore all the Uranium mining that ends up in the Depleted Uranium (which makes people very ill here),that is fouling up the air and causing terrible birth defects, etc from out perpetual wars?

How about Chem Trails? How come the environmental groups don't address that issue? What gets spewed out of those planes (usually in 4 plumes)has to drift down eventually and everything is exposed to them and one can see them usually as either streaks, parallel lines, X's or grids. What's the purpose of this and why doesn't the "green" people talk about them?

And yes, I think everybody should be mindful of the environment regardless of race or mixed race. It's in everybody's best interest, really.

Yes, I remember during the 60s/70s, there was that jerk, Paul Ehrlich who talked about having "0 Population growth." Our generation even had propaganda movies like: Soylent Green, Roller Ball, Logan's Run and a couple of Star Trek episodes to drive the point home.

Since I was a kid at the time being indoctrinated with this BS, I didn't realize that Kennedy passed the 1965 Immigration Bill NOR did I know about La Raza, MEChA and other groups that were teaching about AZTLAN/ANAHUAC and they planned to outbreed us to reclaim lost Mexican Territory the AZTLAN plan or in the ANAHUAC case to reclaim the entire Americas and boot everyone else out.

Now, our grand reward for watching our birth rates for Mother Earth because of Ehrlich's (Population Bomb) is to be made fun of for "not making babies."

And the Sierra Club, the Rockefellers (Club of Rome)and other bogus "green" groups continue to look completely the other way when we're being flooded with immigration (both legal and illegal) to drive down wages, displace our own legal citizens' jobs and Balkanize our nation.

By the way, immigrants (legal and illegal) also use water and other resources. We can cut back and conserve but that will be entirely negated with continued uncontrolled growth.

Thanks a lot.

I don't belong to any "Stormfront" and I find this twit, Lisa Jackson to be the one who is highly offensive. If she's so ashamed of her race, step down (never show her face in public again-because it's so shameful for her to be white) and let anybody other than her race take her position.

Yes, by all means, please resign from your high-paid positions and give them to other races to set an example (since you're so ashamed and hateful of your race).

Furthermore, the Sierra Club has lost ALL credibility (just like PAUL ERHLICH of the Population Bomb) when they completely ignore our high immigration rates (and Especially ILLEGAL ALIENS) whose pregnant mothers are enticed to come here to have FREE births to their unlimited"automatic" citizen jackpot babies and with WIC etc benefits, as well as Illegal Alien Students attending FREE school along with FREE breakfasts/lunches and then they go to MAY DAY Marchas demanding the DREAM Act and Amnesty while proudly waving all those Mexican Flags and some even wore them as masks.

By the way, Sierra Club, what about our water issues and other environmental issues? Why do you continue to look the other way regarding this?

Step down and better yet, let an illegal alien take your position.

You've lost ALL credibility in my book and you don't give a rat's behind about the environment when you remain deaf, dumb and blind to the blatantly obvious.

I think it's past time that we abandon the "racial" labels of white, black, and so on. Even when we're trying to communicate with folks who use them habitually, or those who embrace them.

My ethnic background is Central European, but I've seen my hand atop a sheet of white copy paper, and my skin color is something other than white.

Beyond that, I've read a few of the books written by Prof. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, and the research shows that, at one point or another, we all came from Africa.

I canceled my membership to the Sierra Club after they began taking orders from the Southern Poverty Law Center and attacked all members who wanted to stop mass immigration driving population growth. If I had any regrets in doing so, this has proved me even more correct.

My family has a ranch in Arizona, and I can tell you that the illegal aliens who strew our land full of dirty diapers, empty bottles; while killing the occasional horse don't do much for the environment--though I guess I should like it because they add "diversity."

Nobel Prize Winner William Shockley gave away his beautiful estate to be a public park; but the leftists in the city almost stopped the park because Shockley was a "racist." Once again, political correctness trumps actual conservation.

There would be no conservation movement in the united states were it not for politically incorrect white men like Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Fairfield Osborn, and Madison Grant.

Credit where it's due:

I appreciate the fact that the Sierra Club president is (so far) allowing this discussion to proceed.

It's about time!

If whites were under-represented in the Sierra Club, the "leadership" would condemn whites as selfish and apathetic.

If whites were irresponsible overbreeders, claiming they were too busy trying to feed their families to care about the environment, overpopulation would be the Club's top priority.

The only way I can think of to help solve President Chin's "problem" of SC being having too many white members is by cancelling my membership. If her problem were simply not having enough non-white members, then we could solve it with outreach to minorities.

Have the people running the Sierra Club lost their minds?
Too White?
Did anyone think how people would react if it said..
Too Black?
Too Brown?
Too Yellow?

Based on the comments,
The over educated idealist eggheads at S.C. have stepped in a pile of S#!t.

Talk about presumption..
Anyone white person who speaks up is a member of "STORMFRONT".
(Intentional scare quotes).

Jesus Chirst,
no one at S.C. can take responsibility for this stupid (anti-white) racist mistake.

The casual hatred displayed in this spittingly racist screed is alarming, if typical.

As has been pointed out below, any organization castigating itself for being "too black" would face pickets featuring Al Sharpton, castigation by the President (the club acted "stupidly") and one or more lawsuits.

It is time for White people to stop tolerating this common form of hate and say "enough is enough."

This is the same kind of bile that has left the immigration spigots open for 45 years, and now labels any White who opposes mass Third World immigration a "racist." Never mind the impact on the environment, on schools, on our parks...if you oppose your own displacement, you're a

And vile, open bigotry like "Yep, We're Too White" is somehow not racist, but is applauded, encouraged and endorsed by our Club.

Any White person who actually stays in the Club after this display of venom is a fool.

Enjoy the Gelbaum gelt: you'll have no more of mine.

Does the leadership and membership of every organization need to include people from each racial/ethnic group in direct proportion to their presence in the overall population? Why not just let the Club be? What's the need for engineering? It's a little weird that an environmental group would want to artificially manipulate itself to reflect some unnatural ideal in this way.

It's peculiar that Gelbaum is so enthusiastic about nonwhite immigration, when nonwhite immigrants tend to have substantially higher fertility rates (and therefore substantially higher negative impact on the world environment) in the U.S. than in their countries of origin. It's as if he were only opposed to environmental destruction when it's caused by whites.

Apologies to Pat Kittle ... for calling him "Pat Whittle" in my message earlier today!

Too white and too American. To correct this the Club must include illegal ... oops... undocumented immigrants. This will finally end the debate about not talking about immigration. The Club can help bring the Undocumented out of the shadows and onto the trails.

I also second the motion that Carl Pope and the Board resign as a clear demonstration of their commitment to diversity.

And maybe David Gelbaum will donate another $100 million.

I've been a Club member continuously since 1975. I'm a hard-core, heavy-duty environmentalist/conservationist, having been most centrally involved in strengthening protections for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, during the late 1970s.

For the last twelve years, renewing my membership has simultaneously involved holding my nose as the Club systematically violated its own election bylaws and generally carried on like the Daley machine in my hometown Chicago. (Turns out this was all driven by the groveling for Gelbaum's bucks.)

The Club's leadership amounts to a bunch of mediocrities whose main qualification as they've risen through the ranks has been an iron-assed ability to sit through meetings. The Sierra Club is, in essence, about having meetings.

So, to devoted environmentalists, such as Pat Whittle, and to superior beings, such as Mark Przybyszewski and Toby Thomas, I'll point out that the controversy here is somewhat of a tempest in a teapot, since the Club's slogan might as well be "Think globally, and do nothing."

(By the way, it would be interesting exercise for Mark Przybyszewski -- given his last name -- to have tried cashing in on his white privilege by applying for a promotion in the New Haven Fire Department.)

"Diversity" is code word for expunging Whites. Most non-Whites could care less about the environment. Whites have been insulted by the Sierra Club; this statement should not go unpunished. Whites with any spine should pull their support for this club immediately, as the Negroes or Mestizos would do if the statements: "Yep, we're too Black." or "Yep we're too Brown." were made.

I agree with Jen that the Sierra Club needs to be colorblind. I wonder what John Muir would think about the "too white" debate.

That 100 million dollar bribe from Gelbaum is working wonders.

The reason the enviro movement is overwhelmingly White is because Whites are pretty much the only ones who give a damn about Mother Earth. Most Asians don't seem to care about it, and most blacks don't seem to know it exists.

I agree. Carl Pope and white staffers making over $100K should resign to open those positions for persons of color. It would be a fine way to lead by example -- far better than meaningless programs to increase diversity that actually do little to advance real change.

Carl can go first to show his devotion to diversity.

why in the world would you even bring up that racist drivel? precisely, the reason why i no longer belong to sierra.

"Trying to remain optimistic":

Sorry you're "disturbed," but as I've been saying, "environmental justice" should (obviously!) mean "justice for the environment."

"Social justice" is "justice for humans" -- which is (obviously!) a legitimate concern, but please stop trying to blur the destinction between the two.

When "environmental justice" advocates start promoting (for example) sustainable birthrates and sustainable immigration rates, your use of that term "environmental justice" will be justified.

As it is, your own words show you have a negligible understanding of carrying capacity:

Your words: "I wanted to suggest we become better educated about "environmental justice" related issues for the benefit of the entire community. In the rapidly growing (sprawling) drought prone Southwestern city where I live folks are facing increased highway construction, mindless mining practices and development that seriously damages the quality of life for all."

If you were truly concerned about "environmental justice" you would include non-humans in your "entire community" and you would not merely try to accommodate endless human population growth in your "drought prone" city, you'd try to STOP it!

Did you by any chance bother yourself to read ANYTHING serious conservationists have to say about all this? < >

How disturbing! As a recent member (and person of color) I'd been planning to become more engaged w/the Sierra Club. In fact, in my neck of the woods (the desert) I wanted to suggest we become better educated about "environmental justice" related issues for the benefit of the entire community. In the rapidly growing (sprawling) drought prone Southwestern city where I live folks are facing increased highway construction, mindless mining practices and development that seriously damages the quality of life for all.

When the time comes I plan to renew my membership (next month); it’s silly to play around w/the environment at a time [of crisis] like this… Hopefully, the views expressed here don’t represent the majority of members. I look forward to thinking carefully about the interrelatedness of environmental injustice and how we might effectively address it as members of equal yet diverse communities.

"the [pompous] truth":

Your tired PC boilerplate ("what a profoundly ahistorical view these white racists are spouting...") is a red herring.

Your superficial understanding of ecology is quite obvious -- if you actually did understand anything about the Sierra Club, you'd be familiar with its original mission, and you'd also be familiar with the charges leveled by dedicated Club conservationsists in SUSPS ("Sierrans for US Population Stabilization") < >

Your race card doesn't work on them. Until you infiltrators give us an honest accounting of the way SUSPS was sabotaged, your ecological credibility is zilch. < >

Dear Sierra Club,

I assume that from this point onward, money which otherwise might actually have gone to efforts to save a drain-circling bio-diversity is now instead going to be spent on field trips for inner city kids. It is truly a glorious day for Mother Nature, smite the reactionary capitalist pigs who are against this brilliance.

All of my friends and family regularly donated regularly to Sierra Club. We just stopped. Good luck without the thousands each year we used to provide. You people are racists.

I stopped sending my money already and I am so glad . Too white?? Give me a break. Was the Sierra club turning away people of colors money and memberships? I didn't see race on my membership form. If someone wants to join they can! Just send your money

Wow, what a profoundly ahistorical view these white racists are spouting (perhaps it's only a handful posting multiple comments, or are white people really so afraid to face up to reality?). And my my, to complain about litter and garbage as if to ignore how much toxic waste is disposed of on reservation lands. Shut your mouths a minute, get out of the suburbs and take a look around, get an idea of what you can do to get EVERYONE involved, not just whites.

Tons and tons of garbage have been dumped by illegal aliens in the American desert by illegal aliens, but does the Sierra Club care? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Why? Because the Sierra Club is nothing but a store front, taking donations for the Communist Party.

To "White"....that's extremely racist.

So when is the Sierra club going to condemn, or at least do something about the millions of tons of garbage on Our Borders, and National Parks brought in by the the hordes of "Undocumented workers", also know as 'Illegal Aliens"?

Probably never is my guess.
The Sierra club will never recieve another donation from Me, and Their stupid window sticker is coming off all of My vehichles.

As a footnote, I've had to haul uncounted amounts of diapers & trash thrown out of car windows by the "Raza-crowd" up here in the actual Sierras.

never really had that much of a problem before the past few years.

It would be nice if the USEPA would apply these principles to their hiring practices. Anyone who is looking to apply with the EPA has probably noticed there are very few if any open EPA jobs that allow outside applicants. Why are USEPA job announcements closed to the public? I use to work for the USEPA and I cannot even apply.

That statement really bothers me... I support and even celebrate diversity, but there's nothing wrong with being white, or being a foundation where white people have got together for a GOOD cause.
I don't really care what color people are if they're contributing... but if we are to be colorblind, let's stop taking pot shots at the caucasian race, many of whom are contributors and care.
It is a poor choice of words, which seems unfortunately common lately in the current with Sotamayor, Obama, etc. Are they too stupid to learn from each other and the ramifications of their remarks??! We ALL need to be working for the greater good, but this has me really reconsidering my donations as well, unless there's a retraction/apology. For shame, SC...

Mark Przybyszewski,

Do you also want to shut up la raza?

Or do you wear your hypocrisy as a badge of honor?

You're right Pat, I should not have singled you out. Would someone shut all the bigots on this comments section up. Stormfront is working hard.

Mark Przybyszewski,

You hypocrisy is amusing.

In one paragraph you managed to say:

1) "The headline is doing just what it was supposed to do, start a conversation."
2) "Somebody shut this bigot Pat up."

Fox News couldn't top that.


Mark Przybyszewski,

You are typical of the phonies that have infested the environmental movement.

Nevertheless, no matter how much the likes of you disgust me, I NEVER try to deny your right to speak your mind.

UNLIKE you, I take freedom of speech seriously -- while you demand that "Somebody shut this bigot Pat up." If I said that about you, I would be accused of "fostering violence" -- but (as usual) you have the benefit of the PC double-standard.

Your fevered response to my comments is most revealing, because what I've said is far less inflammatory than some of these comments. But it is me who you single out to "shut up"!

Why me? Because what I say is based on serious ecology, and is therefore more embarrassing for you, and more threatening to your agenda.

Yep, I've seen plenty of your type -- YOU are the one with the hidden agenda, bub.

Somebody shut this bigot Pat up. He keeps taking his foot out of his mouth and putting it back it. The environmental movement needs to be more inclusive. Period. Saving people with incinerators in their neighborhood is just as important as saving the redwoods. The headline is doing just what it was supposed to do, start a conversation. Too bad some people are running away from it.

"let us not forget":

I am not, and have never been a member of Stormfront, have never given them money, and never attended any of their functions, and as far as I know, don't even know any of them.

I am focused on ecological sustainability.

Stormfront is (obviously) focused on promoting the white race, much like "La Raza" ("The Race") is (obviously) focused on promoting the brown race. It is bizarre that ANY group could get away with calling itself "The Race" and not be universally seen as a blatantly racist group -- but Stormfront is commonly understood to be racist, and "La Raza" ("The Race") is not.

By simply pointing out such an undeniable fact, I will be slandered by PC dogmatists as "racist" -- the irony is amusing.

I feel a kinship with anyone who passionately cares about redwoods, and acts accordingly, regardless of race.

Environmental issues are not related to color at all - so I'm not sure why this topic has come up. If Sierra wanted to diversify they should not have claimed to be 'too white'. That is racism. Just because racism is often directed toward 'minorities' doesn't mean that directing it toward whites is not racism as well. Diversify! Wonderful! It's great to make efforts for all to feel welcome and valued in an club such as this. You don't do that by offending one group to gain popularity with others. Any race/color/population would (and should) be offended by this title. Who is the PR person or web master okaying this post? They should be going to Racial Equality seminars.

(Pat) The old end-my-comment-with-a-racist-diatribe-to-distract-from-the-real-issue tactic. You're a joke.

I'm making my LAST and FINAL contribution to SC by removing my white self from it's membership roles.

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