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The Gospel of Mark as Reaction and Allegory

This article explores the Gospel of Mark in detail and examines how it was constructed after the destruction of Judea in 70 CE by making scriptural references to Hebrew scriptures that were about the destruction of Judea. This article shows that the Gospel of Mark, upon which all of the other Gospels were constructed, cannot be based on any historical account of a real person.

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The Gospel of Mark as Reaction and Allegory

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The Gospel of Mark is one of the most influential writings in all of human history, and one of the most seemingly enigmatic as well. This book takes an in-depth look at the symbolism and scriptural references in the Gospel of Mark in order to explain how and why this enigmatic work was written.

The ultimate conclusion is that the Gospel of Mark was written as an allegorical story in reaction to the destruction of Judea in 70 CE, the intention of which was to portray the Judean Jews as having brought the destruction upon themselves.

Work in progress
  • A book on the role that the rise of Christianity played in setting back the understanding of the world in Western Civilization, specifically as it relates to the theory of evolution

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