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An Interview With Pradeep Pinisetty

APK | May 26, 2006

'Oka V Chitram' hit the theatres on 19th of this month, but still there is no hype or hoopla surrounding the Pinisetty kid. Star director Raviraja Pinisetty's younger son Pradeep Sai shows loads of promise in his debut flick, but we know very little about him-he's not seen much either in the stills or promos. Curious about this new star son entrant, decided to interview him. Yesterday at our office Pradeep Pinisetty was interviewed, with the whole team sitting around and watching him curiously and our cameraman clicking away furiously-if he was conscious, he didn't show it. The young, happy-go-lucky 23-year-old actor bares all and speaks straight from the heart about his profession, his father and his experience while working for 'Oka V Chitram'.

So where were you all these days, since you were born till you became an actor?

In Chennai. That's where we were settled, and that's home for me. I studied in Don Bosco, took MPC in Intermediate and did Engineering. Dad was very keen that we have a good academic background always.

Tell us about your family. You must have been influenced by your dad, right?

Dad would be busy, away in shooting, and we would be seldom allowed on the sets because he was afraid we would be taken in by the arch lights and neglect our studies. Mom's the neutralizer in the family; she keeps us all together and solves any issues between dad and me. If I don't see her for a day, I miss her. My elder brother is studying direction in the USA. (He grins) We have an extremely formal relationship!

So how did the foray into films happen?

I was always interested in acting. Dad would never want to encourage me in that aspect, but to my surprise, after Engineering he told me to go ahead and pursue my dream. I enrolled in Satyanand Institute of Acting in Vishakapatnam and trained as an actor there.

Two months after I finished the course, Dasari garu called me and said there is a role as a lorry cleaner in Teja's new movie, it is a simple and deglamourized character, would you like to play it? Dasari garu being my dad's mentor, I'd do anything he tells me to-such is the respect we have for him. And moreover, I believed in the potential of the character narrated to me, so I gave my nod. I had a toned body, he told me to get rid of my muscles and lose some weight. I was put on a diet and in a week I lost 7 kgs. team is suddenly interested in the weight loss program. Then his cell rings and the attention is back on him. His friend on the other side asks him to translate a line from Tamil. "It means 'Would you like to fall in love'.. I'll call you later, I'm busy.. Actually, I'm fluent in Tamil", he blushes while we all giggle at the line he just translated.

You could have had a dream debut, with you as the one-man army as it so often happens in movies these days. But you chose a movie where there are so many other characters vying for attention, and moreover, it's a deglamourized role. How come?

Teja garu chose me, and like I said, I believed in the potential of the character. He told me that I wouldn't have a chance to show how well I can dance or fight. But it's okay; I can always do that in my future movies. For my first movie, I wanted to be a common man, where the audience can relate themselves to me, and not a demigod. You see, since it's my first movie, people won't accept such acts of heroism immediately.

Look at Allu Arjun, for example. He has grown from movie to movie, and the audience welcomes that. I rather like that approach and I'm confident-to me it makes sense. Some actors debut with larger-than-life characters, and in the recent past, all the flicks have failed, because the audience is unable to accept that.

Was there any rivalry between you and the other lead, Vamsi?

No, how could there be? We both are good friends and classmates at Satyanand Institute. I recommended him for the character of 'Santhosh Babu' because I thought he'd suit the role. And when they saw his pics, they all agreed.

Well, that's a revelation. You recommended Vamsi. Now about the other characters, namely Deepa, Madhushalini and Mahishka.

What about them? Among all, Madhushalini has potential. I don't know about Deepa. (He frowns).

We always saw Malishka and Vamsi in the stills and publicity of the movie. Where were you?

I didn't know I'd be left out of the publicity like that. But I'm sure that it was well-intended. I mean, who'd be convinced that Vamsi is a 'Andhra Amitabh' if they saw him sharing the publicity with me? To be more convincing, they made him a major part of the publicity and left me out. See, more than anything, I had faith in Teja garu.

Nice topic. Teja-the young eccentric director who is known to even hit the actors to ensure a good performance. Were you nervous…and did he ever hit you?

(Laughs) No, no. he didn't hit me physically, but he'd hit me with words sometimes. That was only during the shoot, and afterwards he'd tell me not to take anything to heart. If it ensured that I gave a good performance, hey, who am I to complain? That's what I want, right? To give my best in each movie that I do.

What's coming up next? Where and how will we see you?

I want to do action roles. But it should always be challenging. Like Vikram in Pitamagan and Aparichitudu, and Surya in Gajini. I'd like to do roles that excite me as an actor.

Okay, let's wait and watch. How come you didn't get into direction like your father? Why acting?

I was always interested in acting. Never direction or production.

Tell me about what you think of your father's work.

There are some movies that I love and some I dislike. I'd rather be honest here. As a director he made some really good movies. Some movies, I simply wasn't convinced. Like, I loved Pedarayudu and Chanti. I didn't like Devudu and SP Parasuram.

What was your experience while working for this film?

We had loads of fun, and we had to work equally hard. Teja garu was more strict with me than everyone else, and he wanted to be sure I gave my best. I really didn't like the music that much; I thought it could have been better. We all knew the movie would have a slow pickup and be an above average runner, and that's what is happening. Everyone's saying its nice or its okay, but no one is saying its bad. My performance has been appreciated and I look the character so I'm happy about it. By the way, the publicity is going to change from next week.

Okay, now for some general questions.

Birthday: 14 December
Favorite Actors: Vikram and Surya among the present lot. In actresses, lookswise Ileana.. not her acting.
Favorite Movies: Nayagan, Pitamagan, Swatimutyam, Kaho Na Pyar Hai and Titanic.
Favorite Composers: Ilayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja and AR Rehman.
Hobbies: Travelling and playing sports. I represented Tamil Nadu and played nationals in Baseball.
Hangouts: Wherever there are good babes. (I'm single and ready to mingle).

With that we conclude our interview, so he starts asking us some questions. While we are dutifully answering all his queries, we suddenly realize that we should be the ones asking questions and not he, so our cameraman dragged him away for a photo shoot while he relaxed in front of the camera.