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  1. Harry says:

    I predicted Hey Hey to fall in viewers, however when all the hype was made because of its 2+ million I thought otherwise. Mammoth number, makes ratings really boring for us all.

    Celeb MC / NCIS LA should both rise next week. NCIS LA by at least 100k and Celeb MC significantally. As should Sevens lineup.

  2. CrAig says:

    @ Studley Dudley… weren’t you one of the original MasterChef detractors. It will most certainly build next week

  3. angelsgal says:

    Impressive figures for Hey Hey. I think this show is like an ex partner, you bump into them after 10 years, and its good to catch up, but in the end you realise they havent changed and remember why u broke up in the 1st place. Celeb MC drops but with Money Fro jam as Comp Nect week, it will surely rise. NCIS:LA holds up well, and did the same amount of audience as last week, hopefully for ten this should also grow. still with stiff comp, its still doing better than what House, SVU, L&O: UK did for them in that slot with only Criminal Minds repeats as comp, not Hey Hey

  4. Studley Dudley says:

    TEN is running MasterChef into the ground, and it’s dying fast

  5. Trev says:

    @ koverstreet. Don’t hold your breath, what you said makes sense but we’re talking Channel Nine aren’t we?

  6. Alvin says:

    How did The Apprentice get like 1.7m? Wow, hey hey must have run really overtime, it’s probably part of nine’s plan/
    Celebrity Masterchef was definitely better this week. It had much better interesting celebs.

  7. bette streep says:

    am interested in the Real ratings for Apprentice Australia encore.

    Also – I don’t think Celeb MC has been a failure. The HHIS reunions have massacred everything that has been put up against it – including usually high rating shows like Border Security and Spicks and Specks.

    And don’t forget – the 2.3m figure for HHIS is an average over 3+ hours and many people could still watch MC for 75 minutes and then tune over to HHIS to watch the remaining 3 hours.

    I’m predicting Celeb MC will continue to rate b/w 1.2-1.4m for the next 4 heats – and then pick up in the SF and GF.

    The only thing that may hurt the MC “brand” is all the judges and former contestants “milking” their 15 minutes of fame to death.

  8. koverstreet says:

    @ trev ..i reckon with ratings like that Hey Hey is anything but behind us :) It will be back whether it’s more specials or semi regularly. Even if it only got 1m or so on a sat night it would be huge for Nine.

  9. Craig says:

    I heard what happened on Hey Hey last night would not effect any future plans for the show, what ever that means?

    David can they measure how many people turned off when they saw the Red Faces act?

  10. Allie says:

    I enjoyed last night’s CMC better than the first episode. The three contestants last night made for good TV, they were very entertaining. I certainly don’t think it can be written off as a ratings failure, as it has been up against the HHIS juggernaut for two weeks and still rated over 1M each time. I think you’ll find it will rate 1.1-1.3M from now on. I don’t think it will ever rate as well as the normal MC, as it is nowhere near as compelling and suspenseful, but it certainly has an audience.

  11. ryan says:

    wow, big ratings for a shocking show, some of you aussies must be pretty hard up for some entertainment, it looks like the only normal ones are from perth. Cm held up well considering it was smashed, will be interesting when were back to normal next week. ten late news did well. 7pm project bombed last night, and tonight they are advertising an interview with that loser 16 yr old girl who is going sailing again to crash into another ship, we couldnt care less about her 10!! we have lives u know and were sick of hearing about her!

  12. Trev says:

    In its heyday Hey Hey it’s Saturday was an icon, however Hey Hey it’s Wednesday, although a ratings success, was a shambles. Most of the cast appeared only half interested and simply went through the motions. Thank God it’s all behind us at last.
    Things are not looking that good for Celeb. Masterchef and NCIS LA, then again it’s probably the Hey Hey effect…..We’ll see next week maybe.

  13. koverstreet says:

    Wow 2.3m can only imagine what the peak would have been. Hey Hey was awesome again and hopefully it now comes back on a semi permanant basis in 2010. It’s still better then everything else on tv especially *cough..hack* Rove.

    I loved MC but this celebrity series is ordinary it’s background tv at best. I just hope 10 haven’t damaged the series by overexposing it.

  14. Jed says:

    @Mike. Don’t think Celebrity Masterchef is doing that bad. It still got 1 mil against Hey Hey, and take into account City Homicide and Spicks and Specks are down 300-400,000 viewers cos of Hey Hey, so i reckon Celeb Masterchef could get 1.2 mil next week.

    LOL @CrAig. Hey Hey It’s Racistday. Hahaha gold.

  15. CrAig says:

    TEN did pretty well considering the figures for Hey Hey It’s Racistday.

    Expect very different figures next week for all shows, when the ‘brilliant’ 2.5men and Money for Jam return.

  16. Mike says:

    Hot Seat beat Deal again – Yay!

  17. ADV says:

    Many thanks new to this, interesting game these ratings.


  18. David Knox says:

    They are accurate Preliminary figures yes as they always are. OzTAM final figures will be another 24 hrs away. This is normal…

  19. ADV says:


    Noted your comments what does this mean to the real figures of hey hey and the apprentice australia?

    Are these figures quoted accurate?

    Many thanks


  20. Craig says:

    Good to see the new NCIS out rate CH on Seven, next week things should be back to normal and well see just how many are watching both.

    I have to wonder running an hour over was it a ploy to make Apprentice look much better than it was with the over night number?

  21. Mike says:

    Ten must be spuing that CM is rating so badly. First episode was rubbish but I watched again last night and it was much better due to the contestants being more entertaining. Peter and Michelle were great TV. Well done to Nine for doing so well.

  22. sam says:

    RIP oz tv…hey hey just dreadful…

  23. David Knox says:

    Wednesday figures do not include overruns of course. Apprentice rpt is Hey Hey’s overrun. The 2.3m will adjust down.

  24. lallaloo says:

    “There was quite a bit of talk before its debut that viewer would turn off after the first episode because of the nature of the show, but it is still rating very well….”

    I seriously hope I never, Ever meet anyone who has the poor taste to watch this dour, vile program. Can’t you imagine the type of person, morose ,negative and just down right horrid.

  25. Jed says:

    Still not that convinced with NCIS:LA. It’s just meh. Characters aren’t that great or likeable. There’s no chemistry at all. NCIS works well because you have the set structure where each member has their role in solving the case. 4 agents investigate, bring in Ducky, Abby runs some tests…. I like how NCIS:LA they investigate cases that aren’t necesarrily just about solving a murder, but the team seems all over the place. And they’ve introduced far too many characters too soon. I still don’t know half their names.

  26. Michael says:

    2:30am in Adelaide, in bed watching fta, 7 & 7hd pilates, 9 meaningful beauty, 10 jesus, sbs1 movie just finished, sbs2 weather, abc1 b&w movie, abc2 closed & Go has the only thing decent. shocking really
    i know its early days, how is go rating after midnight, David?

  27. ryan says:

    watched some of hey hey after masterchef and oh my god how bad is it!! i mean everyone is trying so hard to be funny its not funny, the segment taking the piss out of masterchef was just pathetic! thank god ten had ncis on so i could watch something good

  28. Rutzie says:

    I expect The Apprentice encore will outrate the first run Monday episode again.

  29. Craig says:

    OMG how long did Hey Hey run over?

    I know they will win the night/week I just wonder how bad the others will do. At least they know they wont be back next week so things should go back to normal.

  30. Tepee says:

    It’s 10:48pm and Hey Hey is still on. Nine is gonna have a monster night tonight. We’ll wait until tomorrow morning tho… I tuned in after Tara finsihed and when Denise and Penne and Jo Beth were on Denise was pretty funny. She should be on TV regularly.

  31. David Knox says:

    Not really. Sandwiched in between those two shows you could possibly run the test pattern. I didn’t say that.

  32. stevo says:

    David, does it surprise you that ‘Last Chance Surgery’ is still pulling big numbers? There was quite a bit of talk before its debut that viewer would turn off after the first episode because of the nature of the show, but it is still rating very well….

  33. RichoTB says:

    Probably a good thing Seven is fast-tracking Castle…it rates well here (900k-ish) but is likely to be axed in the US very soon. Its one of ABC’s worst-rating shows. Three Rivers won’t last much longer in the US either, I anticipate an axing by November.

  34. David Knox says:

    Not enough to make the Top 100.

  35. MR says:

    Looks like daylight savings has effected some shows
    people tuning in later 7PM has been going up this week
    who would have thought
    David do you know what ET on GO is pulling at 7pm

  36. Harry says:

    OzGeek and Craig,
    Disagree at Tuesdays featuring NCIS then NCIS LA as LA has the potential to rate 1.3 mill in an 8.30 slot, House continually rated 800k. Youd much rather 800k in a 9.30 timeslot. Lie To Me consistently rated above 1 mill last year so I think the combination of New NCIS/Lie To Me should be the way TEN have it.

  37. Craig says:

    @ozgeek – couldn’t agree with you more. TEN should have the NCIS/NCIS: LA on Tuesdays then House/Lie To Me the next night, they fit together IMO. But as of now House is not likely until after xMas.

  38. Craig says:

    So the Rafters are back on top (until tonight) int he ratings war.

  39. PMM says:

    Am I the only one who watches RSPCA Animal Rescue just because I can stand 20 to 1, and having an almost identical show on Channel 10 really limits the options?

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