Grinding the Left Analog Stick like a madwoman and spamming the A Button, I narrowly escaped the clutches of the infamous reverse bear trap that was on the verge of turning my head into a medley of gore.

After taking quick moment to catch my breath, I am soon confronted with another puzzle: escaping the room. Like most puzzles in Saw, this one was fairly easy. Read the reflection in the mirror for the combination to the lock on the door. With a newfound freedom to roam the asylum you're holed up in, you can't help but feel more trapped than ever. You soon find out through keen detective work that a key has been implanted in you while you were out cold and all the crazies running around want it. You're quite literally the key to their freedom, unfortunately, and thanks to the puzzles and tough life decisions on your plate you have a lot to overcome before you can put this whole nightmare behind you.


'Welcome back to the Jamie Kennedy Power Hour!'

The Key Lies Within

Most of the decor in the Whitehurst Asylum is of the blood and guts persuasion making every turn a real piece of eye candy. You also have the honor of sticking your hand in various disgusting things to solve puzzles such as toilet bowls full of filthy hypodermic needles and vats of acid. This was one aspect of the movie I was especially curious as to how they'd execute in game form. When you stick your hand in a dirty place it goes to the profile of the object in x-ray mode and you have to move your hand around with the Analog Stick violently before your pain meter reaches max and all hope is lost for continuing on. Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes with emphasis on Shotguns. Shotguns await you on the other end of doors with a pulley mechanism that gives you a small window of time to disarm. There are also shotgun rigged trip wires that add to the homey feeling you already get walking the deteriorating floors of the asylum.

Saw compels you to think fast as you embark on a seemingly never-ending game of obsession. With every large scale puzzle comes a bevy of small puzzles the player must conquer in order to reach your final goal. For example, one objective is to free the drugged woman who later turns out to be the aspiring sociopath Amanda. In order to reach her you have to make it through shotgun-rigged doors, insane minions, and perform a balancing act across a beam with a pit of nails below. If that isn't enough, you also get to dig through bodies with a scalpel in search of a key using toe tags and x-rays in order to find the right one. In addition, you have to move through rooms rigged to blow with dynamite. After overcoming the damn near impossible, you can finally save the ungrateful Jigsaw prodigy Amanda Young.

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wow, you guys got the review first. NICE

Anyways, this game was always sort of meh to me.

Good for a movie game though


maybe its just me but i kinda lost interest in the saw series after part 3. now they're just milking it to death much. i say the Saw game might be rental at best. i may or may not check out Saw 6 but then again there's alot of other horror flicks hitting theaters and direct to dvd this month.


Saw was never meant to be a video game. Just like Jaws (either time),E.T. an A Nightmare On Elm St. If it's actually good then more power,but my opinion stands.


love the movies, this looks decent. good for a movie game, as someone else said.


Can't wait for Saw 6 but this like everyone else has said is rent first. But I do love the movies!


i agree with all of you, i didn't have high excpectations for saw the game, and as EVERYBODY has already said, i might rent it just for the hell of it.

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