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Ron Paul and Alan Grayson Call for Delay to Bernanke Confirmation Hearing

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Ron Paul and Alan Grayson sent a letter to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd this afternoon, asking that the Senate delays Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s confirmation hearing until the Federal Reserve releases information on which financial firms have received emergency Fed loans in the past year and transcripts of Federal Open Market Committee meetings up to June 2009.

The letter is available as a PDF file. It is also displayed below:


Ron Paul Attends Premiere of Vince Vaughn’s New Movie “Couples Retreat”


This Monday night, Ron Paul and his wife Carol attended the premiere of Vince Vaughn’s new movie “Couples Retreat“. Ron was the special guest of Vaughn, a fellow opponent of the Federal Reserve, who had endorsed Ron Paul’s book End the Fed with the following words: “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”

Ron Paul in "Couples Retreat" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Ron Paul and Carol Paul at Mann’s Village Theater in Westwood, California

Ron Paul and Carol Paul at Mann’s Village Theater in Westwood, California

Vince Vaughn at Mann’s Village Theater in Westwood, California

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Ron Paul on the Gold Standard and Competing Currencies


Channel: Fox News
Date: 10/4/2009

News Anchor: Not too long ago the dollar was as good as gold. In fact, dollar bills were labeled “gold certificates”. So just imagine if the dollar was as good as gold once again. If confidence is one of the failures of our financial system right now, would a gold standard restore the faith and confidence and allow us to move on?

The loudest voice in favor of dumping the faith based Federal Reserve System and going back to the gold standard is Congressman Ron Paul. He joins us now by phone tonight. Good to hear you, Congressman. Thanks for coming in, we appreciate it.

Ron Paul: Thank you, good to be with you.

News Anchor: So, tell us what the possibility is. How do we go about going back to the gold standard?

Ron Paul: Well, we have some pretty good history to look at. We can look at our own history. We went off the gold standard during the civil war period, and the gold price soared to a couple of hundred dollars from 20 dollars. But we lived in a different time then. In the 1870s they passed the Resumption Act and they had a 3 years period in the latter part of the 1870s and there was a transition. They quit printing greenbacks, they withdrew some greenbacks, they balanced the budget and we weren’t running a welfare-warfare state. And the people, believe it or not, trusted their government and it was a non-event and in three years the dollar was as good as gold at 20 dollars an ounce.

England, after World War I, tried to do the same thing, but they had too many pounds circulating and they went back to an old price and they didn’t withdraw any pounds. So it didn’t work. And now we have a bigger problem. The transition would be pretty tough. I’ve written and talked a lot about this and you’d have to devise a system where there would be a transition where maybe you could have a gold standard competing with a paper standard and then obviously gold would win out, people would eventually go to gold because with the paper we’re getting down to the bottom right now. The last thing before they really rush to gold is the Treasury bill. (more…)

Free Trade instead of Bombs and Bribes


Download the column as an MP3 file here (3:35 minutes).

Bombs and Bribes

by Ron Paul

What if tomorrow morning you woke up to headlines that yet another Chinese drone bombing on US soil killed several dozen ranchers in a rural community while they were sleeping? That a drone aircraft had come across the Canadian border in the middle of the night and carried out the latest of many attacks? What if it was claimed that many of the victims harbored anti-Chinese sentiments, but most of the dead were innocent women and children? And what if the Chinese administration, in an effort to improve its public image in the US, had approved an aid package to send funds to help with American roads and schools and promote Chinese values here?

Most Americans would not stand for it. Yet the above hypothetical events are similar to what our government is doing in Pakistan. Last week, Congress did approve an aid package for Pakistan for the stated purposes of improving our image and promoting democracy. I again made the point on the floor of the House that still no one seems to hear: What if this happened on US soil? What if innocent Americans were being killed in repeated drone attacks carried out by some foreign force who was trying to fix our problems for us? Would sending money help their image? If another nation committed this type of violence and destruction on our homeland, would we be at all interested in adopting their values?

Sadly, one thing that has entirely escaped modern American foreign policy is empathy. Without much humility or regard for human life, our foreign policy has been reduced to alternately bribing and bombing other nations, all with the stated goal of “promoting democracy”. But if a country democratically elects a leader who is not sufficiently pro-American, our government will refuse to recognize them, will impose sanctions on them, and will possibly even support covert efforts to remove them. Democracy is obviously not what we are interested in. It is more likely that our government is interested in imposing its will on other governments. This policy of endless intervention in the affairs of others is very damaging to American liberty and security.

If we were really interested in democracy, peace, prosperity and safety, we would pursue more free trade with other countries. Free and abundant trade is much more conducive to peace because it is generally bad business to kill your customers. When one’s livelihood is on the line, and the business agreements are mutually beneficial, it is in everyone’s best interests to maintain cooperative and friendly relations and not kill each other. But instead, to force other countries to bend to our will, we impose trade barriers and sanctions. If our government really wanted to promote freedom, Americans would be free to travel and trade with whoever they wished. And, if we would simply look at our own policies around the world through the eyes of others, we would understand how these actions make us more targeted and therefore less safe from terrorism. The only answer is get back to free trade with all and entangling alliances with none. It is our bombs and sanctions and condescending aid packages that isolate us.

Audit the Fed Bill Reaches 300 Mark


Congressman Ron Paul (TX-14) is pleased to announce that, in addition to 100% of the House GOP Members cosponsoring the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, the total number of Members of Congress supporting the bill has reached 300. [including Ron Paul and 299 co-sponsors]

This legislation calls for a full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve by the Government Accountability Office, reported to Congress by the end of 2010.

“I continue to be pleased that so many of my colleagues are willing to stand up for transparency and accountability in government by cosponsoring this bill,” stated Congressman Paul.

Chellie Pingree (ME-1) is the latest Member to sign on as a co-sponsor.

Ron Paul Opposes “Bombs and Bribes” for Pakistan

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Bill: HR 3642, the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009
Venue: House Floor
Date: 9/30/2009

Ron Paul: Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this bill. Sometimes I wonder how we can, with a straight face, bring a bill up like this with the conditions of this country, especially financially.

I oppose this bill for two reasons. One, we don’t have the money. That would be a pretty good reason not to support it. And the other reason is I do not believe it’s in our national security interests. I know this is being promoted as benefiting our national security, but I do not believe it helps us one bit. This bill was essentially voted on in June, and the vote was 234-185, which means that it is assumed at least 56 or more individuals in the Congress have switched their votes.

Now they say they have tinkered with the bill and changed it a little bit, but it’s an authorization that could be $15 billion. So it hasn’t had that much of a change. But today it is expected that these individuals will change and vote for this bill not really asking the questions.

Now, the bill is defined as fortifying democratic institutions. That is a good goal. But it never, never works. We are in 130 countries, we have 700 bases around the world, and we pursue this, and we are bankrupting our country by trying to maintain this empire. I have often made the point that the way we treat our fellow countries around the world is we tell them what to do, and if they do it we give them money. If they don’t do it, we bomb them. Under this condition, we are doing both. We are currently dropping bombs in Pakistan. The CIA is dropping bombs, and innocent people get killed.

If you want to promote our good values and our democratic process, you can’t antagonize the people by literally killing people over there, because if bombs were falling on this country, we wouldn’t be all that happy with that. So this does not improve our conditions whatsoever.

I would suggest another proposal for our foreign policy, not using bombs and bribes, but what about neither one? What about just talking to people? What about reducing tariffs? What about trading with them? Instead, it is this form of foreign policy that will not serve our interests.

Ron Paul on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


Show: The Daily Show
Host: Jon Stewart
Date: 9/29/2009


Jon Stewart: … welcome Republican Congressman from the State of Texas who also ran for President in 2008. His new book is called End The Fed. Please welcome back to the program, Congressman Ron Paul.

Audience: (Applauds)

Jon Stewart: Nice to see you again, sir.

Ron Paul: It’s good to see you. Thank you.

Jon Stewart: I have read many… this call end the Fed. I have read many politician’s books. They typically are a couple of apocryphal [ph] campaign, anecdotes, cut and paste from one of Churchill’s books. A little end with the American exceptionalism, God and faith. You seemed to have put a lot of thought and effort into this book and you call yourself a congressman. It’s usually you’ve been calling, you’ve been rallying against this type of government intervention, the Federal Reserve, for 30-35 years. Suddenly, the tea parties arise calling for a very similar type of thing. Do you feel like you were like a cool Indie band and somebody came in and like kind of stole your sound and then, by golly, he’s super big. Like how do you feel when you’re watching that development for the last eight or nine months?

Ron Paul: It’s scares the daylights out of me.

Jon Stewart: (Laughter). There goes the daylight.

Ron Paul: Well now, what has happened is that the concerns of how it come about, it’s not because I knew about this. I think good economic policy will tell us that these problems are here and everybody knows we’re in the middle of a big problem. We’ve have…

Jon Stewart: But isn’t we this way with Republican administrations, with Democratic administrations. It is a consistency not often seen.

Ron Paul: Right, my biggest concern is personal liberty and I’ve noticed over the years that both Republicans and Democrats have very little respect for personal liberty and therefore I’ve been fighting this and I want the government to be small. If the government is big, you have less personal liberty and you have to find out how they finance big government and they tax us a lot, but it’s not enough to pay the bills. They borrow a lot and that’s not enough and then there’s another method and it has to do with the Fed. (more…)

Ron Paul visits New York

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On September 29th Ron Paul hosted a book signing for “End the Fed” at the Borders Books in the financial district of New York. While being escorted to an engagement on Wall Street by a few members of the NYC C4L he asked, “Is the the Federal Reserve building close by?” After he found out it was he led the way for a photo op in front of the Fed’s most powerful branch, the New York Federal Reserve Bank. I think I heard him [Dr. Paul] say that, “we will be back!”

music by:
Stereolab – “The Free Design”
The Walkmen – “The Rat”
videography and editing by Dustin Reid

Ron Paul on the Glenn Beck Program

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Show: Glenn Beck Program
Host: Glenn Beck
Date: 9/29/2009


Glenn Beck: We go to Ron Paul now. Ron Paul is the author of End The Fed which I have to tell you, Ron, a couple of years ago, let’s say five years ago the people that were talking about the Federal Reserve were the geeks quite honestly. They were right, but they were geeks.

Ron Paul: Right.

Glenn Beck: And now I think most Americans, while they don’t, still don’t understand the Fed, they at least now something’s not right here.

Ron Paul: There’s no doubt about it. I think that is reflected for the supportive for at least opening up the book, not so much to decide at the moment exactly what we should do with the Fed. But 75% of the American people now say that we, as a congress, have to at least, you know, have oversight, know what they’re doing, how do they create money, who gets the benefit, what’s the gimmick. And this has come about mainly because of the financial crisis, and I think this is all good, that people are paying attention to the Fed and it’s a very important issue. (more…)

Ron Paul: Leave Iran Alone!

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In his latest video update, Ron Paul exposes the latest pro-war propaganda and discusses how our current interventionist foreign policy benefits neither the American people nor our national security situation.

Date: 9/28/2009

Jake in Houston: There seems to be a lot of hype and attention this weekend concerning the Iranian nuclear program. Why is that?

Ron Paul: I don’t think it’s by accident. You know, all of a sudden it burst that up in Pittsburgh and all these charges were made. I think the number one reason why this all broke, because there’s really nothing new about what’s going on over in Iran. I think the reason is that the very, very powerful and the most militant neocons are very worried about Obama and other countries meeting with Iran and actually having negotiations with the government of Iran and they want to see it stopped.

I don’t think we have an anti-neocon administration, but I do think some of the people outside the administration, are very, very intent on stopping the negotiation and pursuing a very hard-line policy toward the Iranians.

The big charge was that all of a sudden there was this secret nuclear plant being built in Qom and that it had not been reported. Quite frankly, the way it got reported in the news was the Iranians reported it to IAEA, the United Nations investigation team and that’s how it became public and all of a sudden, they were jumped on for having done something secret.

Also, the truth is the United States knew about this since 2006. Obama was briefed on this in November right after he was elected. In 2007, there was an NIE, an intelligence estimate made in 2007, a year after we found out that they were doing something in Qom and it wasn’t even reported and the CIA report at that time said there was no evidence that the Iranians had been working on a nuclear weapon since 2003, so this is very much old news.

Now, the reason the argument is going on is, what does the law say? The Iranians, unlike three other countries in the Middle East, they don’t even pay any attention to and don’t even belong to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, but the Iranians’ obligation under the law is that six months before they go into production, to do any enrichment for peaceful purposes, they have to notify the United Nations inspectors and they did exactly that, and yet they’re yelling and screaming now that they broke the law, that they’re on the verge of building a bomb.

You know what this sounds like? It sounds like warmongering. It sounds like the same old stuff that we heard prior to the Iraqi war. Remember the yellow cake with forged papers trying to say that Saddam Hussein was buying yellow cake and he was on the verge of a nuclear weapon or had nuclear weapons? It’s the same old thing going on and all the lies told that we were going to march in and find these nuclear weapons.

So it’s hysteria. It’s warmongering and unfortunately, the major media has not reported anything in balance whatsoever. They keep saying that the Iranians are on the verge. Of course, they’re talking tough. That’s the way they operate over there. It’s a tough neighborhood. That’s how they rise to power, so they are… you know, in many ways, rude and loudmouth, but that’s how tough guys exist over there and yet our response to them has been pretty irrational as well because I think the determination to add sanctions.

Right now, they continue this clamor for sanctions on the Iranians. “Don’t allow one drop of gasoline to be imported into the Iranians. Punish the people of Iran and that will bring them to their knees and they’ll throw out their ayatollahs and they’ll be friends with the West.” Quite frankly, it does exactly the opposite. It unifies the people of Iran. It does not help the dissidents in Iran and it actually… once we do this, pursue a policy like this, the real beneficiary are the Chinese because the Chinese happen to have a lot of dollars. They have a trillion dollars of our money, but they are not using bombs and weapons to influence and try to gain, you know, advantages in Iran. What they’re doing is they’re going in there and investing their money, so we, I believe, are on a completely wrong track. I think this is hysterical reaction that we ought to sit back and relax and look at the truth.

One of the reasons why this argument came up was that a few years ago, I think it was in 2003, the Iranians did sign a supplemental protocol with the West and they were in negotiations, and the protocol said that they would even report when they start building a nuclear facility, not just when they were getting ready to go into production, six months before production, but just when they started to build it. Now, they are building it and they’re said to be in violation of this. But the whole thing is, is that supplemental protocol, which was not a part of the original Non-Proliferation Treaty, they signed this willingly and it was never ratified by their parliament. You know, it would be like us having a president sign a treaty and never ratified by the Senate, it wouldn’t be the law of the land. And then the Iranian government announced precisely that they’re no longer following it because the negotiations were suspended by the West. They were negotiating with the Iranians and trying to come to an agreement and finally, they just said, “No, we’re not going to do it. If you’re not going to negotiate with us, we’re not going to follow this voluntary protocol.”

But the United Nations, the IAEA has never found the Iranians at fault. They have never been sanctioned. They have never broken the law. They have lived up to their commitment.

Now, the real problem politically is defending the kind of people who run Iran, but the whole truth is if you’re going to try to operate within the international law, we shouldn’t be so arrogant as to say that they’re doing such and such and they haven’t done it or they haven’t broken the law. So it’s time that we pay attention to our promises and our commitments rather than intimidating and threatening, putting on sanctions, which are an act of war and then setting the stage for ultimately bombing these facilities.

So to me, it sounds a whole lot like déjà vu, exactly the kind of nonsense that led us into a no-win, nonsensical war in Iraq where we’re still bogged down. We’re bogged down in Afghanistan and Pakistan and here they are trying to stir up another fight with another country. It is of no benefit to the American people. It is of no benefit to our national security interest and the sooner we get to the bottom of this and know the facts, the better off we would be as Americans.

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann at the University of Minnesota

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Addressing more than 600 people at the University of Minnesota last Friday, Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann discussed monetary reform, limited government, and free market economics.

Michele Bachmann introduces Ron Paul:

Ron Paul’s Speech:

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann answer the audience’s questions:

Location: University of Minnesota
Date: 9/25/2009

Why The Federal Reserve Loves Secrecy


Download the column as an MP3 file here (3:53 minutes).

The Real Reasons Behind Fed Secrecy

by Ron Paul

Last week I was very pleased that the Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207. The bill has 295 cosponsors and there is also strong support for the companion bill in the Senate. This hearing was a major step forward in getting the bill passed.

I was pleased that the hearing was well-attended, especially considering that it was held on a Friday at nine o’clock in the morning! I have been talking about the immense, unchecked power of the Federal Reserve for many years, while the attention of Congress was always on other things. It was gratifying to see my colleagues asking probing questions and demonstrating genuine concern about this important issue as well.

The witness testifying in favor of HR 1207 made some very strong points, which was no surprise considering the bill is simply common sense. It was also no surprise that the witness testifying against the bill had no good arguments as to why a full audit should not be conducted promptly. He attempted to make the case that the fed is already sufficiently accountable to Congress and that the current auditing policy is adequate. The fact is that the Fed comes to Congress and talks about only what it wants to talk about, and the GAO audits only what the current laws allow to be audited. The really important things however, are off limits. There are no convincing arguments that it is in the best interests of the American people for anything the Fed does to be off limits.

It has been argued that full disclosure of details of funding facilities like TALF and PDCF that enabled massive bailouts of Wall Street would damage the financial position of those firms and destabilize the economy. In other words, if the American people knew how rotten the books were at those banks and how terribly they messed up, they would never willingly invest in them, and they would fail. Failure is not an option for friends of the Fed. Therefore, the funds must be stolen from the people in the dark of night. This is not how a free country works. This is not how free markets work. That is crony corporatism and instead of being a force for economic stabilization, it totally undermines it.

If the Fed gave its actual arguments against a full audit, they would not have mentioned anything about political independence or economic stability. Instead they would admit they don’t want to be audited because they enjoy their current situation too much. Under the guise of currency control, they are able to help out powerful allies on Wall Street, in exchange for lucrative jobs or who-knows-what favors later on. An audit would expose the Fed as a massive fraud perpetrated on this country, enriching a privileged few bankers at the top of our economic food chain, and leaving the rest of us with massively devalued dollars which we are forced to use by law. An audit would make people realize that, while Bernie Madoff defrauded a lot of investors for a lot of money, the Fed has defrauded every one of us by destroying the value of our money. An honest and full accounting of how the money system really works in this country would mean there is not much of a chance the American people would stand for it anymore.