Nintendo announces Pokemon Platinum for DS

The next installment of the popular Pokemon franchise goes official, and Nintendo goes global with a major tournament.

Last week, Nintendo launched the Japanese website for Pokemon Platinum, confirming forum rumors and speculation from many eager fans.

The DS game will feature a special storyline centered around the legendary Ghost/Dragon-type called Giratina, as well as tweaked gameplay previously established in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. No release date has been confirmed for American shores, but Japanese trainers should see Platinum on the DS this August. (Hopefully, it arrives in the U.S. before Christmas.)

In other Pokemon-related news, Nintendo is sponsoring a tournament between the best Pokemon trainers in America and Japan. U.S. qualifiers will be held on July 12 at the California Science Center at Exposition Park and July 19th at the Altman Building at 135 West 18th Street. The top 8 will then participate in the finals at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Better start training, Pikachu lovers.

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OOps, tried be heroic. But, I played Diamond/Pearl, and this won't me a difference.


Dont worry while im here im gonna do my best to get rid of all of those damn "1st" posters


TheEliteOfWar Posted at: 05/19/08 at 2:08 PM PST Damn Nintendo sure loves to milk the pokemon franchise
Why shouldn't they milk it? I mean after all people eat these pokemon games up like hot cakes.

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