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Wilson Medical Center is committed to always providing excellent quality care to our community. Our 317-bed facility provides comprehensive services to more than 9,174 inpatients and 146,736 outpatients annually from communities within a five-county area.

Our commitment to high-quality healthcare is strong. We bring new and innovative programs to those who matter the most-our community.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Wilson County has the best healthcare has to offer. Your hospital has the latest technology in imaging services and top notch care in orthopedics, cancer and cardiac care.

And with programs like Dr. Talks, Silver Service, Wellness and many more, we are working to keep our community healthy.

Organizational Values:
Respect, Integrity, Great Teamwork, Honesty, Trust

Executive Team

  • Rick Hudson, President/CEO
  • Damone Sorensen, CFO
  • Denise O'Hara, Vice President Human
  • Resources/Organizational Development
  • David Boerner, MD, VP Medical Affairs
  • Melinda Laird, VP Clinical Services to the executive team

WilMed Healthcare
Board of Directors

  • David West, Chairman
  • Jim Pridgen, Vice Chairman
  • Page Thomas Smith, Treasurer
  • Carletha Ward, Secretary
  • Jerry Dorsey
  • R.S. “Sid” Boyette
  • Jim Pridgen
  • Carol Alexander
  • Gerald Vanden Bosch, M.D.
  • David Hinnant
  • Edward Brezina, M.D.
  • Daniel Michalak, M.D.
  • Page Thomas Smith
  • Rev. William M. Presnell


 Dr. Talks

 Silver Service

 Wellness Services

 WilMed Healthcare Foundation

Wilson Medical Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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