[Al Snow Gallery]
Wrestler: Al Snow
Real Name: Allen Ray Sarven
Birthday: July 18, 1963
Hometown: Lima, Ohio
Marital Status: Divorced w/Children
Now married to Bobcat
Height & Weight: 6'0" - 234 lbs
Trained by: Jim Lancaster
Debut: May 2, 1982
Finishing Move: Snow Plow
Favorite Moves: Asai Moonsault
Running Clothesline
Seated Spinebuster
Snowplex(Wheelbarrow Suplex)
Previous Gimmicks: Steve Moore
Leif Cassidy
Notable Feuds: Hardcore Holly
Crash Holly
Steve Blackman
Mick Foley
Big Boss Man
Vince McMahon
William Regal
Chris Nowinski
Jim Ross
Jerry Lawler

  • MCW (Midwest Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating ???????? (????, 1985);
  • MCW (Midwest Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Jim Lancaster (July 5, 1985);
  • MCW United States Tag Team titles w/Rick Ciassio defeating ????????? (????, 1986);
  • MCW United States Tag Team titles w/Mickey Doyle defeating ???????? (????, 1987);
  • WWA (Indianapolis) World Tag Team titles w/Mickey Doyle defeating Calypso Jim & Chris Carter (April 16, 1989);
  • MCW (Midwest Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Denny Kass won a tournament (December 29, 1993);
  • GWA Junior Heavyweight title defeating Sean Casey (January 10, 1994);
  • MCW (Midwest Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Denny Kass defeating Otis Apollo & Bobby Clancy (March 5, 1994);
  • BCW (Border City Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Denny Kass defeating Otis Apollo & Bobby Clancy (May 14, 1994);
  • MCW Territorial Heavyweight title defeating Bruiser Bedlam [Tournament] (May 27, 1994);
  • GWA Heavyweight title defeating Dan Severn (October 22, 1994);
  • SMW (Smokey Mountain Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Unibomb defeating Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson (April 7, 1995);
  • WWF Hardcore title defeating Hardcore Holly (April 25, 1999);
  • WWF Hardcore title defeating Big Bossman (August 22, 1999);
  • WWF Hardcore title Awarded (September 7, 1999);
  • WWF World Tag Team titles w/Mankind defeating Crash & Hardcore Holly (November 2, 1999);
  • WWF European Heavyweight title defeating Perry Saturn (August 29, 2000);
  • WWF Hardcore title defeating Raven (January 22, 2001);
  • WWF Hardcore title defeating Hardcore Holly (Febuary 11, 2001);
  • WWF Hardcore title defeating Goldust (March 11, 2002);
  • JAPW (Jersey All Pro Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Mafia (August 2, 2003);
  • USA Pro Heavyweight title defeating DLo Brown (June 19, 2004);

  • In The Beginning:
  • Al Snow is well trained in martial arts, mat grappling, free style, hardcore, and shoot-fight wrestling..

    Getting into the Business:
  • July 5, 1985: Al Snow defeated Jim Lancaster for the MCW (Midwest Championship Wrestling) title in St. Mary's, OH.
  • ~Between November 1986 and August 1992, Snow captured six MCW/ICW United States Tag Team titles with three different partners..
  • April 16, 1989: The Motor City Hitmen (Al Snow & Mickey Doyle) defeated Chris Carter & Calypso Jim in Toledo, OH..
  • December 29, 1993: The New Kangaroos (Al Snow & Denny Kass) won a tournament to capture the MCW Midwest Tag Team titles..
  • January 10, 1994: Al Snow (As Shinobi) defeated Sean Casey for the GWA Junior title in Lima, OH..
  • March 5, 1994: The New Kangaroos won their 2nd MCW Midwest Tag Team title by defeating Bobby Clancy & Otis Apollo..
  • May 27, 1994: Al Snow defeated Bruiser Bedlam (aka Johnny K-9) in the finals of tournament to crown a Midwest Territorial champion..
  • October 22, 1994: Al Snow (as Shinobi) defeated Dan "The Beast" Severn to capture the GWA title..

    Smokey Mountain Wrestling - Al Snow:
  • April 7, 1995: Al Snow & Unibomb (Glen Jacobs aka Kane) defeated The Rock'n'Roll Express for the Smoky Mountain Tag Team titles..

    World Wrestling Federation - Avatar & Shinobi the Ninja:
  • August 1995: Al Snow signed a WWF contract and then sat at home until that October before his debut..
  • October 23, 1995 - RAW: Avatar (Al Snow under a mask) defeated Brian Walsh..
  • February 26, 1996 - RAW: Ahmed Johnson defeated Shinobi the Ninja (Al Snow under a mask)..

    World Wrestling Federation - Lief Cassidy & The New Rockers:
  • March 1996: Al Snow was renamed Leif Cassidy and was teamed with Marty Jannetty in a team known as the NEW Rockers..
  • March 25, 1996 - RAW: Shawn Michaels defeated Leif Cassidy..
  • April 15, 1996 - RAW: Marc Mero defeated Leif Cassidy..
  • April 29, 1996 - RAW: The New Rockers vs The Godwinns ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT..
  • June 23, 1996 - King of the Ring: The Bodydonnas defeated The New Rockers in a DARK MATCH..
  • August 05, 1996 - RAW: The BodyDonnas defeated The New Rockers by Disqualification..
  • August 18, 1996 - Summerslam: The Smoking Gunns beat The Godwinns and The Bodydonnas and The Rockers to retain..
  • August 24, 1996 - WWF Xperience: The Godwinns defeated The New Rockers in Toronto, Canada..
  • October 07, 1996 - RAW: The Smoking Gunns defeated The New Rockers..
  • October 20, 1996 - Buried Alive: The Godwinns defeated The NEW Rockers..
  • November 18, 1996 - RAW: Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon defeated Leif Cassidy & Bob Holly..
  • November 16, 1996 - Survivor Series: Furnas/LaFon/Godwinns beat Owen Hart/Bulldog/The New Rockers..
  • December 15, 1996 - In Your House 12: Flash Funk defeated Leif Cassidy..
  • December 23, 1996 - RAW: Pierroth and Cibernetico defeated The New Rockers..
  • After months of jobbing in the WWE, Al Snow ended up with ECW after a talent exchange between the two promotions..

    Extreme Championship Wrestling - Al Snow & Head:
  • January 13, 1998--IWA Mid-South: Bull Pain defeated Al Snow and Tracy Smothers in a 3-WAY to retain the IWA-MS Title.
  • Cyberslam 1998: Al Snow defeated Tracy Smothers..
  • March 1, 1998 - Living Dangerously: Lance Storm & Al Snow (mystery partner) defeated Shane Douglas & Chris Candido..
  • Wrestlepalooza 1998: Shane Douglas defeated Al Snow to retain the ECW title (they celebrated together with the ECW roster)..
  • Al Snow was called back to the WWF, who obviously saw how well the new Al Snow character was getting over..

    World Wrestling Federation - Al Snow debut:
  • September 21, 1998 RAW: Al Snow defeated Sgt. Slaughter in a Boot Camp match.
  • September 27, 1998--Breakdown: Al Snow & Too Cold Scorpio defeated Too Much (Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor)..
  • September 28, 1998 RAW: Al Snow defeated Vader.
  • October 5, 1998 RAW: Jeff Jarrett defeated Al Snow by DQ.
  • October 18, 1998 - Judgment Day: Al Snow defeated Marc Mero..
  • October 26, 1998 RAW: The New Age Outlaws (Roaddog & Billy Gunn) defeated Mankind & Al Snow to retain the Tag Team titles.
  • November 2, 1998 RAW: The Oddities defeated Al Snow & Mankind.
  • November 9, 1998 RAW: Tiger Ali Singh defeated Al Snow.
  • November 15, 1998--Survivor Series: Al Snow entered the single night tournament to crown a new WWF champion..
  • ~~~Al Snow defeated Jeff Jarrett in the first round, but eventually lost to Mankind in the second round..
  • November 30, 1998 RAW: The Rock defeated Al Snow to retain the WWF title.
  • December 21, 1998 RAW: Al Snow defeated Gangrel.

    World Wrestling Federation - Al Snow & The Job Squad:
  • The J.O.B. Squad was formed, which included Al Snow, Blue Meanie, Too Cold Scorpio, Hardcore Holly & Gillberg..
  • April 25, 1999 - Backlash: Al Snow w/HEAD defeated Hardcore Holly for the Hardcore title..
  • ~~~Al Snow pinned Holly with HEAD on top, so Al Snow was under the impression that HEAD was the Hardcore Champion..
  • May 1999: Hardcore Holly kidnapped HEAD, so Al Snow began bringing a deer head named "Pierre" to the ring..
  • May 9, 1999 - HEAT: Al Snow defeated HEAD in an "interesting" match to capture the Hardcore title for himself..
  • May 17, 1999: Al Snow delivered a eulogy to Pierre, who he claimed died during his Hardcore match with HEAD..
  • May 1999 - Over the Edge: Al Snow w/HEAD defeated Hardcore Holly to retain the Hardcore title..
  • Summerslam 1999: Al Snow defeated The Big Bossman for the WWF Hardcore title..
  • Unforgiven 1999: Al Snow defeated The Big Bossman in a "Kennel From Hell" match..

    World Wrestling Federation - Hardcore Al Snow:
  • November 2, 1999: Mankind & Al Snow beat the Holly Cousins for the WWF World Tag Team titles..
  • Al Snow formed a comedy tag team Steve Blackman known as Head Cheese..
  • August 29, 2000 - Smackdown: Al Snow defeated Perry Saturn for the European title..
  • Al Snow campaigned for the WWF commisioners job when Mick Foley was "fired" by Vince McMahon..
  • Late 2001: AL Snow signed a new four-year contract with the WWF..
  • Spring 2001: Al Snow, Tazz, Jacqueline & Tori served as trainers for MTV's "Tough Enough" Reality TV Show..
  • July 15, 2001: Al Snow became the new co-host of "Sunday Night Heat," replacing Tazz who had defected to the Alliance..

    World Wrestling Federation - Al Snow:
  • October 25, 2001 - Smackdown!: Al Snow challenges Tazz to a match and successfully pinned him..
  • November 18, 2001 - Survivor Series: Christian defeated Al Snow to retain the European title..
  • March 11, 2002 - RAW: Al Snow defeated Goldust to win the WWF Hardcore Title..
  • April 11, 2002 - Smackdown!: Maven & Al Snow defeat WWF Tag Champs Billy & Chuck in a non-title match..

    World Wrestling Federation - Al Snow (RAW):
  • October 7, 2002 - RAW Roulette: Al Snow jumps to RAW and defeated Test in a "Las Vegas Street Fight"!
  • October 14, 2002 - RAW: Al Snow is defeated by Lance Storm -- Later, Snow has an altercation with Chris Nowinski..
  • October 21, 2002 - RAW: Tommy Dreamer defeats Al Snow in a Cane match when Nowinski 'accidentally' whacks Snow with a Cane..
  • October 28, 2002 - RAW: Nowinski defeats Booker T by DQ when Al Snow jumps up and interfers..
  • ~~~Before the match, Nowinski told Snow that he would have been a WWE Superstar with OR without Tough Enough..
  • November 4, 2002 - RAW: Lance Storm & William Regal defeats Al Snow & Tommy Dreamer..
  • November 11, 2002 - RAW: Chris Nowinski defeats Al Snow with his feet up on the ropes!
  • November 18, 2002 - RAW: Chris Nowinski defeats Al Snow in a "School of Hard Knocks" match..
  • December 9, 2002 - RAW: DLo Brown & Chris Nowinski defeat Maven & Al Snow..
  • March 3, 2003 - RAW: Kane & Rob Van Dam defeat Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow in a "hardcore" tag team match..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Al Snow the Announcer:
  • August 2, 2003: Al Snow defeated Mafia to capture the JAP (Jersey All Pro Wrestling) World title..
  • September 1, 2003 - RAW: Jonathan Coachman beat Jerry Lawler after Al Snow turned heel and attacked The King..
  • September 15, 2003 - RAW: Jonathan Coachman & Al Snow took over RAW for one match to show how much better they are..
  • ~~~Jerry Lawler challenged Al Snow to a match, and defeated him, and The Coach cheapshotted Jim Ross afterwards!
  • September 21, 2003 - Unforgiven: The Coach & Al Snow beat Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler to win the right to announce RAW on Mondays!
  • September 27, 2003--JAPW: Al Snow defeated Raven with a shot with head to retain the JAPW Heavyweight title.
  • September 22, 2003 - RAW: The Coach & Al Snow assume their positions at the announce table for the entire RAW telecast..
  • November 8, 2003--JAPW: Jerry Lawler w/Jonathan Coachman defeated Al Snow to win the JAPW title (Mick Foley was referee).
  • November 29, 2003 - USA Pro: Raven defeated Al Snow to retain the USA Pro title in a match that went past 40 minutes..
  • January 24, 2004 - 3PW: Sabu defeated Al Snow (10th Anniversary of their first match together) in the main event..
  • March 6, 2004--Jersey All-Pro Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Chris Candido.
  • March 20, 2004--NYWC in Deer Park, NY: Mikey Whipwreck & Al Snow defeated Tyler Payne & Marty Jannetty..
  • April 12, 2004 - RAW: Tajiri defeated a Five Star Ninja (Al Snow) to win a match with The Coach at Backlash!
  • April 16, 2004: WWE forced an indy promotion to cancel its proposed match between Ron Killings (TNA) & Al Snow (WWE)..
  • June 19, 2004--USA Pro Wrestling - Meltdown! 2: Al Snow defeated DLo Brown to win the vacant USA Pro Heavyweight title!
  • July 17, 2004--Buffalo Brawl: Al Snow defeated Chris Candido..
  • September 17, 2004--USA Pro Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Low Ki (sub for Raven) to keep USA Pro title..
  • September 18, 2004--Twin Wrestling Entertainment: Al Snow defeated (Original) Sinn..
  • October 2, 2004--North East Wrestling: Al Snow & Jerry Lawler beat D-Lo Brown & Chris Candido with Mick Foley as referee..
  • October 3, 2004--New England Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Chris Candido..
  • November 19, 2004--USA Pro Wrestling: Balls Mahoney defeated Al Snow to win the Heavyweight title for the 6th time..
  • ~~~Chris Candido, The Sandman, Axl Rotten, and WWE's Bill DeMott all made run-ins, with DeMott turning on Al Snow..
  • February 26, 2005--Frank Goodman's UXW: Mick Foley came out saying that there is no point waiting for June for an ECW reunion..
  • ~~~Mick Foley called out Axl Rotten, Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, Balls Mahoney, Raven, Al Snow, Sandman & Justin Credible..
  • ~~~~~~In the Main Event of the night, Al Snow defeated Steve Corino in an excellent 40:00 match..
  • April 9, 2005--Ohio Championship Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Scotty Sabre..
  • May 7, 2005--Mark Curtis Memorial: Mick Foley & Shane Douglas w/Dominic DeNucci beat Al Snow & D-Lo Brown w/Les Thatcher..
  • May 13, 2005--Northeast Wrestling/Impact Zone Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Trevor Rhodes..
  • June 3, 2005--OVW Six Flags Show: Al Snow defeated Garrison Cade..
  • June 12, 2005 - ECW One Night Stand: Al Snow & HEAD made a non-wrestling cameo appearance on the pay per view..
  • ~~~Al Snow yelled at HEAD and said tonight was for ECW and not for a bunch of Smackdown! assholes!!
  • ~~~~~After the main event was over, Steve Austin showed up after the main event to throw a beer bash in honor of ECW..
  • ~~~~~Steve Austin, surrounded by ECW, challenegd the anti-ECW crusaders sitting in the balcony to come to the right for a fight!
  • ~~~~~The anti-ECW crusaders came down and squared off with ECW in a huge brawl which ended with ECW standing TALL!!
  • August 5, 2005--Buckeye Pro Wrestling: Al Snow & Shark Boy defeated The Shooting Stars..
  • October 1, 2005--1PW: Steve Corino defeated Al Snow to retain the AWA World title in Doncaster, UK..
  • November 12, 2005--UCW: Al Snow defeated Mordekai (Kevin Fertig)..
  • December 9, 2005--Great Lake Wrestling: Raschke Brown defeated Al Snow..
  • January 6, 2006--1PW - No Turning Back 1: Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick beat Al Snow & The Blue Meanie in England ...
  • January 7, 2006--1PW - NTB 2: Al Snow & Blue Meanie beat Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick in a "Losers Wear Dresses" match..
  • January 13, 2006--UWF: Abyss defeated Sabu with Al Snow as referee in Emporia, Virginia..
  • March 18, 2006--Impact Zone Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Chris Matthews.......
  • March 19, 2006--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance: Al Snow defeated Chris Matthews......
  • May 26, 2006--1 Pro Wrestling: Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick beat Al Snow & Blue Meanie in a Quarter-Final Tournament match
  • May 27, 2006--1 Pro Wrestling: Al Snow/Blue Meanie defeated A.Aries/R.Strong and Mohammed Yone/Takeshi Morishima in a 3-WAY...
  • May 31, 2006--OVW TV Tapings: Shawn Spears beat Simon Dean (Simon Dean cracked Al Snow with a chair after the match)..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - ECW Resurrection!:
  • June 7, 2006 - WWE vs ECW: Al Snow & HEAD were in a WWE vs ECW Battle Royal, won by The Big Show (who defected to ECW)..
  • June 13, 2006--ECW on Sci Fi: Al Snow participated in an Extreme (Weapons) Battle Royal which was won by Sabu!
  • June 16, 2006--OVW Six Flags: C.M. Punk & Al Snow defeated Shad Gaspard & The Neighborhoodie & Simon Dean..
  • June 30, 2006--OVW Six Flags: Simon Dean defeated Al Snow by Disqualification..
  • July 4, 2006--ECW on Sci Fi: Test (fans got on his case about use of steriods) defeated Al Snow ..
  • July 8 & 9, 2006--ECW House Shows: Al Snow defeated Stevie Richards..
  • July 28, 2006--OVW Six Flags: Al Snow & Brent Albright defeated Simon Dean & Eddie Craven in a Double Strap match....
  • August 8, 2006--ECW on Sci Fi: Kevin Thorn w/Ariel defeated Al Snow..
  • August 11, 2006--Ohio Valley Wrestling - Six Flags: Al Snow defeated Simon Dean in a Steel Cage match..
  • January 18, 2007: Al Snow was released from his WWE "wrestling" contract but will stay on as a trainer at OVW..

    Ohio Valley Wrestling and Independent Bookings:
  • January 31, 2007--OVW TV Tapings: Al Snow was introduced as the NEW OVW Trouble Shooter (aka Commissioner)..
  • April 20, 2007--BAW Championship Wrestling: Al Snow w/Head beat Wage Reichten after the match was restarted..
  • May 19, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation: Al Snow defeated Nate Pheonix in Marion, Indiana...
  • July 25, 2007--OVW TV Tapings: Al Snow's Team vs. Vladimir Kozlov's Team in a 5-on-5 match ended in a No Contest..
  • ~~~A.Snow & I.Stevens & The Jett & A.DaBone & C.Cabana vs. V.Kozlov & M.Kruel & The Belgian Brawler & Los Locos..
  • August 3, 2007--OVW Six Flags: Team Al Snow beat Team America by DQ due to interference by The Akbars & Kozlov..
  • August 10, 2007--OVW Six Flags : Team Snow defeated Team America w/Milena Roucka in an 8-Man Tag Team match..
  • ~~~Al Snow & Colt Cabana & Chet the Jett & Atlas DaBone defeated Mike Kruel & Vladimir Kozlov & The Akbars..
  • August 23, 2007--Pro Wrestling Xtreme: Al Snow w/HEAD defeated "Text Book" Tyson Dux..
  • October 19, 2007--Wrestle Fan Fest: The Blue Meanie & Al Snow defeated Luke Hawx & Al Katrazz...
  • November 24, 2007--Millennium Wrestling Federation: Beau Douglas & Al Snow beat Jason Rumble & Jimmy Jact Cash
  • December 7, 2007--Great Lakes Championship Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Eric Freedom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin..
  • December 10, 2007--RAW 15th Anniversary: Al Snow participated in a special Battle Royal featuring past RAW Super Stars!
  • February 7, 2008: WWE severed ties with Ohio Valley Wrestling and released Al Snow from the company..
  • March 8, 2008--Great Lakes Championship Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Rasche Brown in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ..
  • March 28, 2008--First Wrestling: Jerry Lynn defeated Al Snow in Minneapolis, Minnesoda ...
  • May 16, 2008--Carolina Wrestling Association: Jake Manning defeated Al Snow in Statesville, North Carolina..
  • May 17, 2008--Carolina Wrestling Association: Al Snow defeated Joey Silvia in Sharon, South Carolina ..
  • July 24, 2008--National Wrestling Superstars: Al Snow w/Head defeated Danny Demanto w/Ryan Maher.
  • July 25, 2008--National Wrestling Superstars: Al Snow w/Head defeated Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter w/Danny Demanto.
  • July 26, 2008--NWS: Spike Dudley & Al Snow defeated Danny Demanto & Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter in a 2/3 Falls match..
  • July 27, 2008--National Wrestling Superstars: Al Snow & Funky White Boy defeated JD Smooth & Nicky Oceans.
  • September 27, 2008--German Stampede Wrestling: Al Snow defeated Thumbtack Jack..
  • September 27, 2008--German Stampede Wrestling: Absolute Andy defeated Al Snow.
  • November 14, 2008: Al Snow defeated Ravenous Randy Myres by DQ after J.D. Michaels interfered in Calgary, Alberta..
  • ~~~A fan jumped the rail and stole Al Snow's "HEAD" but it was later recoverd after he bolted out of the building..
  • November 15, 2008: Al Snow defeated J.D. Michaels with Lance Storm as special guest referee in Banff, Alberta..

    Total Nonstop Wrestling one-time-only:
  • December 7, 2008 - TNA Final Resolution: Kurt Angle defeated Rhino to save his job with TNA and win a match with Jeff Jarrett..
  • ~~~~~~Mick Foley was the guest enforcer, and Kurt Angle brought out Al Snow to distract Foley. Al Snow slapped Mick Foley!

    Independent Bookings:
  • April 18, 2009--Australasian Wrestling Federation: Al Snow defeated "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters..
  • April 19, 2009--Australasian Wrestling Federation: TNT defeated Al Snow to retain the AWF Australasian title ..
  • March 27, 2009--CHIKARA King of Trios: Vin Gerard & STIGMA & Colin Delaney defeated Al Snow & D'Lo Brown & Glacier.
  • May 23, 2009--IWA Mid-South: Shane Hollister defeated Al Snow..
  • June 29, 2009--Legends of The Arena: Al Snow defeated Jerry Lynn (sub for the no-show Shane Douglas) in a Semi-Main event..

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