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Antiaircraft gun S-60

The system is used for point air defense against manned and unmanned attack aircraft and against ground targets up to a range of 2000 m.

The main components of a battery are as follows:

  • CRT 1M (1 RL – 35M) fire control radar;
  • 6 to 8 57-mm caliber guns.
This gun was introduced in service in 1950 in the former Soviet Union, designed as an antiaircraft gun, being in the inventory of Warsaw Pact nations. Fire control radar and analogical fire control computers were subjected to several upgrades and the latest model, CRT 1M firing control unit, was fielded by the end of the 70s. China also produced some systems based on this type of antiaircraft gun used in Vietnam, Iraq, Iugoslavia and, generaly, in the Middle East countries. The ammunition was generally locally produced by the users' industry. In 2004, a process of removing the system from service has begun and, starting with 2007, SHORAD systems will gradually replace it.

Technical data

- caliber: 57mm;
- shell weight: 6,61kg;
- projectile initial velocity: 1000m/s;
- impact fuze. Performance:
- Fire radar detection range: 60Km.
- Firing envelope dimensions:
   . Height:
      . direct sight firing: 4000m;
      . using fire control radar 5000m.
   . Horizontal distance:
      . direct firing: 4800m;
      . using firing control radar: 6000m.
Antiaircraft gun S-60
Antiaircraft gun S-60

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