THE LIST: The worst strikers to have played in the Premier League, Nos 10-1

By Tom Bellwood
Last updated at 12:01 AM on 09th October 2009

Premier League players have been scoring for fun this season with Liverpool's Fernando Torres leading the way on eight in eight games.

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney have been on fire while Darren Bent has found his touch at Sunderland, leaving Jermain Defoe to bang them in for Tottenham.

The geeks - sorry the scientists - have blamed new floatier balls while the cynics have put the goal fest down to poor defending.

But, since the start of the Premier League, for every magic marksman, there has been players who couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat.

Andriy Shevchenko's spell at Chelsea was a major disappointment but he has a chance to prove his doubters wrong when Ukraine take on England in their World Cup qualifier this weekend.

So, in tribute to Sheva and his kind, stand up and take a bow our 50 shot-shy strikers.

And, as always, we want to know who you think should be included in our hall of shame.

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10 Sergei Rebrov

The Ukrainian hitman was once the continent's hottest strikers, smashing in goals from all angles for Dynamo Kiev. Then he moved to Tottenham. Spurs spent £11m on a player they thought was going to bridge the gap in quality bewteen them and neighbours Arsenal, but this failed to happen, in spectacular fashion. Maybe it was having to play alongside Steffen Iversen that led to him celebrating just 16 goals in 75 appearances...

Sergei Rebrov

Off the ball: Sergei Rebrov failed to shine for Tottenham

9 Jason Lee

'He's got a pineaple, on his head.' Does anyone else remember that chant? Oh, okay, everyone does. Nottingham Forest's hapless striker was just that - hapless and, much to his annoyance, subjected to the aforementioned chant everywhere he went. Lee actually complained about the treatment he received but we're struggling to work out what his argument could have been given that he only managed 15 goals in 94 outings for Forest.

Jason Lee
Andriy Shevchenko

Nightmare: Jason Lee (left) and Andriy Shevchenko endured miserable
spells with Nottingham Forest and Chelsea respectively

8 Andriy Shevchenko

It's hard to believe that, after the reputation Sheva carved out for himself during his trophy-laden spell at Milan, he has ended up sliding into our list, and in the top 10 no less! He can't blame his failure on the Chelsea manager because he worked with several different bosses and, despite flashes of brilliance - his goal against Spurs in an FA Cup replay, for example - he never established himself in the side. A loan spell at Milan wasn't enough to secure a permanent move and he has now returned to Kiev, still a hero in his homeland but a bit of a joke back here.

7 Tomas Brolin

Now this chap looked like a world-beater in the early 90s, but after his £4.5m move to Leeds, he looked useless, bloated and ready for a lie down. Brolin failed to find the form that made him so popular at Parma and scored just for times in 25 appearances for the Elland Road club. He didn't do much better at Crystal Palace.

6 Ade Akinbiyi

Peter Taylor will be remembered for two things - making David Beckham captain and wasting £5m on Ade Akinbiyi at Leicester. Akinbiyi had been purchased as a replacement for Emile Heskey but it never worked out for the man from east London as a string of misses made the Foxes 'hitman' a national joke. Currently part of rich kids Notts County in their ambitious attempt to reach the Premier League.

Tomas Brolin
Ade Akinbiyi
Steve Marlet

Wide of the mark: Tomas Brolin, Ade Akinbiyi and Steve Marlet

Ali Dia

Madness: Ali Dia caused uproar

5 Steve Marlet

We're slightly confused as to how Fulham owner Mr Al-Fayed managed to amass such a fortune when he sanctioned the wasting of £11m on the wayward Frenchman. Marlet arrived after al-Fayed had claimed he would make Fulham the Manchester United of the south but soon left the club after managing just a goal every five games.

4 Ali Dia

Well, he's made it onto a list of 'worst strikers' solely because that was he said he was, when in fact he wasn't even a footballer. He even claimed
to be George Weah's cousin. Shame on you Graeme Souness for giving Dia a run-out in the Premier League for Southampton when you hadn't even seen him kick a ball.  He managed 52 minutes for the Saints and was politely asked to leave - before Souness got hold of him!

3 Bosko Balaban

Aston Villa owner Doug Ellis was never known for being flash with his cash so we were all surprised when he fished £6m out of his pocket for Croatian Balaban. There are failures and then there is Balaban. He failed to start a Premier League game and scored no goals. Shocker.

Bosko Balaban

Hopeless: Bosko Balaban was a complete flop at Aston Villa

2 Marc Boogers

Was Boogers an urban myth? In time to come there will be entire programmes dedicated to conspiracy theories about the Dutchman's (ever so) brief career at West Ham. If you blinked, you would have missed his entire Premier League career. However, for evidence of his time in the English game, look no further than Gary Neville's midriff after Booger's challenge left after a huge boot-shaped mark in the full-back's stomach. His horror tackle got him sent off at Old Trafford and he soon did a runner from east London, never to be seen again.

1 Stephane Guivarc'h

Some truly great strikers have graced the pitch at Newcastle. Milburn, Macdonald, Shearer and, erm, Guivarc'h! What is so remarkable about this story is that the Geordies thought they were buying a World Cup winner, which they were, but they probably should have taken more note of the fact that he failed to score a single goal in the winning campaign of 1998. He failed to produce any decent form after his £3.5m move to the Magpies and departed - after just four appearances and one goal - up to Rangers, citing that he wasn't part of Ruud Gullit's plans. Well, you wouldn't be, would you?

Stephane Guivarc''h

Were they for real? Disastrous duo Marco Boogers and Stephane Guivarc'h


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I feel more sorry for Shevchenko...

Chelsea ruined his career... 2 times European Play of the Year award and possibly one of the best strikers Serie A have seen and then he comes here for what?

No doubt if he'd have gone to another team that suited his style of play he could have flourished but back when Chelsea were buying players for what they've acheived and NOT for how they'd fit into the team no one there had a clue what they were doing.

Poor bloke.

Click to rate     Rating   7

Harsh, and very unfair for some.
See Guivarc'h for instance, how on earth is a player supposed to score if not picked by the manager....? Seriously, do you really think he could have scored more from the stands? 4 games is just not enough to judge a player ( let alone 45 minutes for that Southampton player)
Give I don't know, something like 20 games to be completely sure the player is a lemon (or not).
And why not applying a ratio for numbers of games playes (or minutes on the pitch / number of goals / money bought for (including wages) to REALLY recognize the flops?

Having said that, if you take this classification less serioulsy (like I should!), it is very entertaining and it is a plesaure to go down memory lane with names, records and stories we all forgot about!

Click to rate     Rating   9

I can't believe that you cannot find room for Bobby Zamora in your top 50.

Click to rate     Rating   10

So Dia, the man who wasn't even a footballer, ranks three places higher than Guivarc'h who featured in the World Cup winning French team of 98, and who, despite being not very good, scored on his debut? He was given no chance at all by Gullit who had already bad mouthed him while a World Cup pundit before joining Newcastle. Grossly unfair.

Plus Guivarc'h went on to play another couple of years at Auxerre, not a bad club by any stretch. Dia on the other hand got eight games for Gateshead before being released.

Click to rate     Rating   7

What about Andy Booth at Sheffield Wednesday? Or Daniel Amokachi at Everton? David Hurst at Southampton?
- Matt, Johannesburg, South Africa,

Amokachi was poor but every Evertonian loves him after his heroics in the Semi Final against Spurs! Mikel Madar and Stuart Barlow are probably reading this list and breathing a huge sigh of relief that they aren't included!

Click to rate     Rating   4

I always feel a bit sorry for Rebrov. He wasn't a bad player, in fact he started really well at Spurs. He's just another example of a career ruined by the man-management skills of Glenn Hoddle.

Click to rate     Rating   14

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