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Leisure and Sport

Sports Courses

Courses picturesThese courses run during term time from January to December. Not all course types are available at all sites.

SwindonCard pictureThe SwindonCard offers best value for money and gives reduced rates on lots of courses. We offer one in six adult concession 1 and 2 places on most adult courses. We offer unlimited concession 1 places and one in six concession 2 places on most junior courses. These places are on a first come first served basis.

For more information on the SwindonCard, click here.

Courses Available

Here are the courses we offer:

Juniors, Teenagers and Adults

Juniors, Teenagers and Adults - Taster, Beginners, Improvers and Advanced Sessions

Under Fives and Juniors Ballet, Juniors and Teenagers Tap

Health and Fitness
Adults Body Control Pilates

Under Fives, Juniors, Teenagers and Ability Counts (children with disabilities) - Football in the Community, a Swindon Town Soccer Centre Initiative

Juniors, Teenagers and Adults

Under Fives Mini Gym. Under Fives, Juniors and Teenagers Gymnastics.

Ice Skating
Under Fives, Juniors, Teenagers and Adults - Beginners, Free Skating, Ice Dance, Ice Hockey and Figure Skating

Under Fives, Juniors, Teenagers and Adults - Beginners, Improvers, Advanced Sessions and Rookie Lifeguard

Under Fives, Juniors, Teenagers and Adults - Beginners and Improvers Sessions

Under Fives, Juniors, Teenagers and Adults - Beginners and Improvers Sessions

How to Enrol

For more information on how to enrol, click here.

School Holiday Courses

For more information on school holiday courses, click here.

Courses pictures

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