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This website expands and extends its treatment of MPT, asset allocation and retirement planning strategies.

A Nobel Prize Winning Strategy

The 1990 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Harry Markowitz, William Sharpe and Merton Miller for their work in Modern Portfolio Theory. This award was part of a sea change in investing best practices and prudence that has dramatically changed the way big money and smart individuals invest. The retail investment houses have not found a good way to share these simple investment strategies with the average investor. In fact, they have obfuscated (claiming to be practicing modern portfolio theory, but actually continuing the same old stock picking and market timing portfolio churning that has failed you in the past).

Don’t expect much help from them in gaining an understanding of modern portfolio theory. It is just too simple for them to make money on. But it is not difficult to understand. “Retire Early Sleep Well” will show you how.

It is a practical guide to modern portfolio theory, asset allocation and retirement planning in plain english. It is a short book, with short chapters, because the information you need to understand modern portfolio theory and plan for retirement is really fairly simple.