Amanda Bresnan (Brindabella)


Amanda Bresnan

Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly

Portfolio Responsibilities

  • Health
  • Transport
  • Disability & Housing
  • Ageing
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • IR
  • Corrections

I joined The ACT Greens because of their commitment to pursuing long-term, positive solutions for the environment, economy and local community.

I am committed to working with you, to create a more sustainable future for the people of Brindabella. I am a passionate advocate for social justice, with a particular interest in the provision of general and mental health services. Since moving to Canberra over 5 years ago, I have been active in local women’s, refugee, and human rights groups, and I am a long term regular volunteer with the Canberra RSPCA. I graduated from Griffith University in Brisbane with an honours degree in environmental science, and am a former Acting director of Policy and Projects with the Mental Health Council of Australia.

MEDIA RELEASE | Sale of Calvary Hospital

October 6th, 2009

ACT Greens Health spokesperson Amanda Bresnan MLA has expressed support with the sale of Calvary Hospital but with a note of caution regarding the transfer of ownership of Clare Holland House.

“The Greens believe that public hospitals should be owned and run by governments, and most people seem to support the transfer of Calvary hospital into government ownership,” Amanda Bresnan said.

“The main concern that has been expressed about the proposed deal is the transfer of ownership of Clare Holland House, the existing public hospice.”

“The Greens did ask the Minister for Health to undertake public consultation of the transfer of both Calvary and the hospice once more was known, and we are very glad to see this is now happening. I will be listening very keenly to how the community responds to the issue through the consultation process.”

“One thing that we have been clear on is that we don’t want to see any reduction in services at Calvary and a centralisation of services at the Canberra Hospital,” Ms Bresnan said.

MEDIA RELEASE | Agency nurse rules ‘risky’: Greens

September 15th, 2009

ACT Greens Health Spokesperson, Amanda Bresnan MLA will today ask the Minister for Health as to whether ACT Health is making it more difficult to call in agency nurses.

“While I appreciate the desire of ACT Health to use agency nurses less often, and build up its own permanent workforce, I am concerned that the change is being made in too quick and drastic a manner as to be safe.” Ms Bresnan said today.

“I have been advised that nurse managers are not able to book agency staff ahead of time, even where there is a vacancy in the roster that needs to be filled.”

“Also, new rules make it more difficult for nurses on a shift wanting to call in some help from agency nurses, as they now have to go further up the management line for approval.”

“I am very concerned that these changes are being put in place only because of budget concerns, without proper consideration of the number of nurses that need to be available to patients to provide safe care.”

In 2007 the NT Coroner found that a preventable death occurred in one of its public hospitals because nurses were so understaffed, and the bureaucracy had made it more difficult for them to get help in when they needed it. The Coroner blamed the NT Health bureaucracy for the death, not the nursing staff on duty. The report is available here.

“I will be asking the Health Minister in Question Time today to assure the Assembly that nurses will be able to call in more staff if they are so under-resourced that they are concerned about patients’ quality of care.” Ms Bresnan said.

MEDIA RELEASE | Plan a vast improvement

September 9th, 2009

ACT Greens Health Spokesperson Amanda Bresnan MLA pointed to the ACT Mental Health Services Plan 2009-2014 released to day as evidence of progress.

“The Greens welcome this new improved Mental Health Services Plan which is immeasurably better than the draft we rejected in the Assembly in February” Ms Bresnan said today.

“The overarching focus of the Plan – on prevention, recovery, peer support and better integrated services – reflects the work that the Greens have been doing with carers, consumers and community services.”

“It is about how to support people to live healthier lives, in their communities.”

“Of course a plan is only as good as the outcomes it delivers, and we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.  But I think it is fair to say that the strength of this plan is due in part to the Labor Greens Agreement.”

“In addition to picking up many concerns regarding the existing service provision from our work with community organisations, the Greens commissioned our own expert work on the directions for mental health services here in the ACT.”

“My Life My Community was released in early July. It includes a range of initiatives that are designed to provide the integrated support that people need to improve their quality of life. Some of that thinking is echoed in this Plan.”

“The Greens will push for increased ACT Government funding for community based services in the next budget  in order to meet the new targets that are a now feature of this Plan” Ms Bresnan said.