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Scottsdale Resident Eric Wnuck Announces Bid for Congress

Scottsdale Resident Eric Wnuck Announces Bid for Congress

Candidate will run on platform of lower taxes, less government intervention and more private sector support

Scottsdale, Arizona – July 16, 2009 – Scottsdale resident Eric Wnuck announced today his bid for Congress and the launch of his new web site. Wnuck, a Republican from the Fifth District of Arizona, comes from a working-class background positioning him as a candidate that can truly represent all economic backgrounds and ideals.

“We need to hearten and give confidence to all Americans that big government will only hold success back and that only true gratification comes from within oneself. In Congress, I will promote these ideals and restrict government intervention into the American people’s lives,” says Wnuck. “This is why I truly believe it is time for one of us.”

Originally from Milwaukee and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Wnuck lived with his father and younger brother after his mother and father divorced. His father often traveled leaving Wnuck with his grandparents and when his father lost his job, Wnuck blamed the political climate of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Despite losing his job, Wnuck’s father continued to support his family and encouraged Wnuck to strive for excellence. Wnuck excelled in both school and sports, and eventually attended Carthage College in Kenosha under the “Lincoln Leadership Award” for outstanding character and leadership. Wnuck later married his wife, Suzy, and founded Enhanced Medical Imaging, a group of full-service imaging centers in California, Wisconsin and Illinois offering MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography. In addition to being a small business owner, he is also active in the community as a little league coach. Wnuck’s web site, www.ericwnuck2010.com, presents his positions from taxes/spending, immigration and healthcare to energy independence, the environment and national defense. His passion for these important issues provides the framework for his run for a seat in the United States Congress.

“Although I was raised poor and without much room for error, no one ever held me back and told me that I couldn’t accomplish what I set out to do or be. I was encouraged by my father and family to ‘be the best I can be’ at whatever I set my mind to and to always do whatever ignites passion in the soul,” says Wnuck.

From taxes/spending, immigration and healthcare to energy independence, the environment and national defense, Wnuck presents his stance on important issues including:

Taxes/spending - What would you do if you had more of your tax dollars?

Only good things happen when hard working taxpayers are able to keep more of their hard earned dollars. Americans keeping more of their hard earned money allows them to invest in their futures or the future of our children; they can spend it to increase activity in our stagnant economy, which would spur growth. Lastly, they can invest it allowing their money to be utilized in the free market system to help other companies grow and add jobs. Government spending is completely out of control and needs to be scaled back immensely starting with the elimination of useless government programs. I support any and all means to accomplish the immediate reduction of spending.

Immigration - The border fence must be finished.

Arizona is carrying billions of dollars of debt due and in part to services provided to illegal immigrants. Some of these services include those in the areas of education, medical services, and law enforcement. Today, our state’s “General Fund” which provides the funding for education and law enforcement as well as others, is $1 billion short. It is imperative that we stop providing tax dollars to illegal immigrants who do not pay taxes as this is such a heavy burden upon our society.

Energy Independence – We need to be more energy independent.

We can make this earth cleaner and better for our children. Clean coal, wind, solar, hydrothermal and nuclear energies should all be resources we use that are clean and in most cases renewable. These energies need swift and prompt expansion to enlarge our safe and clean energy sources. The government is over regulating, over legislating and over taxing our energy producing companies.

As a small business owner in the healthcare industry, Wnuck knows the struggles of today's economy due to government's lack of restraint in spending, overzealous tax policies and obese government entitlements. A pro business, pro individual freedom and rights, limited government and private sector supporter, Wnuck believes the federal government has over stepped its boundaries by swiftly eroding our liberties and freedoms and replacing them with progressive socialist policy.

For more information on the aforementioned stances as well additional stances and to contribute to his campaign, visit www.ericwnuck2010.com.