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Spring 2008 Released Tests
(Posted March 2009)

The following Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are a subset of the SOL tests that were administered in the Spring 2008 Test Administration.  The images in the released tests may be smaller in size than on the actual tests due to web optimized formatting.

Grade 3 through 8 Released Tests
Grade 3 Reading Grade 3 Mathematics Grade 3 Science
Grade 4 Reading Grade 4 Mathematics  
Grade 5 Reading Grade 5 Mathematics Grade 5 Science
Grade 6 Reading Grade 6 Mathematics  
Grade 7 Reading Grade 7 Mathematics  
Grade 8 Reading Grade 8 Mathematics1  

                    1This released test contains 3 fewer test items  (# 1 - 47 only) than an original SOL Grade 8
                       Mathematics test.

   Grade 5 Writing Prompt   Grade 8 Writing Prompt
   Grade 5 Writing MC
  Grade 8 Writing MC
    End-of-Course (EOC) Released Tests
EOC English: Reading Algebra I Biology
  Geometry2 Chemistry3
  Algebra II4  

                     2This released test contains 1 fewer test item (# 1 - 44 only) than an original SOL EOC
                        Geometry test.

                     3This released test contains 1 fewer test item (# 1 - 49 only) than an original SOL EOC
                        Chemistry test.

                      4This released test contains 1 fewer test item (# 1 - 49 only) than an original SOL EOC
                         Algebra II test.

Some of the test items on the 2008 SOL tests listed above are not being released to maintain the security of other tests in the same content area.  Also, the following SOL tests are not among the Spring 2008 released tests in order to protect the security of the SOL item bank in these subject areas:
              Grade 8 Science
              Earth Science
              End-of-Course Writing
              History and Social Science (all levels)



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