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Spring 2004 Released Tests

The content areas for which the tests have been released are: English: Reading and Writing, Mathematics, and Science in grades 3, 5, and 8 and End-of-Course.  Please note that the images in all released tests may be smaller in size than on the actual tests.

The Standards of Learning in History and Social Science were amplified through the Teacher's Resource Guide in 1999, and the tests were revised to match this new amplification. In 2001, new History and Social Science Standards of Learning were approved and the Teacher Resource Guide was replaced with a Curriculum Framework. These changes brought another alignment that again resulted in the removal of items from the history and social science section of the test bank. During these processes the test question bank had to be rebuilt, leaving a minimum number of questions available.

History and Social Science tests are not being released. However, ten released items for each of the history tests are available at the History and Social Science Released Items site. The new tests for United States History to 1877, United States History from 1877 to the Present, and Civics and Economics were implemented Spring 2004; thus, no items for these tests are available for release.

Grade 3 English

Grade 3 Mathematics

Grade 3 Science

Grade 5 English: Reading

Grade 5 English: Writing

Grade 5 Mathematics

Grade 5 Science

Grade 8 English: Reading

Grade 8 English: Writing

Grade 8 Mathematics

Grade 8 Science

EOC English: Reading

EOC English: Writing

Algebra I


Algebra II

Earth Science



Raw Score to Scaled Score Tables

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